Codex Devo

Another band having their entire music production coded by the Demiurge, in my view. Mockery is the name of the game with them. Devo stands for devolution, which has two meanings. First it means evolution in reverse, and it has a lot to do with the loss of Christian values and ethics that were previously installed. Devolution also refers to a transfer of property, rights and power (Twin Sister) to another entity. In French a dévot refers to someone who devotes himself completely to God.

As an example of coding in their work, Girl You Want is about the Matrix we are in.

The music video for the song Good Thing has an interesting element to it:

Mothersbaugh showing a credit card as something « we can’t do without ». That was in the early 1980’s.

I’m now going to analyze, more in details Devo’s music video Whip it and the song Freedom of Choice, from Devo’s album by the same name.

Whip It:

The title refers to the well-known brand of whipped cream: Whip-It, and so to the spiritual energy reserve of our Twin Sister, that is akin to fat (see Foreword). The lyrics of the song are in dual lingo depending on if « whip it » refers to a whip for whipping and hurting the Twin Sister or creating more cream with her (spiritual energy reserve) by working at agapè.

The music video shows the former:

Whipped cream

The music video shows the singer of Devo, whipping an asian woman (an asian girl often represents our ROSE in the esoteric of popular music) that is progressively losing all her clothings:

This represents that the Twin Sister is losing more and more of her spiritual energy protection and is becoming naked because of the incorrect living of the incarnated male spirit.

A group of bystanders, a bunch of seemingly dumb and superficial Americans (America representing the new world we are in by opposition to the old world of Prime Creation) are cheering and drinking beer:

The dumb Americans symbolizes us, incarnated male spirits, who are unsuspectingly living a life of leisure and earthly pleasures, and are the cause of the whipping of our Twin Sister.

Freedom Of Choice

Let’s take a look at the lyrics:

“I’ll say it again in the land of the free use your freedom of choice”

This is sarcasm here because we truly are not free. However, we do have freedom of choice within the parameters of our current slavery.

“In ancient Rome there was a poem
about a dog who had two bones
he picked at one he licked the other
he went and circles he dropped dead”

This refers to indecision from the male spirit at choosing between the Twin Sister, and the Materia that is a substitution of her. Hesitation between the two eventually leads to the loss of the Twin Sister. Going « in circles » refers to Saturn.

“Don’t be tricked by what you see
you got two ways to go”

We have 2 ways to go out of this world, unified with the ROSE, or separated from her depending on our choices and actions.

“Freedom of choice is what you got
Freedom from choice is what you want”

Alludes that our behavior is setting us up to be powerless in the future (loss of Twin Sister)

Something For Everybody:

After a 20 years hiatus, Devo released the album Something For Everybody. The cover art, that had the (normally red) Devo hat for a blue pill, refers of course to Alice in Wonderland. Remember that the cold color Blue, is the color that Billi, the incarnated male spirit, generates, and it is the Twin Sister that swallows the blue pill.

Blue pill

One of the songs of the album, So Fresh, is mainly about the attraction of the material world for our male spirit:

“So fresh it almost makes me want to cry
So fresh it’s givin me a second life”

Points out that this life is in fact our seCONd life (see Foreword).

The music video has some interesting elements, and some refers to changes happening in our civilization:

The beginning of the video shows Devo with chemtrails around them alluding that the title So Fresh also refers to societal changes that are being made palatable to us: like the global warming hoax for example.

A faceless woman walking in bikini is shown throughout the video surrounded by fruits:

The woman in bikini with fruits, refers mainly to Mother Nature, or the Matrix

A « fork in the road » is also shown:

This illustrates like in the song Freedom of choice that we have « two ways to go » (with or without our Rose). And this is also true civilization wise, at the pivotal moment in history that we find ourselves now: we have two directions we can go.

The song What We Do is also of notice. It is a sarcastic but accurate portrayal of humanity being stuck in cycles of repetition leading nowhere. Very little spiritual activity is being done by us for working at our ascension and helping others do the same.

Monster Man:

Devo’s last music video, Monster Man, makes an important point:

The Devo band in front of air vents (the God of the world being the Prince of Air)
disguised as robot monsters.

The song alludes that we have become spiritual monsters (also robotic) in this seCONd life, mainly because we are not enough in sync with our Twin Sister, and that this is only going to get worse in the future if we do not change our ways now. I hope my website will help with that.