Rolling Stones Decoded

Their name supposedly refers to a Muddy Waters song, but in fact, this is us the general public who are stoned and rolling towards the outcome the Archons want. In the 60’s, The Rolling Stones were put in a fake rivalry of sort with The Beatles. Their music, shows the influence of the Demiurge from the start, in my view.

Their famous song Sympathy For The Devil (note the background vocals saying Who? Où? in it) was took as fun and giggles at the time but it certainly wasn’t for fun. I am not going to decrypt the song because it is
plain and I am sure the reader already understands.

The song was the first title on the album Beggar’s banquet:

Beggars Banquet

A beggar, as you know, is somebody who is asking outside help, and this is a mockery on us, idle male spirits, because what we then get is excrements; the art cover of the album presenting a dirty toilet. This is certainly what this type of music is for our Hearts.

Another Rolling Stones album title that is of particular interest is Black and Blue.

Black and blue cover art

The color blue is the cold color (see Madonna codex for True Blue analysis) that generates Billi (by opposition to red—>fire of agapè), the incarnated male spirit, being distracted from his Heart by the Matrix and letting the spiritual resources of the primordial couple flow outward. The color black refers to spiritual darkness, and to planet Saturn. That is what one gets for being cool (coule is French for sinking).

The color blue is symbolically also used on this later Stones album Blue And Lonesome (lonesome because not tied with the ROSE and listening too much to the Rolling Stones):

Blue and Lonesome cover art

Furthermore, as an example of coding among others, The Rolling Stones song Start Me Up, is a message from the God of the world to the fact that if we « start » and do not oppose his CON, he will never stop it by himself, because of his madness.

The music video start with Jagger making some weird gestures, and i am not sure of the definitive meaning of all of them:

First Jagger makes an X sign. In roman numerals, X is 10 and refers to the illuminated man. His pose could also represent the 5-pointed star.

Then, Mick flex his two arms and points upward with them. This looks a lot to me like the Egyptian KA symbol. Might also be the H of Hermes, I just don’t know for sure. Then he makes another gesture and this one is easy to decipher:

The all-seeing eye of the God

After that, Jagger presents alternatively his left and right profile. And that is also easy to understand; it represents the two opposites, in duality, of the God:

Left, right, left, right..

The rest of the music video is plain.

As a side note, when Keith Richards released is recent solo record titled Crosseyed Heart, he was asked in an interview (available on Youtube) why he called his record by that name, and he answered: « It should be obvious to anyone who can see straight ». I hope the reader can see more clearly at this point.

I will now analyze for the reader, the music video I Go Wild from the Rolling Stones

I Go Wild:

This is from the Rolling Stones album titled Voodoo Lounge:

Cover art showing a stylized horned figure

The « voodoo », is an Haitian variant of witchcraft, originating from Africa.
The music video for I Go Wild expresses the fact that our incarnation in human form makes us wildlife, or animals, and that it is a sickness for our spiritual being.

“You whipped me i’m hurting
Abused me for certain
And slavery should not exist
Is it what i get a poison kiss?”

It is the incarnated male spirit speaking to the God of the world here: a « kiss » is a symbol of unification, of becoming same as.

Still from I Go Wild. One of the many representations of the Demiurge in the video.

“Without you i’m dead meat
I’m a raggedy dog dying in the street
Of a God forsaken shanti town
where gangs of children are hunted down”

Here, the male spirit is talking to his Twin Sister. And we are all the « children » being « hunted down » while we are in this world.

Still from I Go Wild: The Heart or Twin Sister with a sort of a grid inside

“I go wild when you’re in my face
I go wild when i taste your taste
I go wild and i go insane
I go wild act like a goat
I get sick somebody stop the pain”

Once again, this means that the human experience of duality in the Matrix makes us wild and insane, unless we humbly follow in the footsteps of Christ on the narrow path, and work inwardly like the Buddha. Remember also that « goat » is God, and so it means that this existence puts us in duality like him.

Vision of the incarnated male spirit in the Matrix. There is a snake around his head (not shown here) representing the vibrational energy of the material world.

“And the doctor’s says
you’ll be ok and if you’d only stay away
from femme fatales and dirty bitches
and daylight drabs and nightime witches”

A series of negative feminine figures are named, and they all represent the Matrix, that acts as a substitute for our ROSE. If one is to stay with his Twin Sister and follow the narrow path, he will be ok.

Jagger as Baron Samedi (Saturday in French) another avatar of the Demiurge.

“I go wild for you..”