I am now going to prove without a doubt that what was stated in the Foreword is true, by unveiling for the reader the esoteric meanings of popular songs that remained occult for us until now.

In my view, this a completely new Gnosis for the 21st century and nothing less than a key to salvation. As i have stated in the Foreword, truth is not really hidden, it is merely overlooked. This is my humble faith that this will change now.

I make use of the word codex, normally employed in association with very old written manuscripts, to describe the encrypted gnosis contained in the lyrics and music videos of each artist I am going to decode. So, codex it is, because I like the word, and somehow, I think it is appropriate.

My selection of them is certainly not exhaustive, because a lot of the main popular musical production is coded, no matter what the musical genre, but to varying degrees of gnostic relevance.

But first, an important warning. The reason why pop music is called that way, has to do with the God of the world, our Poppy in this seCONd life. It is also psychopathic terminology because it alludes at popping our Hearts (Twin Sister), for the songs are made with a form of magic and this is why they are so catchy, attractive and stay in our heads. They call commercially successful songs hits, and they are really hits on us.

The term ”Rock” itself, is obviously masonic terminology.

What popular music does is plain and simply depleting us of our spiritual energy reserves until we are left blue. And we need this spiritual energy reserves for our ascension and to not die spiritually. Popular music can make one gradually colder and colder humanely and less and less compassionate by repetitive exposure to it, without him noticing. That is the negative aspect of it.

This is why I STRONGLY encourage the reader to cut off his exposure to popular music for enter-tain-ment (and you will discover going through this website that there is actually no such thing as that anyway) purpose completely; at home, at work, in the car, etc…

But don’t be afraid of it either, as this is only the negative side of popular music, and there is also a positive aspect to it that had yet to be activated until now, its revelatory aspect. To reveal, means to put on a new veil over an old truth. This is what the Archons have done once again in a very elaborate way this time with popular music. So, this unveiling we are doing together, is our chance now.

And so, for educational purpose and on a limited usage, pop music will do no harm to the reader and the gnostic teachings it contains, will greatly help him in his journey through this world. At least, it is my hope.

The reader can find the music videos i will decrypt for him on Youtube, and he can use a website like to study for himself the lyrics I will decrypt.

For the music videos, I would suggest that the reader views them one time first before reading my analysis, to see what he can find by himself, because it is valuable to do so.

I will give a few examples of coding for each artist and the reader will be well equipped after having gone through the website, to analyze more on his own, if he feels the need to do so. I will also update the website with more unveiling in the future if possible.

There is no true purpose to understand all the meanings to all the songs obviously, because they are redundant. But only what they prove; mainly the existence of the Demiurge, of Prime Creation and most important of all, the existence of our Twin Sister or ROSE.

The reader will discover that the lyrics of coded popular songs are generally narrated from these 3 main perspectives, or viewpoints. Knowing that basic fact, the songs become easier to decrypt. Sometimes, there are narrative shifts within the same song that can make the meaning more obscure.

The understanding of the underlying meaning of the songs and music videos I will analyze, points to a worldview and perspective on human life that has similarities with Manichaeism, medieval Catharism, and Gnosticism in general.

I finally recommend that the reader goes through the decoded material in the order presented to facilitate his understanding of the whole. Certainly, one should start by the Katy Perry codex, which is a holy grail of gnosticism in my opinion.

If the reader has some questions, comments or any way of helping me spread the gnosis unveiled herein, there is a contact page on the website and I can be reached there. If was helpful in your journey, I would like to know. If the reader has some constructive criticism I would like to know too. I welcome all feedback wholeheartedly as long as it is respectful.

In faith, truth, and with agapè for you reader that I will most likely never meet, I wish you a good deciphering.