Eyes Wide Shut and Kubrick’s Mysterious Death

Poster art for the movie Eyes Wide Shut.

Note the pattern of the archonic all-seeing eye with the pyramid suggested in the picture. Note also the mirror that alludes that what is seen in the movie is a reflection of what is going on in the real world of the viewer, because it is him who has his eyes wide shut at what is truly going on. Mirrors are often used in magic rituals.

The movie follows the quest for truth of Dr. Bill Harford, a medical doctor that finds himself in troubled waters after having witnessed a ritual orgy of the Elites.

Some people think that Eyes Wide Shut was an attempt by Kubrick at showing us, the public, what is really going on behind the scenes. But I don’t think it is really just that. In my view, the movie is itself a ritual, not unlike the one the protagonist witnesses in the film. It seems obvious to me that Stanley Kubrick was himself an initiate, and that those who think he obtained the type of control he had over his movies just because he was talented, are somehow a bit naïve. His name Kubrick (cube brick) is also of interest, even more so when associated with the name of his official French biographer: Michel Ciment (ciment is French for cement).

And those who think Kubrick was an example of high morality, should read the book by Frederic Raphael, the scenarist of Eyes Wide Shut, about the movie, where he alleges that Kubrick had friends come over to witness the shooting of the nude scenes of Nicole Kidman for the film.

Some commentators even think that Kubrick was killed for showing too much truth in the movie. But I don’t think he was the type of man that would have put himself and his family in jeopardy like that.

However, the day of his death, on March 7, 1999, is highly suspicious, because it happened like some researcher found out, exactly 666 days before the events of September 11, 2001. After producing a movie like Eyes Wide Shut, what are the odds that the day of his death, with a correspondence like that was a coincidence? Not very great.

Like I mentioned earlier, the central theme of Eyes Wide Shut, is about the interrelations between fantasy and reality. This theme is further illustrated by the fact that the couple that we follow in the movie, the Harford’s, is played by actors that were then a couple in real life: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

On that note, the only other actor in the movie of any fame at the time of shooting apart from Kidman and Cruise, was Sidney Pollack. Nobody seems to have notice the similarities between Sidney Pollack and Stanley Kubrick in real life. Just their names present some obvious similarities. When you add the fact that both men are famous movie directors, of Jewish descent, and from New York, the possibility that Pollack being chosen for the role of Victor Ziegler in Eyes Wide Shut, might had more to do than just is acting skills, should come into interrogation.

Kubrick and Pollack on the set of Eyes Wide Shut.

Although far from a sure thing, i think there is a very real possibility that Kubrick’s death was staged (part of the ritual) and that some of the verbal exchange between Cruise and Pollack’s characters in Eyes Wide Shut in one of the key scenes of the movie might allude to that:

CRUISE: Well Victor, maybe I’m missing something here, you call it a fake, a charade, what kind of a charade ends up with somebody turning up dead?


POLLACK: Listen Bill, nobody killed anybody. Somebody died, but life goes on, it always does, until it doesn’t, but you know that don’t you?

Are these words a cryptic message from Kubrick to tell us that he didn’t truly die and wasn’t really killed just before the worldwide release of Eyes Wide Shut ? Maybe they are.

In addition to that, the alleged grave of Kubrick was dug on his property, and with just a bunch of rocks decorating it, instead of a tombstone.

Furthermore, Alan Conway, a conman who had been impersonating Kubrick for years all around London and was the subject of the motion picture Color Me Kubrick, was conveniently found dead 3 months prior to Kubrick’s supposed death.

Whatever if Kubrick died or not 666 days before 9/11, we got to open our eyes, and realize that our champions in the culture industry, aren’t really ours, and that we are being played and mocked all the time just like Bill Harford in Eyes Wide Shut. We truly need a paradigm shift.