Lionel Richie Decoded

Lionel Richie was a very successful artist in the 80’s. His music extended the Motown sound to a larger audience. He wrote most of his songs by himself, but they are all coded by the God of the world, in my view.

Cover Art for Richie’s eponym album. Is this what we call the thousand yards stare? A bit intense isn’t it?

The famous All Night Long, for example, is about living a life of spiritual idleness and worldly pleasures leading eventually to the separation of the primordial couple. The « night » represents, as I’ve often explained, human life, because we are in the dark spiritually.

Richie’s lyrics are well worth the study. His 1985 album titled Dancing On The Ceiling, has a song by the same name that is also about living a life of worldly pleasures untied from the Twin Sister. The « ceiling » is yet another metaphor representing the artificially elevated position and separation of the incarnated male spirit in relation to the Heart, that would here be in the room underneath the « ceiling ».

“The only thing we wanna do tonight
is go round and round
and turn upside down
Come on, let’s get down”

The reader should now be familiar with the meaning of these lines, that are a synthesis, in very few words, of the opposite of what we should be doing. Note the word « come » (see Foreword) and also the direction « down », that would be represented graphically by an inverted 5-pointed star.

In contrast to that, the song Ballerina Girl, is about the incarnated male spirit, coming back to his senses, and choosing to stay with his ROSE, represented by the said « ballerina girl ».

But the most interesting song on the album, from a gnostic perspective, is the huge success Say You Say Me that alludes to the way of unification for the primordial couple. I am going to analyze it in depth:

“I had a dream i had an awesome dream
People in the park playing games in the dark
And what they played was a masquerade”

The « dream » that puts us in awe is human existence. The « park » is the re-creation-al park that we are in. « Park » also means being on park mode spiritually (see Blur codex). « Dark », alludes to our spiritual darkness in this life. The « masquerade » has to do with the fact that the artificial identities (personalities, see foreword) and artificial genders we were given at incarnation, are having us living a life of imitation that substitutes for the true relationship with our ROSE; and because of that, a separation process in the primordial couple is at play.

“As we go down life’s lonesome highway
Seems the hardest thing to do is to find a friend or two
That helping hand someone who understand Then when you feel you
lost your way, you’ve got someone there to say, i’ll show you.”

Note the word « down ». « Life’s lonesome highway » is an unusual expression. Life is « lonesome » because the male spirit is not in sync with his Twin Sister. « Highway » is similar in meaning to ”broad way”, the way of the many, by opposition to the straight and narrow path. The « friend » that can « show » him the way is, once again, his Twin Sister.

“So you think you know the answers
Oh no
Well, the world’s got you dancing
That’s right. I’m telling you
It’s time to start believing
Believing who you are,
You are a shining star”

A message to the CONfused incarnated male spirit: he doesn’t have the « answers » because it is not his role to have them. « Dancing », is to get in sync with something. Here with the world (CONformity) and therefore the Demiurge, instead of the ROSE. Our Twin Sister (our true identity) is a « shining star », and we are her protector.

“Say ”you” say ”me”
Say it for always
That’s the way it should be
Say ”you” say ”me”
Say it together naturally”

The chorus that seems plain at first glance, really isn’t. To « say », refers to the spoken word, and to « say » two terms at the same time means to unify them so that they become one and the same. Moreover, what is unifying the male spirit and the ROSE, is agapè. And agapè should be in our word. What we should be saying (and performing) is the truth of where we come from: Prime Creation. « Together » also means: to get her. Therefore, it means that spraying the word of agapè around us (following Christ), the word that is the bond and the raison d’être of the primordial couple, is the way to rescue the Twin Sister and to be with her for « always ».