Codex Madonna

Some of her musical output was coded by the Demiurge from the start of her career, in my view. Her stage name, Madonna, refers to Mother Nature, or Ma DNA.

As some examples of coding, La Isla Bonita is about the Matrix. The Spanish reference in it is because Latinos is another name of Saturn, the Lord of the Rings.

Furthermore, the song Who’s That Girl (contains Spanish too), is also about Mother Nature or the « girl » of the title. « Who » being the preferred name the God gives himself in the esoteric of popular songs, means that the girl in question (Matrix) is truly a man spiritually.

Another song on the same theme, because she is Madonna after all, is Material Girl:

“Some boys kiss me,
some boys hug me
I think they’re ok.. But if they don’t give
me proper credit i just walk away
[..] Cause the boy with the cold hard
cash is always mister right”

See, we are all boys incarnated in this reality (see Foreword) and we are spending our spiritual energy resources (akin to money) in the Matrix. The true narrator of the song is really a man pretending to be a woman (Matrix):

“Cause we are living in a material world
and I’m a ma ma material girl”

Does the reader start to understand? I hope so. Note the « ma ma » in the lyrics of the song that refers again to Big Mama, or Mother Nature.

“Experience has made me rich”

This refers again to the God, being the God of experience.

True Blue:

The music video for the song True Blue, is of prime gnostic importance. Everything in this video is coded to the detail and one has to see it to believe it. True Blue is a mockery of the process the male incarnated spirit goes through by progressively falling in love with the Materia (and so the Demiurge), ending up losing his Twin Sister or spiritual Heart. The cold color blue (without agapè and compassion) represents the color that he generates by being distracted from his heart.

Let’s decipher it in details:

Still from True Blue

The first shot of the video shows the back of Madonna’s choristers. Their bottoms (in black) are tracing a pattern of descent. This points out to the fact that the main cause of the « true blue » has to do with man’s lower instinct (mating and sex).

The set of the music video has a lamp post for a light (artificial light of the Matrix) by opposition to the true light of the Heart.

Madonna’s choristers have handkerchiefs with gradations of blue, showing that what is at play here is a process.

The girls (really boys) are seen at a Diner and that represents CONsumption (value exchange), another cause of the « true blue ».

The girls make a gesture meaning that they are spiritually asleep. The white car represents the human vehicle.

Complex hand gestures.

The girls do complex gestures of first passing their left hand above their right arm, illustrating that sinister predominates. Then, they make an X cross on their Hearts before pointing outward in front of them singing « True blue baby i love you ». This signifies that they choose the exterior material imitation rather than their true Hearts.

Madonna herself has a black handkerchief and black earrings (Saturn). This is because it is a spiritual funeral of sort.

Seeking outward for what is inward

During the video, a sunset is shown in the back while the girls are seeking outward. That is again a mockery that represents that their inner sun (Twin Sister) is falling down. Madonna is also seen at a moment in the music video turning around on herself (Saturn) in front of the same background.

Still from True Blue.

At the end of the video, Madonna winks her right eye (shutting rightful spiritual vision) at the viewer (because it is about him), and again turns around on herself (Saturn).

Bitch I’m Madonna:

As another example of coding, towards the end of her career, Madonna made a music video titled Bitch I’m Madonna, and this is again the Demiurge directly speaking to our Twin Sister. The music video and the song are about the costly excesses of the incarnated male spirit, that are killing the Twin Sister:

“Who do you think you are?
Bitch I’m Madonna..”

Katy Perry (see her codex), Kanye West and Beyonce are seen at the hyper decadent party of the music video. They even have the severed head of the unicorn shown:

Severed head of the unicorn.

This is important because the unicorn is what we should strive to become as men (not decadent trash); the unifier of opposites (see Foreword). This is accomplished by shining the light of agapè on darkness. The unicorn is what our Hearts wishes us to be.