Nirvana Decoded

Their name refers to the polar opposite of what the music and lifestyle they were promoting actually leads to.

The gnostic coding of Nirvana is not as precise as for some other artists, for reason of style probably, but I will show that it is there.

First, the title of their last album In Utero (female uterus) refers to the Matrix we are in.

The cover art shows an angel (which we were in Prime Creation) lowered by having a human body and organs.

The CD itself is of gnostic interest:

The CD displays a man cross-dressed as a woman; our human condition in utero (Matrix) being void of the true spiritual feminine element (see Foreword)

The song In Bloom is also of interest:

“He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs
and he likes to sing along and he likes to
shoot his gun but he don’t know what it means”

Explaining the reader « what it means », is what I am trying to do with this website. The shooting of the gun refers mainly here, I think, to sexual activity. Note that the word gun (or shot gun—¬>shut CON) often refers phonetically to CON as well, in the esoteric of popular songs.

Heart Shaped Box:

The Nirvana song that is of the most important gnostic significance in my view is Heart Shaped Box. The « heart shaped box » refers to the protection shell of our Twin Sister (Heart).

“I’ve been drawn into your magnet tar pit
trap.. I wish i could eat your cancer when
you turn black”

This refers to the spiritual darkness that Billi (see Foreword), the incarnated male spirit is in, because he is distracted away from the link with his spiritual Heart and lost in materialism and CONsumerism. It is a spiritual cancer of darkness that our Twin Sister can’t « feed » herself upon; she needs agapè.

“Hey wait! I got a new complaint
forever in debt to your priceless advice.”

I think the word « advice », here, really means odd vice(s) that has the same phonetic. It alludes to the bad choices of the incarnated male spirit that puts the Twin Sister into karmic debt.

“Throw down your umbilical noose so
i can climb right back

A big clue here that the song is actually about the primordial couple in peril because of the Matrix, is the mention of the umbilical noose, or the link between the male spirit and the feminine Heart. By them being tied together, they can begin a process of unification, instead of a descent to hell.