Codex Billy Idol

Billy Idol has got his entire music production ciphered, in my view. Even his Christmas album is, in part. As an example, the first song on Idol’s first record Mony Mony (money money) is truly about the costly love relationship between the incarnated male spirit and the Materia.

His stage name Billy Idol refers to the Demiurge, who is, more often than not, the Idol of Billi (see Foreword); the incarnated male spirit.

I’m going to decrypt Billy Idol’s music video of particular gnostic interest, Dancing With Myself, for the reader:

The general meaning of the piece is about the deluded incarnated male spirit stuck in the ego bubble of Billi (most of us). Let’s first take a look at the lyrics:

“On the floor of Tokyo
Or down in London town to go go”

The floor (flore or flora) of Tokyo (Asia) is a reference to the ROSE, or Twin Sister, on which he is stepping on. He is « down » (his direction) to « go go ».

“With the record selection
And the mirror’s reflection
I’m dancing with myself”

The « Mirror’s reflection » alludes that he is validating his false Billi (the boy in the moon=anagram of mono) identity in the mirror, priding himself in delusion.

“When there’s no one else in sight
In the crowded lonely night”

He doesn’t see the Twin Sister because she is not in the world. The « night » refers to human life itself, because we are in the dark spiritually.

“I waited so long for my love vibration
And I’m dancing with myself”

The fact that the love that he wants is a « vibration » alludes that it is love for the Materia (vibratory) and not agapè. He would be supposed to dance with his Twin Sister (ROSE) and so he has abandoned his post.

“Well when there’s nothing to lose
And there’s nothing to prove
I’ll be dancing with myself”

The misled Billi, or incarnated male spirit, doesn’t realize that he has everything to lose by not dancing with his ROSE. He risks of losing her forever. The proof he has to make is that he can stay true to her, in face of the temptations of the world, and saving her by synchronizing (dancing) with her.

“If i looked all over the world
and there’s every type of girl
But your empty eyes seems to pass
me by, leaving me dancing with myself”

He talks about looking outside searching for human women, and never inside of him, for his true girl (Heart), because he is deluded.

The « empty eyes » are those of the Twin Sister. they are « empty » because she is left to her own while Billi spends all the spiritual resources of the primordial couple through his pursuits in the world. He doesn’t see she is there inside of him.
[The « empty eyes » also are somehow a reference to another Billy Idol song titled Eyes without a face. Supposed to be a reference to a film of Franju titled Les Yeux Sans Visage, the song is truly about the Twin Sister that is not able to express herself through the human face of her male incarnated spirit because they are not bonded enough, causing « such a human waste » and a lack of « human grace ».]

“So let’s sink another drink
cause it’ll give me time to think”

The drinking refers to escapism from one’s situation. « To think » confirms that it is the male spirit in the CONscious mind that is the subject of the song.

“If i had the chance I’ll ask the world
to dance and I’ll be dancing with myself”

He’s seeking to sync himself (dance) with the Matrix instead of with the ROSE.

Now let’s see how the imagery of the music video supports the meaning I have explained:

The concept of the video is about zombies (representing spiritually numbed down humans) trying to reach up to the top of a building (worldly ambition), attracted like moths to a flame to the source of power that is the idol of Billi, or the Demiurge.
The beginning of the video shows this:

The zombies trying to climb the building and a mailbox is in front.

The mailbox is a symbol that represents that an important message is carried throughout the video.

The zombies are getting out of trash bins implying their spiritual state for dancing too much with themselves.

Billy points out at the viewer when saying the words « I’m dancing with myself » to point out that it really is about us.

Behind Billy on the wall and tattooed on his arm is the picture of a woman, representing the Materia. She has masculine traits because there is a man (The Demiurge) behind her.

Note that the tattoo is located on the left arm of Billy, thus representing sinister, that leads to dancing with oneself.

Then we see this:

A room presenting two asian female martial artists (defense system) and a woman doing knit work. This is a bit nebulous to me, but I think this represents the ROSE and what she does. We see a maniac coming from behind with a sledgehammer, which alludes to what can happen for dancing with oneself for too long

Another floor shows a woman in chains, which definitely represents the Twin Sister, who can be liberated by « dancing » with her.

Another floor shows a dead corpse and a puppet. I think it refers to the human creature plus to the fact of being dead spiritually and happy about it.

Then we are shown the rooftop where the zombies are climbing to. Billy Idol (representing the Demiurge) is there waiting:

Note the most important symbol of the video, at the center of the stage that should attract attention: a La-Z-boy

The La-Z-boy represents, obviously, inaction and laziness on the part of our incarnated male spirit, on a spiritual level.

Then Billy, with his hands tied to a power generator sends the zombies back down from the rooftop:

The electric power of the Demiurge.

Zombies falling back.

And another cycle begins:

The zombies back to where they started.