The Who Decoded

Another British band. Did the reader ever wonder how England could have such a huge amount of world-famous musical artists for the relatively small country that it is? I have seen somewhere that they have the highest number of freemasons per capita in the world there, so maybe this is part of the explanation.

As you must now know, ”Who” is the preferred name the God of the world gives himself in the esoteric of popular songs. The Who’s music production is ciphered, in my view.

One of their main highlights was the 70’s musical movie Tommy. Nobody seemed to ask themselves at the time, why a rock star like Roger Daltrey would accept to be portrayed as a complete idiot for a whole movie. It is most likely because he didn’t take those kinds of decisions.

«Tommy » phonetically renders dummy, and the joke is on us: it is us the general public who are deaf, dumb and blind at not being able to realize the obvious: we are being CONned.

Here is the most interesting gnostic element I found from The Who, on the cover art for their 1978 album titled Who Are You:

Cover art

At the center on the chair where one of the band members is seated, a writing completes the title of the album, and so it reads: « Who are you not to be taken away(?) ». This refers to the fact that the life we live in this world is leading us astray from our true love that is our ROSE, by living a life of outside imitation so that we might end up losing her. That is unless we remember who we truly are: a high spiritual being from Prime Creation and the protector for our ROSE, which is our true identity.

Notice also on the cover art the electrical wires and sockets plus the writing that says, « electrical area ». All this refers to the electrical power of the Matrix we are in, where most of the time we are being discharged like batteries because of wrongful living.

Another writing on the image reads « Keep Clear », and if there is one thing, we should certainly keep clear from, it’s rock and roll itself.