Codex David Bowie

Bowie’s musical production was ciphered (in my view) in a slightly more complex way than usual, by the God of the world.
For example, Is There Life on Mars?, seems to be about the Twin Sister watching the sad spectacle of the setbacks of the incarnated male spirit. His world is referred to as « Mars », because it is really all masculine and truly void of a true spiritual feminine element.

Oh You Pretty Things is also about the Twin Sister(s), and in a later song, Bowie states that The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell .

In the song Young Americans, the incarnated male spirit is symbolized by the said « young American » (America being the new world we are in by opposition to the old world of Prime Creation). The dark running joke of the song is that everybody wants the « young American »; his Twin Sister wants him, but he also wants a young American because he is gay spiritually. And nobody wants the ROSE.

I am going to decrypt some of Bowie’s music video production, that is of great gnostic importance.

China Girl:

Originally an Iggy Pop song. A China (or asian) girl in the esoteric of popular songs usually refers to the ROSE or Twin Sister, because she is in another (left) hemisphere and should be our orient-ation. The video has a lot of interesting gnostic elements:

First shot of the video: the China girl behind barb wires showing that she isn’t free. The barb wires also symbolizes the thorns of the ROSE. Note what looks a lot like stylized 666 all around. The water flowing refers to the input of the Materia (water is mater with the W inverted) that is alien to our inner sun.

Her clothing shows that she is of high lineage and of a completely different culture than our own (actually a different world).

Then, we are shown the China Girl running in the desert (world):

The red (heart) flag that she holds stands for agapè and Prime Creation, of which she is the ambassador.

Later we are shown Bowie dressed as a distinguished gentlemen figuratively shooting the China girl (on her knees) in the head. This symbolizes that social CONditioning and CONformity to the ways of this world is killing our Heart and soul.

‘My little China girl
You shouldn’t have messed with me
I’ll ruin everything you are”

Another shot shows Bowie throwing away the bowl of rice of the China girl. This represents the careless spending of spiritual energy by the male spirit incarnated in the world.

”She says oh baby just you shut your mouth”

Interaction with the Twin Sister is better accomplished in a language without words.

The end of the video shows the China girl frustrated and trying to get Bowie’s (incarnated male spirit) attention by putting make-up on, to make herself more attractive and more like the fake (Matrix), while he’s busy at the beach (representing spiritual laziness and worldly pleasures) with a material imitation of her (same actress). Also watch in the video: she removes the lipstick from her mouth meaning that she is giving up on her desire at unification with him. Very thoughtful symbolism in an apparently trivial video.

This all represents that because of Bowie’s (us male spirits) spiritual idleness, she is still prisoner, hence the barb wires.

Male spirit living the lazy spiritual life at the beach.

Day in Day out:

This music video is full of symbolism that seems to have escaped the viewers minds when it was released. The intricate meaning of some of the lyrics is still somehow nebulous to me, but I will explain what i understand.

Note Bowie screaming « Who? Où? » (see Foreword) during the video, in this way telling that the God of the world has an important message for us in it.

Day In Day Out illustrates the problems and difficulties the Twin Sister has to face because of the spiritual incompetence of the incarnated male spirit, and this from her point of view.

The first shot shows a baby in front of a building, and two angels one white and one black recording him on camera.

The angels represents the forces of good and evil, recording everything that is going on with the primordial couple.

Then we are shown the Twin Sister (Heart) with a baby (soul). To emphasize that this is exactly that, the baby has a lollipop made in the shape of a heart:

Our Twin Sister is portrayed as strong, but kinda lost in a downtown crowded nightlife representing the spiritual nowhere outside of Prime Creation.

David Bowie, standing for the God of the world, has a tear on the corner of his right eye, symbolizing that the right mind of the God finds the situation of the Twin Sister sad and deplorable, while the other half doesn’t:

Tear under the right eye.

A building is shown with an inscription: « Bridal city »:

The building alludes to the alchemical wedding that is supposed to take place between the male spirit and the Twin Sister. And in the music video it doesn’t happen mainly because of the male incompetence.

”What she lacks is a backup
[…] She’s got no money honey
she’s on the other side”

The « backup » is supposed to be the male spirit. « Money » refers to a form of spiritual energy used for exchanges outside of Prime Creation.

We’re then shown a booth that also represents the situation of the Twin Sister (see the heart on the booth). It’s a form of protection case that she can see through. We can see that there is harassment from two handicapped men, representing malevolent fallen spirits in the void:

Disembodied spirits harassment

The lack of money has the Twin Sister forced to do what seems to be a form of spiritual prostitution (commerce) with spirits:

The Twin Sister with a wig on, doing (spiritual) prostitution. She later gets arrested.

Moreover, the incarnated male spirit is shown as aloof, not involved in taking care of the child and very clueless:

The incarnated male spirit, on his own, listening to a stereo representing artificial inputs from the Materia while the Twin Sister raises the child (soul) on her own

The God is shown with his left hand raised to illustrate that the male spirit is following sinister:

The God with the left hand up.

At the end of the video, the couple's home gets busted, the male spirit is shown to have some white powder on him (escapism):

“Day in Day out Stay in or fade out”

The meaning of the lyrics alludes to the responsibility of the male spirit at constantly being in touch with his Twin Sister (and taking care of her needs by being spiritually active), or « staying in ». And not seeking outside for escapism from his inner truth. If done otherwise, it eventually brings the destruction (fading out) of the primordial couple.

Ashes To Ashes:

The song refers to an earlier Bowie song titled Space Oddity, in which a character, an astronaut named Major Tom was floating in outer space. The song really wasn’t just about drug use, like people think. It was yet another metaphor for the state of the incarnated male spirit having his CONsciousness experience in the bubble of the CONscious mind while his Twin Sister (Heart) is on the ground. And it is the same here.

Early in the music video we see Bowie at the beach:

The beach represents living a life of earthly pleasure and escapism from one’s true situation. Note the pink (ROSE) hue alluding to the substitution of his true love.

We see in the picture he holds that the protagonist is really in a a sort of lunatic (moon) asylum:

The incarnated male spirit inside the prison of the CONscious mind, lit by moon (mono) light.

”They got a message from the action man: I’m happy hope you’re happy too. I’ve loved all I needed: love”

The « action man » is the incarnated male spirit. He is here messaging his Twin Sister that he is happy living life in the Matrix and in love with worldly things or other male spirits.

Here the male spirit is represented as what is called in French a Pierrot la Lune or Peter (stone) of the moon. He is followed by a bulldozer which represents that his actions are destructive.

“The shrieking of nothing is killing me
Just pictures of Jap girls in synthesis
I ain’t got no money and i ain’t got no hair”

The « Jap girls » symbolizes again the Twin sister (asian girl), here multiplied and in « synthesis » (or sin thesis see Foreword). In other words, the imitative erzats of the world is described here. « Money » refers to spiritual energy resources that should be created working at agapè with the Twin Sister. « Hair » refers to the will, that is absent.

“Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know major Tom’s a junky
Strung out in heaven’s high
Hitting an all time low.”

« Ashes » mainly refers to a cycle of incarnation. « Funk » alludes to a state of paralyzed cowardice on the part of the incarnated male spirit at facing his situation and working at his ascension. « Funky » refers to a foul odor of (spiritual) putrefaction. « Junky » doesn’t really refer to drugs, but to the addiction of the incarnated male spirit for the feelings that the Materia provides him (sinister).

The incarnated male spirit receives a flash of light and is hurt in his left arm (sinister)

”I’m stuck with a valuable friend
I’m happy hope you’re happy too”

The valuable friend he is stuck with is his Twin Sister. Her true situation is portrayed at some point in the video:

The Twin Sister with tubes plugged into her, just like in the movie The Matrix, by which her spiritual energy reserves are being extracted in exchange for the CONsumption of her male twin in the world.

Note the water flowing underground to her that represents the emotional garbage of the Materia (Water being Mater with the M inverted) that is alien to our (supposed to be) spiritual sun.

A close up follows that she is in pain and incapacitated because her representative (us living) doesn’t do his job:

Our spiritual Heart slowly being drained because of incorrect living.

“I’ve never done good things
I’ve never done bad things
I’ve never done anything out of the blue”

This points out to our spiritual idleness. We are not bad, but we are not being really actively good either. This would be accomplished by humbly following in the footsteps of Christ. The cold color « blue » is the color that generates the male incarnated spirit by being distracted from his Heart and that translates, for one thing, in a lack of compassion and true care.

Pierrot, drowning in the sea.

At the end of the video, we see an old lady trying to bring Pierrot back to reason:

Apart to a reference to a mother figure like mentioned in the lyric, the old lady is most likely another representation of the Twin Sister. Her old age might symbolize that her spiritual energy reserves have been depleted because of the careless spending of her male twin living the human life.

“My mama said to get things done
you better not mess with major Tom”

Getting « things done » has to do, for the incarnated male spirit, at working at his own ascension with his Twin Sister. And we were told one way or another (by Christianity for example) not to mess with Major Tom (escapism).

Loving The Alien:

« Loving the alien », means loving what is alien to our Heart, and that has mainly to do with the duality (good and evil) at work in the manifested world. The world is a strange place for us and should remain so. One of the name of the God of the world is the Stranger, because his duality makes him strange.

The meaning of the lyrics of Loving The Alien is not clear to me, but I will show that the music video contains a complementary symbolism to the other Bowie music videos I’ve deciphered:

At the beginning of the video, the Twin Sister (see the ROSEs in the background) is represented praying. Her face is colored in blue, a cold color that is generated because her male twin is living incorrectly (not in a Christlike way)

On that shot the representation is complex to obscure the meaning to us.

The Twin Sister, here in black, is trying to make the incarnated male spirit see how she truly is and also him because she is his true identity.

“Pray and the heaten lie will disappear.”

In French the word for praying, prier, has the same exact phonetic as the word briller, that means to shine.

On the stage, Bowie is shown playing a tambourine, an instrument usually associated with the devil. Note the musicians in the video wearing saturnian hats.

Bowie representing the incarnated male spirit as a distinguished gentleman (CONformity to the ways of the world) in a similar fashion than in the China Girl music video, except that here the Twin Sister is represented by a Middle Eastern woman. She is mad and removing paper money that he has hooked upon her.

In case the reader didn’t know, our paper money in the modern world, is actually debt, and this is the meaning here: the incarnated male spirit has contracted debt because of his CONsumption in the world (and also Karma), that his Twin Sister is held responsible for, because she is supposed to command.

At the end of the video, Bowie is laying on his bed listening to music in his left ear. This symbolize that he truly is asleep living this life. He looks sick also. Then the actress that was playing the middle eastern woman earlier approaches him, now as a modern woman, and kisses him.

The modern woman represents the substitution of the ROSE for the worldly imitation of her (like in China Girl). She is a lie. And by kissing or unifying with the lie, he is losing and destroying his truth, that is his spiritual Heart or Twin Sister.

Bowie on his (death) bed in a state of complete shock after the kiss