Codex Tears For Fears

Another ciphered front duo, in my view. Their creative output has the fingerprints of the Archons all over it, like the still shot from one of their music videos titled Sowing The Seeds Of Love demonstrates:

Still from Sowing The Seeds Of Love (SOL) showing the capstone of the pyramid with the archonic all-seeing eye

I will analyze Tears For Fears song Woman In Chains to show the coding in their work:

Woman In Chains:

First song on the album The Seeds Of Love. The song is about the Twin Sister, as the reader might have guessed:

You better love lovin’ and you better behave
Woman in chains

Love is the energetic protection of the spiritual couple. We are warned that agapè must be kept high despite the difficulties of our incarnation because our ROSE is not free.

Calls her man the big white hope
Says she’s fine, she’ll always cope
Woman in chains

This is again some kind of mockery because we are supposed to save our soulmate by synchronizing with her and becoming her motion maker and that is seldom accomplished. The male twin is associated with the color « white » (white horse and unicorn) because we are supposed to be white spiritually and not black or zebra like.

Well I feel lying and waiting is a poor man’s deal

« Lying » has the double meaning of being in the horizontal position, and to be false; not telling the truth (see Foreword). Not humbly following in the footsteps of Christ is the way to eventually lose all our spiritual energy and to become « poor ».

Well it’s a world gone crazy that keeps
Woman in chains

We are far from the golden age of our prehistoric past now, and the culture of the modern world is designed to keep our Twin Sister prisoner by having the male part of the couple completely distracted and in a state of constant betrayal. We men living this life are « crazy » in spiritual terms.

“Trades her soul as skin and bones
Sells the only thing she owns
Again an indication of the cost of our incarnation for the spiritual couple.
The sun and the moon
Woman in chains

The « sun » and the « moon » represents the duality inherent to the material world and so to the male spirit of the primordial couple, because of his incarnation in the human creature. For the male twin, being righteous and strong is the way to overcome duality.

Men of stone
We are indeed petrified (petr=rock), or inactive and idle on a spiritual level.
It’s under my skin but out of my hands
I’ll tear it apart but i won’t understand
I will not accept the greatness of man

Here the narrator is most likely the incarnated male spirit. What is « under his skin » is the Matrix with her worldly pleasures and attachments. Here, the male spirit doesn’t accept his responsibilities. What he risks to « tear apart », is his own Heart, or Twin Sister. « The greatness of man » would be the mechanism of ascension and reunion of the primordial couple, that is built in the human creature when life is lived correctly (like Christ or the Buddha).

So free her
So free her
So free her
Our task at hand.

Break The Man:

After a long hiatus, Tears For Fears released an album in 2022 titled The Tipping Point with the song Break The Man on it. The music video for the song has got some interesting gnostic elements:

In black in white (duality) the music video shows men (we are all men spiritually) in suits (conformity to the ways of the world), climbing stairs. This represents worldly ambition of realizing a fictitious identity (ego).

But after having climbed to the top the men are in this position:

Alone at the top.

This shows the lonely position leading to following the ways of the world. Eventually the men fall back down:

Falling down.

At the end of the video, we see a feminine creature holding in her hand the staircases world (cube=earth) of the music video:

The woman figure is obviously a representation of Mother Nature or the Matrix. The title of the song alludes that it is in part the purpose of the world to break the masculine twin of the primordial couple to take away the Twin Sister.

She’s the devil you understand
Break the man