Codex Jefferson Starship

An odd musical group that has changed many times its name and band members. Their work was coded by the Demiurge, in my view. A potent example of this is found in the cover art for their album Modern Times:

Cover art for Modern Times

The image shows a predatory woman dressed in black alluding to the Matrix we are in. A clue of this, is her hat, that to her neck forms the shape of a vesica piscis (see Foreword). The frequency band and light spectrum also alludes to the Matrix. The drops of light fallen from Prime Creation, represents all of us living. « Modern Times » refers to the present of the recreation we are now in reference to the ancient times that was Prime Creation

Jefferson Starship is better known for having produced what is often called, despite its huge commercial success, the « worst song of all time »: We Built This City. It was co-authored by Bernie Taupin, the lyricist of Elton John. I will demonstrate that the critics, just don’t understand the meaning of the lyrics, for it is an important song and music video:

The first shot of the video shows a peaceful village and a green pasture that represents Prime Creation

“We built this city We built this city
On rock and roll”

« We » means the Archons. The « city » is the material universe. Rock and roll is a form of music, and the universe is also akin to music because it is produced with vibrations and frequencies. And also, like rock and roll, the Matrix is a sort of loud music (compared to the delicate melodies of our hearts) and presents a distortion of our inner truth.

“Say you don’t know me
Or recognize my face
Say you don’t care who goes
to that kind of place”

Here the Demiurge is speaking and he is in rebellion.

« Knee deep in the hoopla », our present situation

“knee deep in the hoopla
sinking in your fight
Too many runaways
eating up the night”

« Knee deep in the hoopla » alludes to our present incarnated situation. « Sinking » is to go down instead of up. As I have mentioned many times, « the night » represents human life because we are in the dark spiritually.

“Marconi plays the mamba
Listen to the radio don’t you
remember? […] we built this city
on rock and roll”

Marconi was the inventor of the radio and this is an allusion to the Demiurge and his Matrix. He plays the mamba, which is a predatory snake (sound waves). « Don’t you remember? » refers to the fact that we male spirits, are amnesiac about Prime Creation (to remediate that we have to get more in touch with the Twin Sister)

The statue of a patriarch (Lincoln) in the music video that represents the God of the world.

“Someone’s always playing corporation games
Who cares they’re always changing
corporation names”

We are playing corporation (corpo–>human body) games by being here. « Who » is one of the names of the God (see Foreword). « Changing corporation names » refers to reincarnation.

“We just want to dance here
someone stole the stage
They call us irresponsible
Write us of the page”

The one who stole the stage is again the Demiurge, and we are being written of the page because of wrongful doings.

The Casinos in the music video represents the world, with bright blinding lights, and where one loses all his money (spiritual energy reserves). Note the word Queens, maybe an allusion to our Twin Sisters.

The sign reading Uncle Sam with Dices (Samael being one of the many names of the God).

The dices end up menacing the incorporated male spirits, who have rolled the dices of life by incarnating.

“Who counts the money underneath the bar?
Who rides the wrecking ball into our guitars?”

« Who », again, is the preferred name of the God, so these are not questions: he is piling up the « money » we lose at his casino. The « guitars » are representing our human bodies. the « wrecking ball » is a reference to the human instinctual programming that is menacing to destroy the tie of the primordial couple.

“Don’t tell us you need us
cause we’re the ships of fools
Looking for America, coming
through your schools”

« Don’t tell us you need us » refers to the incarnated male spirits refusal at helping their Twin Sisters getting out of this mess. We are the « fools » and « America » is the new world (Matrix), by opposition to the old world that was Prime Creation. « Schools » also refers to « a large group of fishes ».

So, I hope the reader can now see that the song and music video are not just silly nonsense but are in fact very deep in meaning.