Bon Jovi Decoded

Bon Jovi’s music production is coded by the God of the world too, in my view. One of their musical compilations is named appropriately Crossroad. In our Christian culture, the devil is met at a crossroad. In ancient Egypt, the god Thot was the god of crossroads.

Bad Medicine:

One of Bon Jovi’s early successes. Apart from an overt promotion of drug use to teenagers, Bad Medicine is about the love of the incarnated male spirit for the Materia and the feelings it provides him.

“Your love is like bad medicine
Bad medicine is what i need
Shake it up just like bad medicine
There ain’t no doctor that can cure
my disease”

If you’ve read the Foreword to this website, you now know that « The Doctor » is one of the many names the Demiurge gives himself. His medicine (or med [middle] and sin [like in a sinusoidal wave]) is the world itself and it has a dual purpose. On one hand it offers support for working at our ascension. This is the good medicine. The « bad medicine » is the love of the Materia itself that leads to a progressive separation of the primordial couple and the loss of one’s soul.

“I ain’t got a fever
got a permanent disease
[…] i got lots of money
but this isn’t what I need”

« Money » (see Foreword) refers here to a form of spiritual energy that is being taken away from us in exchange for CONsumption in the world (also karma) by the Archons.

“First you need
That’s what you get for falling in love
Then you bleed
You get a little and it’s never enough
And then you’re on your knees”

Note the word « falling » that represents going down spiritually. In French, the word for Lord is Seigneur, which phonetically means the one who bleeds somebody out (also the one who himself is bleeding for us). To « bleed » has here a similar meaning as to losing spiritual energy. The love for the Matrix brings the spiritual couple eventually down on its « knees » spiritually.

“Now this boy’s addicted
cause your kiss is the drug”

The incarnated male spirit is the « boy » referred here. A kiss is an act of unification.

Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night:

This one is interesting because it contains a reference to a « Billy Jean » (see Michael Jackson codex) that, even if it has a slightly different meaning than Jackson’s « Billie Jean », shows that the source of all these songs is the same.

“My name is Billy Jean
my love was bought and sold
[…] my foster daddy went,
took my innocence away”

The « foster daddy » might be a reference to the Demiurge himself.

“I’m feeling like a Monday
but someday I’ll be a Saturday night”

« Monday » refers to the moon because Billi (little Baal) is the boy that was put in the moon (anagram of mono= ego CONsciousness bubble). Saturday refers to Saturn, and the night, to the spiritual darkness of life.

« Saturday night » is the closest time to Sunday, the day of the sun (representing Heart and soul) or spiritual awakening (also means the opposite= losing one’s Heart and soul).

It’s My Life:

Still from It’s My Life music video

First song of the album Crush. A crush means both an infatuation (sinister), and something that crushes. It’s My Life is mainly a mockery of the faithless incarnated male spirit. And of what the unsuspecting public thinks the lyrics means on the surface.

“This ain’t a song for the broken hearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed

Actually this is exactly (in part as I will explain later) what this is.

It’s my life it’s now or never
i ain’t gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I’m alive
[…] My heart is like an open highway
like Frankie said i did it ”my way”

In truth, the « life » we live on this planet is not our true life, it is an artificial seCONd life lived by the male spirit of the twin couple. The unification of the said couple, is supposed to lead to an eternal life of forever. By thinking that this « life » is his true life, and living it that way for the « now » moment, the male spirit risks of cutting himself from the forever life with his Twin Sister, his true love. The heart being « an open highway » refers to the loss of spiritual energy from the ROSE because of wrongful living by the incarnated male spirit. « Frankie », refers obviously to Frank Sinatra and his song « My way » about the near end of one’s (here essential) life. In this sense, the song is dark mockery. Note that « Frankie » is also one of the names the God gives himself because he is frank in duality.

The context of the rest of the lyrics tells me that there is another meaning (dual linguo) to the chorus of the song. « it’s my life it’s now or never I ain’t gonna live forever » could also mean that one would not be evil forever (live being evil backwards) and only while he is alive. In other words, to use this « life » for the purpose of reunification of the primordial couple. With this meaning, the Heart being an « open highway », would allude to the ever-strengthening bond between the male spirit and his Twin Sister. « My way » would then be the way upward.