Codex Pearl Jam

Another musical group that is gnostically ciphered, in my view. The « Pearl » in their name, most likely refers to the Twin Sister, that is precious, and inside a protection shell akin to an oyster. The « Jam » maybe symbolizes the state she is in now, or perhaps alludes to captured Twin Sisters.

One of their song Mankind, is about the fact that the human life we are living is a simulation and an imitation of our inner workings.

Pearl Jam have an album titled No Code, and of course the opposite is true: their production is all coded.

Their 2013 album Lightning Bolt, has this for cover art:

Cover art.

The main symbolism of it, has to do with the all-seeing eye of the God of the world. His inner division is represented by the lightning bolt in the eye. The radio waves alludes to the matrix we are in.

But what I’ve found the most interesting gnostic element in their output, is the cover art for their eponym album from 2006:

Pearl Jam album cover art, showing an avocado. Note the cold color blue that Billi generates by being distracted from his heart.

The reader should wonder: why put an avocado as the cover art for a rock album, even more so on an eponym album? I will explain. An avocado is a fruit that is particularly high in fat. And you must now know that fat represents the spiritual energy reserves of the Twin Sister that the incarnated male spirit spends in the Matrix. The term avocado means « the one who speaks for you ». In French, the word for avocado, avocat, is the same word also used to signify a lawyer. The avocado symbolism points out that our Twin Sister is backing us up, despite our setbacks and sins.

On the back cover of the album, this is shown:

Back cover.

The back cover shows no pit in the avocado, and this represents the loss of the Twin Sister and one’s soul because of wrongful doing and by listening too much to black magic induced music such as the one of Pearl Jam. The album contains titles like: Life wasted, Worldwide Suicide and Comatose. Need I say more?