Codex AC/DC

The name AC/DC has got to do with electricity as the reader probably knows. The figurative horns of the God of the world represents an anode and a cathode in a sort of electric system powering up the Matrix. And we are also discharged like batteries while we are in it. Even more so by listening to music like this.
AC/DC are an Australian band, and their songs are coded, in my view. I will decipher a sample of them to show the reader:

Who Made Who:

AC/DC most important video gnostically. « Who », as you now know if you’ve read the Foreword to the website, is the prevalent name the Demiurge gives himself in the esoteric of popular songs.
The music video shows the way the Archons are shaping and magically charging the entertainment we CONsume, in the unseen:

The Archons, taking measurements of Angus Young ,

The Archons are masked and anonymous during the video. Their measuring tape has strange symbols on it, illustrating that what is taking place, is taking place in the unseen.

Then we see the Archons charging up (magically) Angus Young:

Lightning bolts.

Cut to:

The Archons sending (false) light directly at the viewer, a big message.

After the viewer was sent the light, we cut to a crowd of clones of Angus Young with their heads down:

Clones of Angus Young with no strings on their guitars.

This illustrates how mass entertainment in general works by sucking out the individuality and creativity of the unsuspecting (here mostly male) public.

The Archons making hand gestures of turning round and round.

The hand gestures relate to planet Saturn, The Lord of the Rings. It symbolizes that mass entertainment and present culture in general, makes us go round and round in circles (never straight or cor-rect) leading nowhere, while we lose our spiritual resources.
Next, we see:

The Archons striking a bell with light sabers.

The bell (Baal) is an important symbol (sim Baal). It refers in part to the interconnected waves that the universe is made of. Seen from underneath, a bell has got the shape of an eye.

Angus Young’s guitar, as a phallic symbol.

And now for some of the meaning of the lyrics:

“The video game say play me
face it on a level but it take
you every time on a one-on-one
feelings going down your spine
nothings gonna save your one
last dime cause it own you
through and through”

The « video game » is an allusion to life itself that is artificial like a video game. The « one-on-one » is really a one-on-one with the Demiurge. The lyrics alludes to the loss of spiritual energy resources akin to money.

“Who made who, who made you
who made who,
ain’t nobody told you?”

« Who made who » signifies that the God of the world made himself in his present dual state. He also created the world and humanity, and we were never clearly told about that fact.

Highway To Hell:

This song is very telling. There was an MTV special (really a ritual) in a recent year, full of celebrities wearing horns and singing along to the song:

Katy Perry (see her very important codex) during AC/DC performance of Highway to Hell wearing horns and making ”Il Cornuto” hand gesture with both her hands.

And ”Il Cornuto” again here..

..and again!

The song is about following the broad way that eventually leads to hell.

“Living easy, lovin’ free
season ticket on a one way ride
[…] going down party time
[…] I’m on the highway to hell”

The « easy » life devoid of spirituality and true faith and the « loving » of material earthly pleasures (instead of loving the Twin Sister and cultivating agapè) is the opposite of what we should be doing: working at our ascension (upward direction) by humbly following in the footsteps of Christ and helping out our brothers in need.