After 700 years, the laurel shall be green again.

– Cathar prophecy

It is in great part due to Mani the founder of the Manichean Faith, a very complex form of esoteric Christianity, if the trail of Gnosis has persisted to this day. During third century CE, Mani syncretized the main religions and some of the philosophies of his time to show they were part of one and the same revelation. Manichaeism was the first world religion in recorded history. It was founded in Persia (modern Iran) and was extended from there by Mani and his disciples, to Africa, Egypt, parts of Europe, and even to China. Mani was eventually killed in an atrocious manner in 277 CE, and the powers that be had his followers persecuted and his illustrated holy books destroyed. Later, the Roman Catholic Church even tried to erase completely this Religion of Light (the most persecuted that ever was) from the books.

Despite that, Mani’s teachings went underground for a time and resurfaced with, among other religious branches, the Cathar Faith in the south of France during the Middle Ages. The Cathars met a similar fate than the Manicheans, and the last large group of them were burned at the stake by orders of the Roman Catholic Church, children, women, and men, at the foot of Montsegur Castle in 1244.

The Manicheans and the Cathars, were holders of an unadulterated Christian Faith, and keepers of the royal path to ascension. They are remembered.

Cathar cross

My goal with this website, is to unveil for you some of the greatest gnostic secrets only available until now to high initiates of secret orders. This little corpus of spiritual knowledge is aiming at your salvation. I have faith in the fact that you have the right to know.

I am going to proceed mainly by deciphering what has been coded by the Demiurge, the Archons (Greek term for Rulers), and their human representatives in the culture industry, especially the popular music branch of it.

As a preliminary, I have to state the fact that our human cultures have always been ciphered by the God of the world and his servants. It’s nothing new. Even our basic languages are: they contain many layers of meaning.

Some are for programing, some for revelation and even some for mockery. We also have to remember that the phonetic always prevail on the spelled word (which casts a spell on the reader), in the same way that Prime Creation (spoken word) always prevail on the one we are in now (written material word). The definitions of words and etymological references given by dictionaries are incomplete and often fictional. Moreover, the hidden understandings of language all have to do with wordplay: phonetic approximates, words within words, reversos, syllables or letters permutations and the likes, are all part of what is called in the esoteric, the language of the birds. And it can give you wings to fly.

Of all the languages, French is probably the best suited for the comprehension of the situation we find ourselves in now. Linguistically, it is a fringe section between two polar opposites, and was used in recent centuries as the primary diplomatic language in the world, and so as an intermediary between two foreign powers. In this respect, it is made in the likeness of the Prince of this world. It is frank (français, franc sois, franc sais->franc savoir), honesty in duality. French is for a long time the international language of royalty and is also older than generally assumed.

Second language to French being decoded as a preamble to our study will be English (angle-ish), and it has a lot of interplay with French. English is the language elaborated for international commerce (bye bye a command for–> buy buy, as an example) and chosen as world language for the New World Order, hoped by some.

The basic credo of the Manicheans and the Cathars was that the universe we are in now isn’t Prime Creation. Mani called it the world of the blend, where light and darkness mingles in opposition. The Mastercard (previously Master Charge) logo is a well-known quasi representation of it.

Gnosis is being displayed in front of our eyes all the time, but we are oblivious to it. The middle section is called a vesica piscis (despite proportions not exact in the logo) and represents the physical matrix that is being created by the junction of a positive and a negative spiritual aspect. Another word for the vesica piscis (fish formed vesicle) in French is CON, the name for the female genitalia en français from which everything comes into existence. And in English, you probably know what a CON is…

In French, another meaning of the word CON, is a fool, one who’s easily being CONned.

In ancient times, some high priests were also known as CONs or COheNs. The basic unit of money phonetically also was, and still is: COiN (it has two sides and the fringe!).

Note that the word CON is a prevalent prefix to both English and French in very key words. In the written form (CONspiracy, CONtrol, CONscience, CONondrum, CONnaissance, etc…) and also the spoken word (Country—> CON tree).

Cover art For The Division Bell

Here’s another representation of what we find ourselves in now from the front sleeve of Pink Floyd’s album The Division Bell.

Notice that something similar to a vesica piscis is formed by the two sides of the mouth of the split godhead. Notice also the lines of the face forming a heart shape.

The world we are in now isn’t our world. We have fallen here. Therefore, we live in sin (synthesis):

The SINusoidal waveform, an oscillation between two states

In French, le son pronounced le C-O-N and meaning the sound, is phonetically identical to leÇON, meaning a lesson. In school, the master is the one that teaches a lesson.

The nature of the reality we are in is vibrational, energetic and informational in essence, as modern science has now catch up to understand. It is spiritual energy at work.

In French, the word for sin is péché, meaning something like”to have fished”. The vesica piscis again. And pesca, another word for fish, is an anagram of space. In French, the word for fish is poisson, the phonetic of which renders poids son; a loaded sound, and also poison.

So, why are we here on planet Earth (or planet hurt: because everything CONnected and living on this plane is suffering to varying degrees. Furthermore, earth is an anagram of heart, the heart of the master)? And WHO created this? Perhaps the God of the world did. But note that god is a word that isn’t really suited to describe Prime Creator, but specifically refers to the Demiurge.

The word god is a phonetic approximate of goat, an animal often seen at the top of a mountain (the holy mountain or berg). The goat has two horns (duality), symbolically meaning that his power comes from his head, and the horns are also something he can charge with (anode and cathode electrical). It is also most likely the reason why we often call the children ”kids”; being given that we are all the children of the goat (god) in this seCONd life.

God is also a phonetic approximate of code (perfectly so when code is pronounced the French way) most likely because that is what the God does in a manner not unlike the movie The Matrix. Nature (anagram of neutra, the middle ground between a positive and a negative) and human nature are also coded as I will show. In effect, God is like a computer (con/com pater=father) we are linked to.

The god of the world is ubiquitous within this realm. He is almighty: he might do (and does) anything both good and bad according to predeterminate rules. He is the CONtainer of this re-creation-al park, much like a bowl (Baal), but hermetic.

In French, God is written Dieu. The term is said to derivate from the Latin dies which means light, and this is partly true. But also, in the phonetic, it renders an approximate of the word deux, which means 2 in French. Duality again. Dio, in Greek, also signifies 2. The word for Father in French is Père, sounding exactly like: a pair.

The Demiurge is also called Lord, an approximate of the word lard, because the God of the world is full of the fat of pigs, or sinners. That is the baCON. In French, the word for Lord is Seigneur. Phonetically, Seigneur renders saigneur meaning both the one who bleeds and the one who bleeds somebody out. It also renders signeur, the one who signs the seCONdary creation (coded with signifiers and symbols). Finally, as an anagram, it renders singeur (without the repeated ”e”); meaning the one who imitate and parodies Prime Creation.

The root div in the word divine, also gives a hint of the division in the mind of the God of the world. He is tied to Prime Creation from one side, and in opposition to it on the other. We could say is creation his a per(père/pair) version: the version of the Father.

The God is also often called strange or stranger, because of his long spectrum dual mind. Note the French word ange (angel) inside the words strange and stranger.

Another appellation for the God of the world in the esoteric of popular songs, is the Doctor (Dr), because his purpose is to fix a problem that arose in Prime Creation. He offers us his medicine (median and sin also the Hebraic letters Lamed and Shin). His medicine is a double-edged sword as I will show.

Lastly, (and as incredible as it might sound to the reader at this point), the God of the world ultimately defines himself as WHO (Dr. Who!) in the esoteric of popular songs inspired by him. Who is a question because his own identity is unclear for the reason that he has now a dual mind and is both capable of good and bad, right and wrong, in regard to Prime Creation. He wonders which one of his opposites alter egos is the true one. Our participation is needed to determine this, and we have to make the difference with our Hearts (or not).
In French, Où? is an interrogation about a location like in où sommes-nous? (Where are we?). It is the only word in the French language where the U has a grave accent on It. Who/où is where our male spirits are now. Moreover in French, without an accent, ou translates as or in English, like in one or the other. Again, the notion of duality.

This image can help us comprehend better what is the Demiurge:

The Baphomet, with a goat (god) head.

Originally thought by Eliphas Levi as a spiritual balance of opposites (later reclaimed by Satanists), it has a symbolism related to alchemy. But it is also an image in which the god frankly tells us the truth. It tells one that if he follows a righteous path represented by the right arm and hand (just inverted for leftists), one is going to go up or ascend. This is one of the meanings of solve here, like in solving a problem, or like in salvation.

And if one follows the left-hand path (sinister) of worldly pleasures and distractions (destruction), it tells one he is going to go down (to hell eventually).

The Baphomet, with a goat (god) head is shown with a human body because the human creature is made in the image of him (also in the image of Prime Creation as we will see) and in a state of duality like him.

To better understand how the god of the seCONdary creation we are in became who he is now, I’ve got to explain as best I can with my modest means, some of the mysteries of Prime Creation.


This brief Prime Creation theory is incomplete and somehow speculative on my part, but it is a logical deduction at the same time from what is found in the esoteric of pop music we are going to analyze, and is also elaborated from gnostic fragments I have gathered:

In the beginning, there was only undifferentiated oneness.

Then the oneness desired to see itself, and admire itself, to know itself.

So inside a space created within itself, it separated its strength, abilities and courage from the oneness and moved in a straight line to be able to observe itself. What he saw was his essence and beauty. This was the first initial step to creation.

By that action the masculine and feminine principles (and love) were created. (I refer to primordial love by the Greek word agapè throughout the website).

Then the Creator went on in a dance to create more of this love and more individual experiences and discoveries of itself.

A structure was created to allow for Prime Creation.

Each emanated creations that followed, all unique and perfect were made in the image of its creators with a feminine part containing the essence and value of the creators and a masculine part at her service with the goal of having them unifying together.

Then, a problem arose within Prime Creation. One of the masculine Archangels very high in the benevolent hierarchy structuring Prime Creation, went on to repeat the initial process of creation of separating himself to see and admire himself but without the feminine element.

This led to half of his mind rebelling against the Creator. This resulted in a disaster for Prime Creation which was tied to the Archangel somehow (a sort of teacher) and led to the partial fall of Prime Creation.

The rebellious side of the mind of the Archangel created the possibility for evil and the right side of his mind, still loyal to the Creator tried to CONtain the said evil.


In conflict with each other, the two polar opposites of the mind of the Archangel, now forming the Demiurge, went on to create the material universe (and so the world) for a dual purpose. The right mind of the Archangel did it to protect Prime Creation (all of us) and give it a support in the void outside of the World of Light to work at our ascension. The left side of his mind, did it to destroy and assimilate to himself the light and souls (pure potential) of fallen Prime Creation.

One can easily see within Earth’s nature (anagram of neutra) itself, the said conflict between good and evil. At first glance, nature gives a sense of harmony and balance, but at closer look one can see the cruelty of it with all the creatures feeding off each other. This is not our world.

The crowning achievement of the seCONdary creation, the human creature, is the key to this battle between good and evil.

The main pivotal ingenuity of its design lies in the fact that only the masculine spiritual part (now located in the head: CONscious mind) of our twin primal couple, is directly plugged into the Matrix (world).

The other part of what we are (Twin Sister) is only a witness outside of it.

In the esoteric, the masculine spirit of the twin couple, is called Frère Jacques (from Hebrew Yakhov, meaning the one who followed) or Brother Jack. This is why we call a jack a port to plug something in. Here is a nursery rhyme about Jacques/Jack in French:

Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines, Sonnez les matines
Ding Dang Dong Ding Dang Dong

It translates to « Brother Jack, are you sleeping? Ring the nightly bells Ding Dang Dong ». The repetition in the original alludes to Jacques’s duality because of the human experience. So does « dang », phonetic of French dingue, or crazy.

Moreover, the word hijack, is also telling and refers to the human experience of our CONscious mind, because being hijacked is exactly what the male spirit of our twin couple has been done to himself by the demiurge: it has been put up on high on a pedestal within some kind of a bubble inside the human head.

The word jacket (or jacquette in French), alludes to the function of cover and protector of our male spirit, for our Heart (Twin Sister).

The alchemical trail of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle and its Coquille Saint-Jacques (shell of Saint-Jacques) containing the pearl of light (which is really our Twin Sister, or soulmate, as I will show) also relates to this. Here is a well-known representation of it:

Shell Oil logo

[The name that is given to brother Jack once he has been CONnected to the matrix in the esoteric of popular songs, is Billi, or a miniature Baal; Baal being one of the many names of the God of the world. The semantic field associated with the word Billi is interesting. For examples, it alludes to a bill that must be paid. It refers to a bully as well. It is also a phonetic approximate of French bulle, that means a bubble. Of French pile as well, meaning a batterie. It is in addition a phonetic approximate of French boulet, that refers to the ball attached to a prisoner’s feet. Lastly, it links to our belly (the French word for belly is ventre and it has the same exact phonetic as vendre; which means to sell).]

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the main pivotal ingenuity in the design of the human creature (a masterful work of engineering and symbolism) on the part of the God of the world, lies in the fact that only the male part of our twin primal couple is directly CONnected to the Matrix. The human woman and man creatures are in fact a material artistic rendition of our inner spiritual workings, where the human woman only represents (in part) and evoke our Twin Sister. But in fact, we are all men (male) on a spiritual level, hence the name of the race: mankind (we are supposed to be kind).

Our true love is not in the world, and we (male spirits) are her protector and supposed to unify with her. And that is the BIGGEST SECRET(!) anybody can ever learn in this life.

In our normal spiritual state, our Twin Sister is our sun and our truth, the male element being subservient to that truth and essentially a protector for his queen, there to execute tasks for her.

In usual symbolism the sun is viewed as a masculine symbol, and the moon a feminine one. This is true as far as it relates to the material world of duality and opposites that we are in now. But ultimately, our spiritual inner sun (soul) is feminine in nature. This is most likely why we say beautiful women are radiant, and also why women’s hair (sun rays) is usually cut longer than men.

The moon (anagram of mono) itself represents the situation our male spirit has been put in by his human incarnation, that of being CONfined inside the CONscious mind bubble in the human head. This is in part why we say of someone that is insane, that he is a lunatic (luna=moon). This is also why we say our minds reflects on things, like the moon does. Moreover, In French, saying of somebody that he is ”dans la lune” (in the moon) means that he is being distracted.

Our Twin Sister is our true identity, the masculine part having truly none. In the high esoteric, they call her the ROSE. She is our true love and soulmate.

The entry in the world of our male spirit blurs this relationship because it is then given a body (a buddy), a gender, and a personality (from Latin persona=mask) in the mind bubble. Our male spirit is adaptable and so tends to go along with this. Our Twin Sister is not adaptable.

We are still somehow linked to our Twin Sister, but not like before. She is held prisoner or hostage for now, and because of that fact, so are we. This is also coded in language. The word prison in French (pri son) phonetically renders: stuck within a sound. In prison, the CONvict is in a cell, and our bodies are made of cells. We are prisoners now. This is why we got to work at our salvation.

Our tie with our Twin Sister is located in the human body within the area of the Heart chakra. To strengthen the bond with her, one can just start by applying a simple focus of the mind there. Then one can communicate with words to his Twin Sister, like in telling her he wants to get closer to her and such, until eventually one no longer needs words to communicate with her. But the reader should not expect immediate results. In a similar fashion to human women, she has her criteria (and pain). Humbly following in the footsteps of Christ (also studying this website) is a good way to attract her attention.

The reader might wonder at this point how come we would have a spiritual Twin Sister and not know about it? In fact, truth is not hidden, it is merely overlooked. Most of us intuitively know that we have a Heart (and a soul), most of us just don’t know it is an angel and a queen altogether. Our Twin Sister lacks the attributes that our male spirit has (and we don’t have much) and vice versa. She is our value. Here is the proof of what I explain, in the language itself:

The word COEUR (Heart in French) has the same phonetic as the word SOEUR (sister) if the initial C letter is pronounced independently. The word SISTER itself is an anagram of RESIST, and what we should resist is mainly the human CONdition itself, and evil in all its forms.

COEUR is phonetically similar to CORE or center in the English language because that is what she is for us.

HEART itself is the phonetic approximate of HARD, because it is hard to get to her, while loving the counterfeiting of the world in the form of earthly pleasures is easy (refers to her shell as well). It also contains the word ART.

The art form we should be working at, is unifying with our Twin Sister.

The word ROSE, also, is very telling. As an anagram it renders:

-SOER: or SOEUR (sister) again, missing the U (missing you!)

-EROS: the Greek god of primordial love–> agapè (meaning of Eros later changed). Also present in the French word HÉROS (hero) perhaps because this is what we have to become to save her.

-SORE: Because she is in pain and distress.

-OSER: to dare in French; again, what has to be done to get to her.

Note that the ROSE has thorns which represents the difficult and narrow path to get to the ROSE. ROSE is also a color which combines white and red, and it has to do with alchemy. The mystic spiral forming in the ROSE is also an important element of its symbolism. Our Twin Sister is likewise the reason why cathedrals have a ROSE window in the center of their buildings.

The French word TRÉSOR (treasure) is also another indicator of what she is. The ”T” in TRÉSOR alludes to the cross.

An emblem of the Rose+Croix

And this is why the Rosicrucian orders have the ROSE as a symbol even if most of them don’t know it. The cross symbolism itself has multiple levels of meaning; one of them is that our ROSE is crucified or incapacitated mainly because of our spiritual incompetence in this world and by us following sinister. In the esoteric of popular songs they often refer to her as ”it”, or the I (i) on the cross (t).

The link between our male spirit and our soulmate has got to be nurtured so that agapè progressively becomes a radiant fire in our Heart. To do so, one has to work inwardly, like the Buddha, and exteriorly, by humbly following in the footsteps of Christ.

Most often, even more so in modern society, this doesn’t happen, so we are stalling and are going down in spiritual terms. In our modern culture, we seem to have forgotten the capital importance of the notion of up and down, in matters of spiritual orientation.

[Gravity is the name given to the force that drags us down by inertia, and it doesn’t apply only to the physical plane on Earth. It represents in the Materia, what has to be overcome spiritually by us. The same word gravity is used to describe a « serious situation or problem », because that is exactly what it is for us. The human baby learns progressively how to stand straight like an I on the vertical axis, and the same has to be done later on by us men on a spiritual level if we want to accomplish the true function of our self. It is also on the vertical axis that paradigm shifts are made within the human creature, not on the horizontal level.

This is why we say of somebody staying in the horizontal position that he is lying; the same word being used for not telling the truth. The horizontal plane represents the dual and imitative nature of human life in the world.

The human being standing up straight, defying gravity, is pointing to heaven with his head. It is the direction we should be heading. Moreover, the root of the French word gravité,grav ” is related in French to low frequencies or vibrations. And the accent on the word , is called in French an accent grave.]

Another note on the Buddha: the reason why he is often represented as very fat (other times his hair has the texture of a pinecone), is to describe a spiritual reality. The fat represents spiritual energy that is created between the male spirit and the feminine Heart when they are working in sync through agapè. Furthermore, the English word grace has also the same phonetic as the French word graisse, meaning fat as well. Being in a state of grace, therefore truly means being full of spiritual fat.

The reserve of this spiritual fat that we had prior to our coming into the world (where everything has a cost) is progressively being karmically taken away from us for sinful living (and through CONsumption) if we are not being really careful (full of care/coeur). In French, the word for flesh is chair, which has the same phonetic as cher, meaning expensive. We need this spiritual fat to ascend.

The form of spiritual energy I’ve just described, is also akin to money, and is being used by the Archons to maintain their existence and power outside of Prime Creation.

If we get out of this spiritual energy, we can lose our Twin Sister to the powers of darkness. That is the bad medicine (med sin) of the Demiurge.

The root of the word Christ means oily, most likely because walking in his footsteps leads to spiritual fat, same as with the Buddha. This is what it truly means to be holy or oily (also wholly–> from Greek holos). The word Christ also refers to crystal.

If one takes a look at human anatomy, one see’s that what is separating the head, where the male spirit is having his CONsciousness experience, from the torso, where the Heart chakra is located, is the neck. Neck, in reverse, phonetically renders an approximate of CON. In French, the word for neck is cou; if one inverts the u, the word con again is obtained. It is in the human neck that is found Adam’s apple, near where the vibration for the sound of the voice is produced. It is a reference to the Garden of Eden (Prime Creation) where the serpent (representing vibrational energy) has tempted Adam and Eve (the primordial spiritual male and female couple on one level of interpretation to the story) to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In French, the word for knowledge is CONnaissance; and in French, naissance means birth; the term therefore signifies plainly the birth of the CON.

The word coût (cost), in French, is being identical to cou (neck) phonetically, alluding to the fact that the cost of living is due to the separation of the twin couple. It is the neck (reverse of CON) that is put in between.

The most famous painter of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso once said that « Art is a lie that tells the truth », and it is certainly the case for the greatest work of art and forgery ever created: the human creature itself.

We are literally living symbols (or sim Baal—>same as Baal). Symbols have plural meanings, depending on CONtext. The human woman, for example, can evoke through proportio and with her reserves of fat, long hair, etc… the radiance and beauty of our Twin Sister. But also, with her curves, what takes her place in our male minds, the Materia or femme fatale.

The human man is, likewise, a dual symbol, and can represent the seeker/protector of the Heart on the good and true side of the active force, or the destroyer on the negative; like in war for example.

Man himself (male and female) represents a mediate term between a duality (symmetry of the body). According to that, he is made in the image of the God of the world.

Man can also represent, for the same reason of symmetry, the union of the twin spiritual couple (androgyne), if it is achieved. When I say that the human creature is a lie that tells the truth, it is mainly because of our basic instinctual programming, in mating especially. It is leading us astray from our inner spiritual truth and is a form of lie.

And that is the trick of the CON; by following mating instincts, we are CONdemned (or CON damned) at imitating exteriorly, and materially, a process of unification that should happen inwardly: the union of our male spirit with our Twin Sister, so that we can obtain liberation from this world.

The pinnacle of this imitation is found in the human orgasm happening normally at the end of sexual intercourse, which is called vulgarly « to come » (or venir in French, related to Venus). Comme is a French word that means ”same as”, and that is exactly what one becomes by that act: an outside imitator.

On the same note, if one is to observe again the human creature, one can easily see that the organs used for sexuality are the same ones then those that are being used for excretion and are located on the lowest part of the torso.

And also of notice, the word lust, has the same exact phonetic as the word lost. Furthermore, the source of the expression ”being horny” is, I am sure, already understood by the reader.

However, if the reader has a special someone in his life, I am not putting him or her down obviously. I understand that romantic relationships are bittersweet, and they can even be useful in one’s journey, that is until they aren’t.

The key to the human instinctual programming, is that it also tells the truth if one is to observe humanity (and likewise nature in general) and her gender roles, as a philosopher. It can then help one remembering his inner truth like an amnesiac would by observing souvenirs of himself. This knowledge can then be used as a roadmap for direction and higher spiritual learning.

Furthermore, the medicine of the Demiurge, that offers the world, can make our male spirit stronger and more righteous by choosing good willingly and also by learning from his errors, something that might not have been needed in Prime Creation.
The problem for most of us now, is that the world functions mainly as a substitute for what is absent in it: our spiritual Heart/ROSE/Twin Sister. We can progressively lose the tie that we have to her because of that, and also our spiritual energy (money). That is the dark side of the CON.

An important notice is that the right mind of the Demiurge has engineered in the biology of the human creature itself, a mechanism serving our spiritual reunion and ascension. But one has to live correctly (from co[eu]r rect–> straight to the heart) and follow a narrow path to activate this possibility. It has a lot to do with the kundalini force of Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, and also the pineal gland in the brain.

Our human intellect is obviously nothing in comparison to the mind of the creator of this universe, but the challenge we are being put through in this world, isn’t intellectual, but mainly a moral (anag. l’amor–>agapè again) one. In this respect, we get to decide individually and also collectively the issue of the CON, or the CONclusion of it.

The Demiurge, with all his power and intellect can’t do it on his own because he is divided on the subject. In his right mind, the Demiurge surely though we would have found the solution to this by now, us being high spirits from above. The solution is found, once again, in what is absent from the world: our true spiritual Heart or Twin Sister. ”It” needs to be activated, not repressed, or left to its own.

What we have to accomplish on an individual level is implied in the term re-sur(soeur)-rect-ion. Until we do that, we are dead spiritually. This is also the way to help the collective of humanity.

As men, we are often represented symbolically in the esoteric by the (supposed white) horse (horsepower). This is one of the reasons, why the esoteric Cabala is called that way. The white horse, linked to his Heart, has the power to become the unicorn and unifying the opposites (horns) in the center by shining light (agapè) over darkness.

That is the way we are eventually going to cure the God of the world from his madness. It was part of his plan in his right mind too.

We are told to get a clue. We are in fact told to get a glue: a glue to tie our male spirit with our feminine Heart. This glue is called agapè and it unifies us with everything that lives, and that is, ultimately. In French the word for glue is colle, and it is the miracle (mira–>to see, cle—>phonetic. colle and also—->clé, or English key) to see the glue that is unifying everything. We are all one from the Heart.

The road upward for humanity is in respect (Relearning to see gives us respect) for each other. And also, in carefulness and compassion for all the seCONdary creation. The word compassion (pronounced in French: con-passion) is also key; it alludes to the love passion of the incarnated male spirit and his Twin Sister through agapè, and therefore means that it is the way to pass the CON, or the test we are in.

Rediscovering the teachings of Mani and Catharism (also of Gnosticism in general), is the way to go for humanity in the future, in my view.

In the next sections of this website I will demonstrate to the reader that the same dual intelligence behind the creation of the human creature and the phenomenal universe itself, has been behind the inspiration of rock and roll, and of most of popular music in general, in the past decades, with a dual purpose in mind.

I am now referring the reader to the Introduction of our subject of study.