Katy Perry Decoded

Birth name Katy Hudson. Was rebranded Katy Perry. One of the most popular artists in the world today, some of her music videos, are masterpieces of coded spiritual information, and constitutes a sort of a holy grail of gnosticism. Katy Perry is, in my view, one of the most pertinently coded artists in the history of Art. Don’t be fooled by the numerous authors of her work, there is only one source of inspiration to them really (at least for the songs and videos I am going to decrypt), and this isn’t human intelligence.

During this interview, Perry stated that after having tried and failed to make her own music: « I sold my soul to the devil ».

In the making of from her music video This Is How We Do (available on Youtube), showing her pizza swimsuit, earrings and finger nails, Perry states that: « God is in the details ».

Early in her career, Katy Perry was dressed like a fairy tale doll, like in California Gurls: bright vivid colors, candies in the trees and the likes. All this to appeal to a very young and mostly female audience. The association of this childhood fairy tale universe, with gangsta rap and more or less covert sexual innuendos, was partly done to send the youth astray and wreak havoc in their spiritual development while their parents cheered.

On a gnostic level, the video for California Gurls also shows the initial entry of our naïve being in the phenomenal world, where we take all the wonders and pleasures (ex: ice cream made of fat taken from animals, or cute gummy bears really made out of butchered cows) of the world at face value (And Snoop Dogg represents the dark pimp taking advantage of us behind the scenes). A theme that will be more developed in Perry’s This Is How We Do and Chained to the Rhythm, as I will show.

Still from California Gurls: « We’ll melt your popsicles »

Still from Last Friday Night: ”Il Cornuto”, the horned god: « And I’m pretty sure it rules »

Gnostic teachings in Katy Perry’s music videos:

The first music video for our study is Hot and Cold. It is completely ciphered, here’s how:

Hot and Cold: The alchemical marriage gone wrong…

The song, from the point of view of our Twin Sister (Heart, ROSE, soulmate), is about the inability of our incarnated male spirit (see Foreword) that is having the CONscious mind experience, to fully commit and perform his function (righteousness, protection, unification of opposites –¬>unicorn) and defying spiritual gravity; the force that drags us down in this world, by inertia.

[Note that on the material plane, one can observe that the human creature is the only animal to fully overcome gravity and stands straight like an ”I”. And contrary to other animal species, standing up doesn’t come naturally (even if the impulse does), and the standing position must be acquired through time and struggle from the human baby. The same struggle applies to the spiritual realization and resolution (or not) of our being later on.]

In the beginning of the extended version of the video, the protagonist Alexander is asked by the priest if he wants to marry the bride. He hesitates, and then escapes from church.

Wedding girls hand gestures indicates a separation of the head from the heart

Wedding boys hand gestures indicates that the left (sinister) side is providing the direction of the male twin

He then escapes from church:

A strange secret service type man (that points to the fact that the music video is coded) outside the church has his right hand hidden and lower than his left hand alluding to wrongful doing and inner communication.

Then Alexander encounters obstacles:

He first stumbles on a hot dog man (phallic symbolism) which shows he’s making a joke of the spiritual male principle.

Alexander then fumbles on some watermelons:

The watermelons represent the Heart (with a green exterior–> heart chakra [plus green in the esoteric is the color of hidden truths] and a pink interior: ROSE in French) and the sacred feminine that is not respected.

To further prove that the symbolism in the video is not a coincidence, here is the cover art for the single Hot and Cold:

Cover art for the single Hot and Cold illustrating that the subject of the song is a plaintive message from the Heart (Twin Sister associated with the watermelon=Heart) to the incarnated male spirit.

The watermelon symbolism is used again more in depth in Perry’s This Is How We Do.

And this is also very interesting:

An alternate cover art for the single Hot and Cold shows the incarnated male spirit (all of us living this life) in this shot personified by Katy herself and associated with the phallic symbol of the banana, receiving the message from the Twin Sister about how he truly is. Note that the right eye of the male spirit is closed (see Eurythmics codex and Madonna codex) and also the hand on the ear alluding that he doesn’t want to hear the message that he is receiving.

On the same note for what I have just explained about the shutting of the right eye, a 2022 publicity stunt for Perry’s new show had her right eye glitched like a doll for a few moment and this went all over the media. The symbolism of the shut right eye (rightful spiritual vision) referring to all of us misguided fools, is also key in Perry’s Dark Horse, as I will show.

But let’s get back to the music video. We see next:

Alexander being moved by a crowd of people because he doesn’t have built the inner strength to make his own moves and be an individual. He follows the herd.

The protagonist is then dragged to a Katy Perry show:

Note the middle and index fingers pointing up, in a similar fashion as the dextre of Christ and also the Baphomet. More on the mysteries of the human hand (our manual) in an upcoming section of this website. Notice the hand gestures all important during the music video. Note that hand in French is written ”main” perhaps because it is the main thing we have to study and understand.

Note the cross (rose+croix) in the background, very similar to a certain type of Cathar cross. This illustrates once again that the Heart (Twin Sister) is the narrator of the song.

Alexander then escapes the show and finds himself confronted by his better (also bitter) half:

A group of bruised and sore (anagram ROSE) brides…

“cause you’re hot and your cold
you’re yes and you’re no
you’re in and you’re out
you’re up and you’re down
it’s wrong when it’s right
it’s black and it’s white
[…] you don’t really
want to stay no! You don’t
really wanna go go…”

Hot and cold points out at the situation most of us find ourselves in spiritually within this world, and the difficulty of our beings to have constancy at righteousness, and at staying with our Hearts. And like Alexander we eventually have to face this. We don’t really want to stay in this world (painful and not our own) and we don’t really want enough to go. But we should. Humbly following in the footsteps of Christ like the Manicheans and the Cathars did, is the way to go.. go. Otherwise, we are stuck in this world.

“stuck on a roller coaster can’t get off this ride”

The theme of the rollercoaster representing life is also present in Perry’s Dark Horse and Chained to the Rhythm.

Now for the final scene, Alexander finds himself in a courtyard where he is confronted, with the viewer, to a festival of symbolic representation. Here’s a summary of it:

Points at the viewer (because it’s about him): ”you change your mind like a girl changes her clothes”. In other words:
Alexander is not really a man spiritually.

And someone has a got a backstage pass and access to his treasury.

The hula hoop girls represent the Twin Sister or soulmate trying not to fall through the ”hoop” while the incarnated male spirit lives life unsuspectingly.

Bystander showing the CONfused Alexander that sinister (left arm) predominates in his life (Note also the happy yellow air balloon representing the Air element).

Someone is taking advantage of Alexander because he is not living correctly.

The God taking away the spiritual energy reserve of the twin couple.

End of the video: the domesticated zebra

Finally we are shown, like Alexander the male protagonist of the video, what we are on a spiritual level, by the God of the world: a zebra. A zebra is some sort of a horse that is both black and white. We are supposed to be the white horse on a microcosmic level (and eventually the unicorn) otherwise we can’t go back up, which should be our direction (like is represented in the human anatomy by the erected male phallus defying gravity before sexual intercourse), and we are stuck in this world for cycles of reincarnation until the depletion of our spiritual energy (money) and the final separation of our Heart and soul from our male spirit. Notice the rainbow (bridge) at the top right corner of the image. This has to do with the number 7 and the seven levels (also seven chakras, seven deadly sins, etc..) we have to go up or down to get out of this world. The « hue » in the word human also refers to this.

Dark Horse:

Similarly to Hot and Cold, as well as some other Katy Perry videos, Dark Horse is a gnostic cautionary tale on the consequences of living life the wrong way. The angle on this one (in the music video) is a mockery of our Heart/Twin Sister, because she is supposed to take the decisions and is held responsible for her demise. We will see why this is not really true. But first, here’s a complete deciphering of the lyrics:

“I knew you were
you were gonna come to me
and here you are
but you better choose carefully
cause I, i’m capable of anything
and everything”

The Demiurge speaks to us. He is telling us to make careful choices (full of care: phon. approx. of French coeur, for others and all of his [re]creation) because he is a balance of opposites and, in this realm, can do anything.

“make me your Aphrodite”

Aphrodite is a goddess of love (Mother Nature or Matrix aspect of the God). The love we are supposed to be creating here is known in Greek as agapé or Christian brotherly love. It is the love that is being created when our male spirit and our Heart work in sync. The world creates a support for us to do that.

“make me your one and only”

This is for those who serves the God

“but don’t make me your enemy”

We become his enemies when we are not living carefully and activating the forces of karma against us. This is the wrong side of love, love of the ego, love of the luxuries (from lux: light [false] ) of the world and also careless thoughts and actions

“so you wanna play with magic?”

The reality we found ourselves in, is inherently magical and karmic in nature. We reap what we sow. Karma works like a boomerang.

Another subtext also addresses the Harry Potter generation, who has been led in the practice of actual magic, not knowing the old adage that when you get wrong by ignorance in magic, you pay as if you knew.

“boy you should know what you’re falling for
baby do you dare to do this?
cause i’m coming at you like a dark horse.”

As I’ve stated in the Foreword to this website, we are all boys (male spirit) in this reality. Women are just boys who were given a body and a human nature that evokes our essential Heart (or the Matrix, depending on CONtext). « Falling » means going down vertically instead of going up, and up should be our direction. Also, in a way, we are « babies », because we are at the beginning of our spiritual development. The « dark horse » symbolizes the negative aspect of the macrocosmic male principle (horsepower) that is unleashed upon us because of our sins. We are supposed to be the microcosmic version of the white horse at the image of our heavenly prime Father. And we SHOULD know what we are falling for. This is why I am doing this website.

“Are you ready for a perfect storm?
cause once you’re mine
there’s no turning back”

This refers to the fact that the God of the world might take our Heart and soul (our essence) because of the wrongdoings of the incarnated male spirit.

“Mark my words
This love will make you levitate
like a bird, like a bird
without a cage
but down to earth
if you choose to walk away
don’t walk away”

The love in question once again is agapé, the type of love our incarnated male spirit creates with his Twin Sister when they work in sync. This is the love that can make us « levitate » and defying gravity like a bird or an angel. « Walk(ing) away » means getting out of the righteous path and not accomplishing our function (mainly protector) and duties to our Heart and our fellow men. We are advised not to walk away.

“it’s in the palm of your hand
now baby.. it’s a yes or no
no maybe”

Again, the human hand. See the upcoming section about it on this website. The answer to the question is a firm NO (that should show in our words and our actions), if one wants to keep his Heart and soul that is..

“so just be sure before
you give it up to me
up to me give it up to me.”

To « give it up » is the same as to « walk away ». It also means to give IT (the I on the cross—> Twin Sister, see Foreword) up to the Demiurge. See my analysis of Katy Perry’s Swish Swish for more on this.

“Uh, she’s a beast, I call
her karma.. she eats your
heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer”

The « beast » in question, is the Matrix we are inside, karmic in nature. She will eat one’s Heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer (serial killer) if he’s not very careful, or full of care.

“be careful try not to lead her on
Shawty’s heart was on steroids
cause her love was so strong”

« Shawty » refers in slang to an attractive woman and is here another code word for the Matrix or Mother Nature, and her love is the attraction our incarnated male spirit has for her (see Foreword).

“you may fall in love when you meet her..”

Signifies our initial entry into the world, and « Fall(ing) » (going down) in love with the world and earthly things.

“if you get the chance you better keep her..”

Here there is a shift: « her » means our Twin Sister.

“She’s sweet as pie but if you break her heart
she turns stone cold as a freezer”

Refers again to the Twin Sister and to the end process that happens when our male spirit CONnected to the matrix doesn’t live the right way. He loses touch with his feminine Heart and becomes spiritually cold, shallow and without true empathy. A common situation in modern society.

“That fairy tale ending
with a knight in shining armor..”

The « knight in shining armor » is what our male spirit is supposed to become for our Heart/ROSE/Twin Sister in a process of natural development by living life correctly and walking the narrow path. It’s not supposed to be just a « fairy tale », but an actual reality.

“She can be my sleeping
beauty gonna put her in a coma”

Signifies again, the more or less unconscious decision made by the masculine mind, to untie from his Twin Sister and, by doing so, of inactivating her.

“Damn, i think i love her”

Our love for the Matrix and the egoistic pleasures she provides is damning.

“Shawty so bad, i’m sprung
and i don’t care.”

Describes the unhealthy relationship between our masculine minds and the Matrix we are in. We end up blue and without true empathy and compassion.

“She got me like a roller coaster”

Again the comparison is made between a roller coaster and human life like in Hot and Cold and Chained To The Rhythm.

“Turn the bedroom into a fair”

The bedroom is normally an intimate place where we sleep, because we are in effect dreaming this life and are not really awake. Now a fair.

“Her love is like a drug
i was tryna hit it and
quit it.. but lil mama
so dope i messed
around and got addicted..”

The « mama » in question, is the mamaterial world. We get addicted to her because she is dope (puts us in a zombie state spiritually) and we get attached to her and stuck into cycles of reincarnation.

Dark Horse music video:

Now let’s take a look at the music video itself. It is full of references to Egyptian mythology and symbols, some of which are beyond the scope of my analysis. The attention to details in this video is very great. Also note the screaming « Who? » in the song, referring to the God (see Foreword)

First we are shown Katy Perry on a boat (Isis is often associated with a boat). The symbolism here presents a kind of a counterpoint to the lyrics of the song. Her index finger is pointing up (the direction we should be going) while she is saying no with her head, showing that it is not achieved. The index finger in the hand represents the male CONscious mind that functions linearly; that is why we use this finger to point at things (see more on the human hand in an upcoming section of this website). Dex means right, and we are supposed to be. Kathy hand gesture also represent number 1 of course, and the music video is all about problems preventing unification.

The Dark Horse music video illustrates how the protector for our feminine Heart/Twin Sister/ROSE, that is our male spirit, is being sacrificed at the altar of materialism (sinister) for wrongdoing and doesn’t develop the skills and strength needed to ascend the holy mountain/pyramid = unifying the four elements into the fifth: quintessence.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this analysis, our Twin Sister (Heart) is being mocked and held responsible for her own demise because she is supposed to be on the Queen’s throne and calling the shots. Here is why this not true:

Still from the Making Of from Dark Horse (available on Youtube):

At the left side of the throne being held captive, is our true Queen with the inscription: bad bitch.

Our true Twin Sister, on the left side of the throne.

Our true Queen is not on the throne and so what is taking her place and filling the void is Sinister, linked to the Materia and the left side of the body in human anatomy. A stand in that is a mocking of our true Heart. Note Katy’s head decoration in the shape of a heart to show that she is an usurper that has taken the place of our true spiritual queen in our core (coeur)

The first sacrifice being made is the sacrifice of clear and rightful spiritual vision (right eye):

Still from Dark Horse showing the diamond representing clear vision (right eye) that is being sacrificed. Note also the cold color blue of the valets.

Notice the cigar inserted in the diamond, another phallic male symbol to emphasize straightness and righteousness:

Cigar in the diamond representing the true male principle of righteousness.

Then we see this:

The mock Queen accepting the offering with an oversized LEFT eye, represents Sinister and materialism (nothing to do with an Illuminati symbol here).

Sinister then sacrifices the first courtier (representing the incarnated male spirit):

Courtier vaporized.

On the ashes of the sacrifice, jewels appear:

Jewels on ashes.

The replacement for our Twin Sister puts it on her teeth. The teeth are the densest part of the body and so symbolize materialism and superficiality here.

Now let’s look at that next shot:

Kathy intertwined with a snake and representing the God of the world, surrounded by Egyptian Neters. Notice the incredible level of details and understanding of Egyptian symbolism in Dark Horse that is far too great for an ordinary music video and should have collectively raised our suspicion about it.

Next we see:

Second pitfall for our masculine minds experiencing this life, is what is best called carnality. It is represented by a fat courtier (CONsumption):

The fat courtier brings with him a pyramid of Twinkies (pyramid/world actually meant to be vertically ascended by us, not CONsumed):

Pyramid of Twinkies.

The fat courtier also brings with him a bowl of chips that very closely resembles ground red meat:

[Side note: both the Cathar and Manichean Christian Faiths were vegan, at least at upper initiatory echelons. In opposition to that, the Roman Catholic Church historically imposed their higher-ups to love to eat meat and to only abstain from it for health reason.

Note also that in the English language, the word meat is an anagram of mate, or a good friend, animals being our cousins. It is also an anagram of team, and this might be a bit of a stretch, but maybe the team joined by eating meat, is the adversarial team.

However, if the reader is eating meat, I am not putting him or her down. I understand this is a complex issue.

But let’s get back to the music video: by extension, the fat courtier also represents the pleasures of the flesh: sexuality.

The stand in that has taken the place of our Twin Sister chokes on the experience of carnality and then vaporize the fat courtier. On the site of the sacrifice, a drinking cup appears and she drinks from it:

The drinking cup (water-matter), representing an outside content being let inside our spiritual center.

The next masculine principle of wrongdoing is a type of bodybuilder with an over dimensioned hat (ego) and a pimped chariot. This represents the human body (our terrestrial vehicle) being used as an end in itself and idolized (superficiality and materiality), instead of as a mean to ascend this world and escape it. The true purpose of our human body is painted on the chariot:

The painting on the chariot shows the righteous incarnated male spirit (right arm pointing front and up) in link with his Heart/ROSE/Twin Sister, escaping the creation of the horned God of duality painted on the right.

Another revealing of what the incarnated male spirit is becoming, is the crocodile faced man. The crocodile, in Egyptian mythology, represents materiality because of the thickness of his skin.

He is then transformed into a haute couture handbag—> superficiality and purposelessness.

Then we are shown what is actually happening inside the individual (most of us) of which we happen to see the inner reality:

What is lowest has been brought to the highest point

And there is an interior split/separation happening between the male spirit and his Twin Sister.

We are then shown the God of the world rising at the top of the pyramid instead of us, taking our spiritual resources, and getting ready to take his flight:

Taking our resources (souls and spiritual energy)

Getting ready to take his flight

Finally, we see the Queen (a sINister replacement for our Twin Sister as I’ve stated that mocks our true ROSE in that masquerade plus she is still held responsible for all of this) getting ready for her union with her idealized protector, the one who’s gonna have her ascend the pyramid. But because of all the wrongdoings, there is only a little lap dog left. And they are going nowhere.

Supposed to have them ascend

Can’t do it because of incorrect living

This Is How We Do:

This one is also about incorrect living on the part of the male conscious mind plugged into the Matrix. The general lyrics renders a portrait of carelessness, laziness, debauchery and vain pursuit of earthly pleasures and entertainment. Note the « UH!OH »’s in the lyrics that gives a sense that something is wrong. The title This Is How We Do, refers both to how we, incarnated spirits, « do » wrong, and also how the forces of darkness « do » to take our spiritual blood and value. The latter is the reason for the deep bass voice saying « This is how we do » at the end of the song; identical to the one saying « There’s no going back » in Perry’s Dark Horse.

In the chorus, « Do » is repeated five times, which refers to the number 5 representing man and his actions (human hand). Here, the five-pointed star is pointing down.

The music video expands much on the true meaning of the song:

First shot of the video, our (re)entry into the world

We are first shown a senior citizen sitting in front of a frame. The frame stands for the portal of entry into the material world. The age of the man probably indicates that he has lived before and is stuck in cycles of reincarnation.

The rainbow earring representing the 7 levels we have to go up or down in the world as shown likewise at the end of Perry’s Hot and Cold

A breakfast is served with milk (animal fat) and pancakes (eggs).

A later shot in the music video shows butter spreading extensively on the pancakes

« Chanel this Chanel that, hell yeah! » More: channel, like in channeling dark spiritual influences. Note the cross on the heart made by the two arms. The handbags, like in Dark Horse, are a symbol of superficiality and shallowness.

”It’s no big deal! This is no big deal”
The deal in question that is referred throughout the song, is a karmic exchange that happens because of our wrongful actions. It also has to do with the spiritual cost of CONsumption: the spiritual energy reserves (money) of our Heart/Twin Sister are slowly being transferred as a tradeoff for our sins (wrongful doings) and CONsumption in the world. Only small deals but repeated over and over.

The main symbol used in the video to show that fact, is the fat (see Foreword) that we take from animals, like in pizza or ice cream. The same thing is being done to us on a spiritual level. The male part of our twin couple, that is in the world, is effectively giving away slowly all our power in exchange for material ”stuff” that really have no value, until we are on our knees spiritually.

We are literally eating our Heart away. As shown here:

Eating the Heart karmically and through material CONsumption. Note the cold color blue.

Our Heart/Twin Sister/soulmate, symbolized by the watermelon (like in Perry’s Hot and Cold) is slowly being taken away from us. The more untied we become from her, the less we realize this process is happening.

Note the pizza swimsuit, the pizza earrings and the heart shaped sunglasses (a symbol of unity now changed into a symbol of duality signifying most likely that there is two hearts in our minds—> our true Heart, and the heart that is the material world). Note also the long chair representing spiritual laziness, and also idleness at helping the common good. In the making of from the music video, Perry states that « God is in the details ».

The hand gestures, like scissors, indicates that a process of separation is at work.

Scissors again.

Sinister, represented by the left hand, is shown to predominate (the seats are left hands too). Water (mater) is an element that is alien to our inner spiritual sun.

Background a reference to the artist Piet Mondrian, father of a cold almost clinical abstract art. This is symbolizing being in one’ s head (emphasized by Katy’s hairdo) or ego bubble and detached from the Heart plus devoid of true empathy.

The metaphor of basketball that is also present in Perry’s Hot and Cold, Chained To The Rhythm and more importantly in Swish Swish alludes to the Twin Sister falling down through the hoop (ring of Saturn) because of the wrongdoings of the incarnated male spirit.

Suspended in time and soon free falling. Note the 666 with a happy smile on the girls shirt and the Tao earrings (duality).


What is being respected is only the black mama (not really Aretha Franklin), the mamaterial world (matter/mother) in the form of earthly pleasures. The bow tie shows attachment to her.

The love game of ”bottle” where the heart (watermelon) never wins

The bottle, another phallic symbol, represents again our male conscious mind that functions in a linear way. The music video shows that its orientation/attraction goes mainly to the dairy food items (representing sins and also worldly pleasures) instead of the watermelon (Heart).

Dazed and sad watermelon (Twin Sister).

”This goes to all of you people going
to bed with a ten and waking up with
a two.’
‘ (2=duality)

This represents the refusal of the male spirit to accept what he has become on a spiritual level because of his journey in the world, an ugly toad: ‘‘No, not me”

Hand motions pushing down, showing that something (Twin Sister) is being repressed.

Note also the group pointing to their left side (sinister).

”No no no.. bring the beat back”
Near the end of the video, we exit the frame and see the senior man getting up to leave. This represents the end of a human life. « Bring the beat back » both refers to life itself, that is rhythmic in essence (see my Chained to the Rhythm analysis below) and also perhaps to bring back the one who has been « beat(en) » by the world, for another incarnation.

Back in the world of distraction (sins): notice the one on the right evoking sexuality. The long chair, once again, is representing laziness and passiveness on a spiritual level, and left arm up alluding to sinister, that still predominates.

And the Heart (watermelon) left alone to his own
in the dark.

Chained To The Rhythm:

Another gold mine of Gnosticism, Chained to the Rhythm is a truth telling on the nature of the material universe we are experiencing.

In folk mythology, rhythmic instruments (like tambourines) are often associated with the devil. « Rhythm » in the title of the song, mainly refers to the rhythms of life itself (ex: breathing rhythms, circadian rhythms, heartbeat rhythms, etc..) in which everything is rhythmic.

Earth, and the planets around also have rhythms.

All these rhythms are cyclical and repetitive in nature like night and day.

Still from Chained to the Rhythm: The first shot shows us the entrance to a theme park called Oblivia . This illustrates the entry of our masculine spirit into the material world (Matrix).

Like i explain in the Foreword to this website, the world is a recreational park, not Prime Creation.

Being in oblivion according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a « state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening ». And this is exactly our situation in this world: we are forgetful (oblivious) about our true spiritual identity, that is sealed in our Heart/Twin Sister/ROSE of which we are the supposed protector. And we have been given a personality (from Latin persona: mask), a fake gender (we are in fact all incarnated male spirits, so the name of the race, mankind, is adequate–>no sexism involved), and a body (our buddy). We are unaware that a process of separation between our masculine spirit and our feminine Heart is at play here.

On the Oblivia front panel, we can see a hamster with crazed eyes representing again the male mind having the human experience; because inside the theme park (world) we are running inside a wheel (cyclically going round and round, not really progressing), like hamsters do. The « O » around the hamster’s head represents the said (karmic) wheel, but also a ring. And that is linked to planet Saturn, the Lord of the Rings: the rings that bind, or chain.

On the surface, the music video for Chained To The Rhythm is kind of a critique of the American standard way of living that was extended around the world, and of its pitfalls. And we are shown where it all leads in the present and near future:

On the side panel on the way to the Hamster Ride, a time meter is indicating 1984, a reference to the George Orwell book about a dystopic nightmare society.

But it is in fact a cover up for something much deeper. In gnostic terms, Oblivia, as I’ve mentioned, represents the world itself, and how this life we live here is a life of imitation (of our inner workings), and so mainly a lie that drags us down spiritually.

Here is the cover art for the single of Chained to the Rhythm:

The cover art shows the incarnated male spirit seeing through the human hands (representing duality between good and evil at work), and so seeing spiritually by way of the human experience itself. The little fingers pointing up (horns) alludes to his state of duality because of this, and also to the God giving him this experience. Note the absent mindedness also and what seems to be basketball netting.

One of the main attraction of Oblivia is called The Great American Drop:

The Great American Drop attraction, where couples get inside small houses and get raised up in the air to be then dropped back down.

Little houses of The Great American Drop

« American » doesn’t really stand for the country, but for the new world that is the recreation we are in now, in relation to Prime Creation, or the old world. In this human incarnation, we have been given bodies and genders, which are a sort of exterior material artistic rendition (by the God of the world) of our inner spiritual world (see Foreword). The matching/union of the man and woman human creatures is an erzats of a spiritual mating process that should happen inside each individual (note the word in-divi-dual) not outside. By living a life of outer imitation, we are given the illusion of levitation/ascension (a hormonal instinctual drug high) only to be dropped back down in the process real term. That is why it is called falling in love; it is having us going down on a spiritual level because we get farther and farther away from our inner truth that is subtle and more and more hooked to the Materia. The love we truly need is called in Greek agapè, or Christian brotherly love.

Another example of the same problem in Oblivia is the rollercoaster ride called Love Me:

The Love Me ride. Here maybe a wordplay on SIMulatiON rose (our inner Queen).

The Love me Validation Station
where we validate false fictitious
seCONd life identities and are risking of losing our true one (spiritual Heart).

Here another aspect of the imitation game, the traditional nuclear family. The 3D glasses the audience are wearing, points out to the fact that what’s giving substance to that experience, or 3D effect, is in the altered perception of the male mind.

Hamster running in the wheel.

[In relation to that, i want to mention what I think to be the way of the future for human communities as (among other factors) the Gnosis contained in this website is spreading around the world: the Cathar model in Languedoc France during the Middle Ages. It needs to be studied closely. Children, women, and men were living in a somehow communal fashion, and intimate relationships were tolerated for the novices, called the hearers. Marriages were seen as meaningless. Men and women were on equal foot way beyond their time too, and the latter were allowed sacerdotal activities and priesthood the same as men. The lifestyle of the Cathars (from catharoi: pure) naturally, and through rituals, led to the reunion between the male spirit and the soulmate that is our spiritual Heart or Twin Sister. I think it will be a good model to inspire us from, if we want to shift this world, from a place of perdition to a place of ascension].

Furthermore, the roses In Oblivia (showing that the world works as a substitute, for our male minds, of our inner reality [ROSE/Heart]), are artificial and barb wired (like a maximum security prison):

Note Perry’s pink (rose in French) hair as she walks through Oblivia. This symbolize that as a human woman (really male) and spiritually amnesiac, or oblivious, she thinks that she is her Heart. A form of egocentrism which is common to women living this life.

Barb wired roses.

Another attraction in Oblivia called There’s No Place Like Home, has participants being catapulted out of the theme park:

Participants being catapulted from Oblivia
The couple being ejected into the nowhere shows the grim reality of what awaits the participants on earth after having played the validation love game and lived a life (or lives) of imitation.


Another attraction of Oblivia, called Inferno H20, with water on fire, represents that water, the basis and fuel of life itself, figuratively contains an element that is alien (human life) to our true spiritual nature and dragging us down to hell spiritually if we’re not really careful:

It should be clearer now that the 1984 reference shown earlier about a totalitarian nightmare isn’t just about our present societal moment in civilization (although it is certainly true) but about the world itself. It is the world that is like an amusement park, masquerading for a very sophisticated spiritual slavery system of total control over fallen Prime Creation by the Archons (self-serving entities). The Father of this seCONdary creation, the Archon in Chief, was most likely our big brother in Prime Creation. He is in duality now because half of his mind is rebelling against the Creator(s) and Prime Creation (it wishes to assimilate it and discard the protectors). The material universe and humanity are the byproducts of this inner conflict. The world is a big test aimed at all of us to discover where he truly stands (see Foreword). It’s intelligent design on a scale our human minds can’t really grasp.

The show for the Katy Perry’s album Witness that contains the song Chained To The Rhythm, had the all-seeing eye of the God of the world on the back of the stage:

The image above represents the God of the world overseeing everything that is going on in his universe.

The artwork for the album Witness shows this:

The all-seeing eye of the God, is in fact a third eye because he is a junction between two opposites (synthesis) like his world.

The eye symbology is further demonstrated by Perry’s forehead during the show:

Third eye of the God.

But let’s get back to the music video. This still from Chained to the Rhythm shows the hamster’s wheel with the inscription:

Still from Chained to the Rhythm: « The Greatest Ride in the Universe» is life in the world itself. And our incarnated male spirits are the hamsters in the wheel, or ring, like I mentioned earlier. And over time it wears out the runner and his spiritual resources (money):

Falling inside the wheel.

Time to change course? Our choice.

Humanity « chained to the rhythm », going nowhere round and round in circles.

Presently, the life of imitation is truly our main limitation at going higher. Agapè has got to take over the world now. Until it happens, we are « chained to the rhythm », that ultimately leads to hell.

It was Mani’s belief and work in the world that our individual salvation is tied in helping the faith (our faith determining our fate) and the salvation of others. It was the way upward, for him. It is also my view on the subject.

And now for the lyrics meaning:

“Are we crazy?”

First the question is asked if we are « crazy », like the hamster in the wheel because of the experience of duality in the world.

“Living our lives through a lens”

A « lens » is something you see through; it is the human experience itself for our male spirit in the CONscious mind.

“Trapped in our white picket fence”

The white picket fence is the delimitation of our mental awareness.

“Like ornaments”

An « ornament » is something that has really just a purpose of decoration and no real utility. We are supposed to be the protectors of our Hearts and our brothers.

“So comfortable we live in a bubble bubble”

The « bubble » is the male ego mind bubble. Bubble is repeated two times to emphasize duality. We are comfortably numb because of the separation from our Heart, that is a prisoner.

“So comfortable we cannot see the trouble trouble”

« Trouble » is repeated two times again to emphasize our state of duality. The trouble is the untying process at work, for the male spirit, with his Twin Sister, by living this life.

“Aren’t you lonely
Up there in Utopia?”

We are in effect « lonely » because separated from our true love (Heart). We have been put « up there » or hijacked (see Foreword).

In human anatomy, the head, where we are having our CONsciousness experience is at the top, or « up there ». The male part of our twin couple has been given a false place of preeminence that is not usually his.

An « utopia », is defined as « an imaginary place or state of things where everything is perfect ». We have seen in the music video why this is in fact the opposite in reality: a dystopia in disguise on a spiritual level.

Furthermore, the word « utopia » comes from the Greek ou-topos (topos: a place) meaning a ”no place” or ”nowhere”. This is not our world. Note also that the prefix « ou » (who?où?) is also used by the God of this world to define himself (see Foreword) and is everywhere present in popular songs like this one (notice the screams: Who?/où/ou, during the song).

“Where nothing will ever be enough”

Alludes to the fact that material desires as a replacement for the Twin Sister are never really satisfying and leads to the desire and attachment for more things and feelings.

“Happily numb”

Again refers to our male mind being in a bubble separated from our Twin Sister that is suffering greatly..

“So put your rose-colored glasses on
and party on”

Another reference to the ROSE among many others in the music video as I have explained. Refers to the choice of seeing the exterior (world) as if it was the interior (Twin Sister) through a device that alters perception.

“Turn it up it’s your favorite song
Dance dance to the distortion”

To « turn it up » means to voluntary amplify and give in to what is a problem in the first place: the instinctual human programming. To « dance » is to get in sync with. The « distortion » is the distortion of our inner truth, present in the human experience.

“Turn it up put it on repeat
Stumbling around like a wasted zombie”

« Put it on repeat » alludes to cycles of repetition inside the hamster’s wheel. Living the life of instinctual programming and earthly pleasures puts us in a zombified state spiritually, we tend to lose true care (coeur=heart) and compassion.

“Yeah, we think we’re free Aha!”

We are in fact prisoners here and must work at our salvation. The « Aha » back vocals refer to a aha! moment we should be having because of all the hidden truths that are being told to us in the song and music video. My hope is that the reader gets at least a glimpse of that aha! moment by now.

“Drink this one’s on me
we’re all chained to the rhythm”

To « drink » alludes to the refusal of facing our situation, something humanity has done enough now, I think.

“Are we tone deaf?”

To be « tone deaf », is defined as to be relatively insensitive to differences in musical pitch. That has to do with the difficulty our male conscious minds have at differentiating between the rhythmic music of the world and our bodies and the delicate spiritual melody of our Hearts. Another related meaning of tone deaf is « showing an obtuse lack of sensitivity or perception ».

Keep sweeping it under the mat”

« It » as I explain in the Foreword to this website, is often a code word in popular music for the Heart or soulmate, the ”I” on the cross (t): because she is incapacitated (we are her motion maker). « Sweeping it under the mat » also refers, I suppose, to our unwillingness at facing (our own) evil.

“Thought we could do better than that
i hope we can”

Here we have dual linguo from the Demiurge because « better » has the same phonetic as bitter (sore rose). So he’s saying both at the same time. (see Foreword)

I won’t comment on the Skip Marley part as I’m not sure of the definitive meaning. But all I can say is that it’s not what it seems on the surface and probably dual linguo too.


Swish Swish is another one of the main Katy Perry gnostically coded material. It uses the metaphor of basketball to convey the grim possibility of our Twin Sister falling to hell through the hoop (or ring, related again to Saturn, the Lord of the Rings: see my Chained to The Rhythm analysis) because of sinful wrongful living of the male spirit living the human life. A metaphor that is used also to a lesser extent in Perry’s Hot and Cold and also This Is How We Do. The music video itself is mainly entertainment diversion cover up, meant to distract except for this:

Still from Swish Swish: Katy Perry at the top of a pyramid made of basketballs

The beginning of the music video shows us that the power of the Archons behind our reality is made out of the captured souls (basketballs) from Prime Creation. A very deep bass voice is heard (like in Dark Horse and This Is How We Do). Male voices are more bass than female or children voices because the former represents an element of creation that is further away from the source. In the case of this voice, the principle it represents is far removed from the source.

The voice says: « They know what is what, but they don’t know what is what, they just strut ». This resumes very well our situation. We « know what is what » in the sense that one way or another we were told, mainly by the world religions (Christianity being the best example) « what is what ». We were told for example that we have a Heart and a soul, and that there is heaven and a devil and that we might go to hell for our wrongdoings etc… But at the same time: « we don’t know what is what » and exactly how this all works and if it’s really true. This is what the Katy Perry decoded material will now do for humanity in due time I believe. « To strut » means to show off and to be inflated (ego) with oneself. This refers to our vanity in this human life.

« Swish swish bish » is in fact switch switch bitch, or a changing of the guards that happens when our Twin Sister, because of wrongdoings, is switched from the true guardian that is our incarnated male spirit to the powers of evil. She is blamed for everything because she is our true source of power and supposed (should) call the shots for the male spirit (her motion maker) living the human life, and not sINister. I have shown in my Dark Horse analysis how this is often not so. They call her a bitch which is a testament to the disrespect the Archons have for her.

Still from Swish Swish: The Sheep against the Tigers (Archons)

Here is a selection from the lyrics that explains the meaning further:

“You’re calculated
I’ve got your number”

A reference to the processing power of the mind of the God of the world. The number in question is most likely 666, the number of the human condition, which numbs us.

“Cause your a joker
and I’m a courtside killer queen
And you will kiss the ring
You best believe”

The « killer queen » is the Matrix we are in and the Archon in Chief is overseeing everything from the side of the court (court=world). The ring refers again to the power of Saturn.

“Your game is tired
You should retire
You’re about as cute
as an old coupon expired
and karma’s not a liar
she keeps receipts”

Again, a reference to karma like in Dark Horse, This Is How We Do and Chained to the Rhythm (see my analysis). The receipt in question is Billi (or little Baal see Phil Collins codex and Michael Jackson codex), a bill that has to be paid because of our of sins and spiritual energy spending in the world.

Here’s the cover art for the single that illustrates this further:

Cover art for the Swish Swish single showing a feminine hand (Matrix) giving over a receipt. On the bill reads the inscription: For karma, coffee and tea. If you look closely you will see that the hand is most likely masculine (Demiurge).The color blue refers to spiritual coldness and to the loss of the Twin Sister.

“They never thought the swish God would’ve
made it this far.”

He has so far because of our spiritual inaction.

Other important gnostic elements in Katy Perry’s work:

Bon Appétit:

The French title gives us a clue that the narrator of the song is the Demiurge. The song is once again about the price of our CONsumption in the world, that depletes our spiritual energy reserves in exchange for it.

The Demiurge as a 24h open buffet for us to CONsume.

“Cause I’m all that you want boy
I’m all that you can have boy
Got me spread like a buffet
Bon appétit baby”

He wants us « boy(s) » to believe his Materia is all that we want and can have, because the ego bubble (CONscious mind) of the human experience blurs the relationship with our Twin Sister, and it needs to be reactivated by humbly following in the footsteps of Christ and also by working inwardly like the Buddha.

“Appetite for seduction”

« Seduction » is a word that truly means: to put to sleep, like in sedative. One quick shot in the music video shows what can happen when the energy reserves (money) of the primordial couple are depleted:

An oyster in the bar opens up and inside is a pearl (Twin Sister). The oyster represents the protection shell of the ROSE that is removed because of careless spending and bad karma.

The last shot of the music video alludes perhaps that it is really us that are on the menu of the God of the world.

Hey Hey Hey:

The music video for this one has some gnostic elements in it. An association is made between our Twin Sister and Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) an historical female leader in war. The war that is referred to here, is the spiritual war that is going on in the world and the unseen, and I hope that the reader has now been made more aware of his role in it.

The eye on Joan’s chest located near the region of the Heart chakra indicates that the narrator of the song is our Twin Sister. The rainbow refers to the bridge upward.

“I smell like a rose and i pierce like a thorn”

Again a clue that our ROSE is the subject of the song.

“You think that i’m cracking but you can’t break me.”

An allusion to the protection shell of our Twin Sister.

Joan in a duel with the Prince of Air, here represented as a pig (Lard)

At some point in the music video, we see a royalty figure losing her head, and that most likely refers to the process of separation at play in the world with our male spirit (in the human head) and our Twin Sister.