Codex Blur

Blur has got gnostic elements coded in their songs and music videos. Of particular interest is the music video for the song Parklife.

« Parklife », means life in the re-creation-al park we found ourselves in. It also means « life parked » or at complete idleness on a spiritual level. It phonetically renders as well the related « pork life », pork loving filthy things.

Artwork for the music video Parklife, showing a glass of beer, representing escapism from one’s true situation (gates of hell)

The first scene of the video shows Damon Albarn and a man named Phil (who is also the odd narrator) trying to sell windows with tiny frames.

The tiny window frame corresponds to the narrowness of the incarnated CONscious mind in the park life.

“Confidence is a preference for the
habitual voyeur of what is known as Parklife!”

« CONfidence » here relates to putting one’s trust into a CON.

“And morning soup can be avoided
if you take a route straight through what is known as Parklife!”

« Morning soup » alludes to a spiritual mush (loss of one’s soul or sun) that can be avoided by following the straight and narrow path.

“You should cut down on your pork
life mate get some exercise.”

The « exercise » that truly is meant here is exercise on a spiritual level, like in humbly following in the footsteps of Christ.

“I feed the pigeons, I feed sometimes
the sparrows too, it gives me a sense of enormous well being (Parklife!)
And then I’m happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge
there will always be a bit of my heart devoted to it.”

What is actually referred to here by feeding birds, is really feeding spirits in the void, for the reason that the protection shield of agapè between the male spirit and the Twin Sister (Heart) is not activated; because of spiritual inactivity for good on the male part mainly.

“It’s got nothing to do with Vorsprung
Durch Technik, you know”

The meaning of the music video has in fact everything to do with this: « Vorsprung Durch Technik » is a reference to the German automobile maker Audi (Dio). The logo of the manufacturer represents the four elements unifying together to form quintessence (5 fingers of the human hand, 5 extremities of the body, etc..). The reunion of the elements is part of the positive purpose of human life.

“And it’s not about you joggers who go
round and round and round”

« Jogging », here, refers to energy and efforts being put into superfluous things by the incarnated male spirit. To go « round and round » is not going straight and truly going nowhere (refers to planet Saturn).

“All the people, so many people
and they all go hand in hand
through their Parklife”

Alludes to following the herd instead of following one’s inner truth. It also perhaps means to not be able to discriminate between the right hand (righteousness) and the left hand (sinister), and so by that of being in a state of nullification spiritually.

The visuals of the music video supports the meaning of the lyrics:

Damon holding ice cream, and his left hand, sinister, shown to predominate.

The symbolism of ice cream is complex and multi-faceted. First, it represents bad karma because it is really fat taken from animals. And the same thing we do to animals is being done to us by having our reserves of spiritual energy (akin to fat) slowly depleted in exchange for our wrongdoings. Ice cream also symbolizes sins and worldly pleasures in general. The frozen state of ice cream finally alludes to the frozen state of the Heart. (See Katy Perry codex This Is How We Do analysis for more ice cream symbolism)

Also this is interesting:

Man holding a sign saying: « modern life is rubbish » and « end of a century » on the back

« Modern life » is indeed « rubbish », because we have lost touch with true spiritual values in exchange for more and more stuff and technology. « Modern Life » also refers to the present of the re-creation we are now in, by opposition to the ancient times of Prime Creation.

Also this is interesting:

Umbrellas in the background

The colors on the umbrellas might refer (like the lyrics) to the 4 elements and their unification (opening of the umbrella): Blue for water, red for fire, yellow for air and green for earth.

And lastly, the most important gem of symbolism of the music video:

The odd couple in the park life

Towards the end of the music video, a couple is shown. At first glance for no apparent reason. But in fact, this is truly meaningful and of the greatest gnostic significance:
Upon closer look, the woman wearing pink (ROSE and note also the pearls) reveals herself to actually be a man. If you have read the foreword of the website, you now know one of the greatest mysteries of human existence: the fact that we are all incarnated male spirits in the world: the true feminine spiritual aspect (Twin Sister/ROSE/Heart) being absent of it. The human woman creature portrays at best an imitation or evocation of it. The man is called Ken, which phonetically renders CON, or the one who’s being CONned: the male spirit. And the other man is named Cindy, for sin, because we live in sin (or synthesis). The white car represents the human vehicle itself, and it is on park mode.

This is followed by a close up of Ken/Con and Sin/Cindy:

Ken does the 666 hand gesture, the number of the human CONdition. This signifies also that he is happily being CONned.

This resumes pretty much everything in the park life for now.