Codex Peter Gabriel

Previously in the rock band Genesis in the 70’s with Phil Collins (See his codex), Peter Gabriel went on, in his solo career, to become one of the most influential musical artists of the 80’s and 90’s. Some of his creative output is ciphered by the Demiurge, in my view.

We get a clue of this in the music video for the song Big Time, that is a sort of satire on Gabriel and other celebrities like himself:

The all-seeing eye of the God of the world. it is him that is coming up with the « big words » that Gabriel speaks in key works.

I’m going to decipher Gabriel’s most important music video Blood Of Eden , to give you an idea of the coding in his work:

Blood Of Eden:

« Eden » refers to Prime Creation from which we fell. The « blood » is the life blood that is circulating between the Twin Sister and her male twin, and that is now spilling out because of our fall.

Let’s take a look at the lyrics first:

“I caught sight of my reflection,
I caught it in the window
I saw the darkness in my heart
I saw the signs of my undoing
They had been there from the start”

This is the incarnated male spirit speaking here. The « window » is a symbol used to represent part of the enclosure of the Twin Sister that separates her from her male twin. The « signs of [..] undoing » refers to the progressive separation of the primordial couple, the signs were « there from the start » of the human experience.

“And the darkness still has work to do
The knotted chords untying”

Refers to the link between the male spirit and the Twin Sister that is « untying ».

“They’re heated and they’re holy
Oh they’re seated there on high
So secure with everything they buy”

The narrator is most likely the Demiurge here. It describes our situation of incarnation where the male spirit has been put up « on high », comfortable at the top of the false pedestal of the human head. We have a false sense of « security » because we don’t know that our CONsumption in the world has a cost to our essential being, that is our Twin Sister.

“In the blood Eden
Lie the woman and the man
With the man in the woman
and the woman in the man
[..] We wanted the union
The union of the woman
The woman and the man”

A lot of wordplay here depending on what « man » and « woman » refers to. First, the human man and woman lie (as in lying: being false—> also not standing straight up) because the truth is we are really all male spirits incarnated in this world. « Man in the woman », means that the human woman really is male spiritually underneath the surface. « Woman in the man » refers to the Twin Sister that is inside us humans. The union we really wanted was of the Male spirit and the Twin Sister and this is not what is happening, mainly because we are lying.

“I cannot get insurance anymore
they don’t get credit only gold”

« Gold » refers to the Twin Sister and her spiritual energy reserves that gets exchanged for CONsumption in the world.

“Is that a dagger or a crucifix i see
You hold so tightly in your hand?
And all the while the distance grows
between you and me, I do not understand”

Here the male spirit is talking to his Twin Sister. The « dagger » refers to the fact that she is slowly being assassinated because of our wrongdoings. The crucifix (she is our inner Christ) has a similar meaning, the ROSE being incapacitated.

“At my request you took me in
In that tenderness i am floating away
No certainty nothing to rely on
Holding still for a moment
What a moment this is.. for a moment
I’m forgetting moment of bliss”

Here the male spirit describes his incarnation where he is « floating away » in his head without the grounding and direction of his Twin Sister upon which he could always previously « rely on ». He is « holding still » because he is not making any moves to get back to his primordial state. [And that would be accomplished by humbly following in the footsteps of Christ (not just by being a cultural Christian) and also by working inwardly like the Buddha]. He is forgetting, for the moment of his incarnation, his fall from Prime Creation and the troubles related to it. Ignorance is « bliss », or Bill(i) and Isis.

The song ends with these lyrics:
It was all for the union
The union of the woman and the man”

The « man » that is getting our women right now, is the Demiurge and this has got to change.

The music video for the song contains a very complex symbolism. I will explain a few elements.

They certainly used Sinead O’Connor for the music video because of her short hair that gives her a boyish look; the point that we are all incarnated male spirits, being the central theme of the piece. O’Connor symbolizes both a human woman and, by opposition, our Twin Sister in the music video, depending on CONtext and how she is dressed. When she appears in red, she represents the counterfeit (alluding that the lie is the reason the blood is flowing out I think). The visuals are made ambiguous so that we don’t easily understands what it means and at the same time, when you know, it is obvious. The viewer has to watch Blood of Eden with and without the sound to understand the full meaning.

This shot shows that she (the feminine human counterfeit) is blinding the incarnated male spirit:

Peter Gabriel is dressed in blue (and with suit and tie showing that he is civilized and well-adjusted to the world). The cold color blue is the color that Billi generates by being distracted from his heart.

When O’Connor is in red, she is often veiled (at some point in the video her veil even obscures the vision of Gabriel) and it again means that what she incarnates is an imitation, and that behind the veil, she is a male spirit:

Vision obscured by the veil.

When dressed in white she represents our true bride, The Twin Sister. When in gold too:

The Twin Sister with her crown of laurel (representing victory over this world) but with a dagger in her heart because of the betrayal of her male twin.

At some point the faces of the false couple are morphing into each other’s, another clue that they are both one and the same thing: men.

Interesting as well is the bed of the false couple where they lie is seen turning around, and that relates to planet Saturn:

The bed where the couple lay (or: lie).

Also notice the very important snake (vibratory nature of the world) symbolism at the beginning of Blood Of Eden.

The arms of the false human couple are seen waving, reaching for each other, a tie is then knot and the forbidden fruit is CONsumed!

At some point in the music video Gabriel is shown with a serpent tongue that wraps around is head, most likely signaling that words are a major problem for the human creature and for one thing, leads him to lying.

Gabriel is often seen falling down (spiritually) during the music video because of his lying.

The house of the false couple is on the horizontal level because they are lying (see Foreword).

At some point in the video, Gabriel is shown in the desert (world) among symbolic animals:

The incarnated male spirit is bent, and not straight up defying gravity, as he should, because of his lying. Also notice the unicorn, that should be our role model as men.