Traveling Wilburys Decoded

They were called a supergroup, composed of Bob Dylan (see codex), Tom Petty (see codex), George Harrison (see codex), Roy Orbison, and Jeff Lynne. Some of their songs are of high gnostic significance. For example, the song Congratulations (CONgratulations) is ironically about the Twin Sister thanking her male twin for breaking her shell. The song The Devil’s Been Busy In Your Backyard, is about karma and about not being a good guardian for the Twin Sister.

I will analyze in details two of their songs for the reader:

Inside Out

Still from the music video of Inside Out.

This one is interesting (Phil Collins has a song with the same exact name and a related meaning, see his codex). It is about the fact that, as humans, we are wearing our inside outside; the man and woman being an exterior imitation of our inner workings (see Foreword). And the title means also that our spiritual energy reserves (or money–> see Foreword) are flowing out while we are in this reality.

“Look out your window
That grass ain’t green
It’s kind of yellow..
See what i mean?”

It’s difficult to see what they mean, if you don’t know that « yellow » is the color of the air element (water is blue, fire is red, earth is green) and that the Demiurge, is the ruling Prince of Air.

“Look up your chimney
this sky ain’t blue
it’s kind of yellow
You know it’s true.”

Same meaning that we are not in Prime Creation anymore.

“It’s so hard to figure what it’s all
about.. when your outsides in
And your downsides up
Yeah your upsides right
Yeah don’t it make you wanna
twist and shout when you’re
inside out.”

To « figure out what it’s all about » is what I’m trying to do for humanity with this website (right now, it is a lot about losing our spiritual resources to the Demiurge and should be about our re-ascension). Like I mentioned earlier, we are wearing our inside out (our outside is in fact: in). Furthermore, our « downsides » that is « up » is our male spirit and it should be our ROSE up, because she is normally in a position of authority. Now, the opposite is true: our male spirits having been given a position of dominance in the CONsciousness bubble located in the head, at the top of the human creature. « Your upsides right » refers again that it is the side of the male spirit (we are defined by the right side as men) that is upside. This is also a reference to the fact that our left side, or the other half of what we are as humans, should be the Twin Sister (by accomplishing the alchemical wedding), while right now it is the dual opposition of sinister that is there.

It is all a riddle. I hope the meaning of it is now clearer for the reader.

The « twist » refers at being distorted and wicked spiritually because of the human experience and also to be turning around a stationary object (rings of Saturn). The « shout » is the shout of the Twin Sister at what is happening. The Beatles reprise of Twist and Shout in the 60’s, was also a mockery on us, with the same meaning.

“Be careful where you’re walking
You might step in something rough
Be careful where you’re talking
and saying all that stuff”

In French, the term for word, mot, has the same exact phonetic as a word meaning diseases: maux.

“Take care when you are breathing
something’s funny in the air
And somethings i’m not saying
about what’s happening out there
it’s inside out.”

Again, a reference to the air element, the God of the world being the Prince of Air. If you’ve followed this website « what’s happening » should start to be clearer. We are losing our reserves of spiritual energy (money, flowing out) and progressively our Heart and Soul by being stuck on this plane of existence.

“Look into the future
With your mystic crystal ball
See if it ain’t yellow
See if it’s there at all”

Again, a mockery. If we aren’t working at our unification with our Twin Sisters and at our collective re-ascension, we truly have no future plain and simply.

End Of The Line:

The super group..

End of the Line, is a mocking expression of the approaching final separation of the incarnated male spirit, out of spiritual energy resources, with his Twin Sister.

“Well It’s alright, riding around in the breeze
Well it’s alright, if you live the life you please
Well it’s alright, doing the best you can
Well it’s alright, as long as you lend a hand”

As male spirits, we are represented in the human body, by the right side (just inverted if you are a leftist). « Alright » or all right, refers to the situation where the alchemical marriage with the Twin Sister (that would then be the left side instead of sinister) is not accomplished. « Riding around in the breeze » refers at going in circles leading nowhere (rings of Saturn) and not walking a straight line. The « breeze » refers to the impulsion of the air element. To « lend a hand », alludes at helping the Archons taking our spiritual resources and Twin Sisters.

“You can sit around and wait for the phone
to ring (the end of the line)
Waiting for someone to tell you everything
(the end of the line)
Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will
bring.. maybe a diamond ring”

The « phone » call not happening refers to the Twin Sister who has given up hope. The « diamond ring » is the symbol of the alchemical marriage, that here doesn’t happen.

“Well it’s all right, as long as you got
somewhere to lay
Well it’s all right, everyday is judgment day
[…] Well it’s all right, if you got someone to love”

To « lay » is to stay in the horizontal position (to lie=being false) and not standing up (see Foreword). The union with the Twin Sister not being accomplished is a judgement on us « everyday » because she is our true love and identity. « Someone to love » refers here to the Materia, a substitute for our ROSE.

“Don’t have to be ashamed of the car i drive
(End of the line)
I’m just glad to be here, happy to be alive
(End of the line)
It don’t matter if you’re by my side..
i’m satisfied”

The « car » is a reference to the human body, that is truly a shaming on us. To be « just glad to be here, happy to be alive » refers to a rather dumb acceptance of the human CONdition. And, like I’ve mentioned earlier, by his left « side » should be the Twin Sister instead of sINister, if the alchemical marriage was accomplished.

“Well it’s alright, the best you can do is forgive
[…] Well it’s alright, even if the sun don’t
shine.. we’re going to the end of the line”

« Forgive » has to do with forgiving the Demiurge that is putting us through this. The « sun » that should be shining is our inner sun, the Twin Sister.

You understand now that this song is really sarcasm at the spiritual idleness of our incarnated male spirits. We are supposed to be whole right (righteous path), not all right. And the reason why the word left (verb leaving past tense) is named that way, is most likely because we left our ROSE (our better and now bitter half) to incarnate in this world.