Codex Beck

Beck is another artist whose output is ciphered, in my view. Beck’s trendsetting postmodern patchwork of musical styles was meant to appeal to the youth of the 90’s.

I will analyze two of his music videos, to demonstrate the coding to the reader.

The New Pollution:

The title primarily refers to the new spiritual pollution that presents the human CONdition for our essential being (ROSE) in comparison to Prime Creation that was free of it. The lyric of the song says that the Twin Sister is « alone » in it, because her incarnated male twin is distracted by the Materia and not properly tied to her. The title also refers, by extension, to the pollution of the modern world, in the form of the mass media (TV), the entertainment industry, and also popular music.

“She’s got a cigarette on each arm
[…] She’s got a carburetor tied to the moon”

As examples of coding in the song itself, the « cigarette on each arm » alludes that the actions from the male twin incarnated in the world, are burning up the primordial couple’s resources. The « carburetor » « tied to the moon » refers to the same thing; the moon (mono) representing the duality state of her incarnated male twin.

Let’s take a look at some important gnostic elements in the video:

During the video, Beck is seen moving on and off in front of a spotlight pointed at the viewer that represents the false light of the world that is blinding us.

Objects with strange shapes, like this rainbow tunnel made of circles coming straight at the viewer, alludes that the pollution evoked in the title of the song, has a lot to do with visuals.

The cold (cool) color blue of one of the sets, symbolizes the color that is being generated by the diversion of the incarnated male spirit from his Twin Sister, by opposition to the hot red (Heart) of agapè and compassion.

Another shot of the music video shows the angelic Twin Sister that is the one alone in the new pollution.

Young girls are seen happily drinking at a milk bar and in another shot, an old bearded man is shown drinking some of the milk with carelessness making one of the girl cry.

The milk, because of its fat content, represents the spiritual energy reserves of the Twin Sister. The old man represents outside spirits taking away those reserves because of wrongful doing of the male twin and incorrect synchronization of the primordial couple.

A rock band is shown (note the inverted five pointed stars)

This refers to human emotions and instincts being ”loud music”, a pollution that prevents from listening to the delicate melody of the Heart. It also refers by extension to rock and roll itself, that is heavy spiritual noise pollution.

Later we see this:

Beck dressed all in black in front of motorized wheeled appliances.

This probably refers to the fact that the human experience is making us machine like. The point is reinforced by the mechanical mannerism of Beck in the shot. The fact that he is dressed in black most likely refers to spiritual darkness.

The band members all dressed in black and moving in a robotic way alludes, once again, that the new pollution is making us cold and devoid of empathy.

Near the end of the music video, this is shown:

Beck is presented in a suit (Conformity) as laid back, snapping his fingers to the beat with the left hand (sinister) and with a foolish grin on his face.

This represents our foolish acceptation of the human CONdition.

The last shot of the video is of a ball with all sort of images from the world, and that symbolizes that the latter is the new pollution itself.

Sexx Laws:

The music video of this one has some interesting gnostic elements too. It is about the laws of gender we were given in Prime Creation. Our role as male spirits has mainly to do with the protection of our ROSE and our brothers and sisters. At our incarnation in this seCONd life, we were assigned new genders.

At the beginning of the music video, we are shown 4 men, the actor Jack Black being one of them, behaving in an unmanly way by engaging in a form of new age self-help:

The walls of the house where they are at are then being destroyed by football players (representing real men) showing that they are inept at being men and do not know what they are doing:

Football players destroying the walls.

The music video is a metaphor about our inaptitude as incarnated male spirits at being truly men spiritually.

A fridge and a oven copulating

The group of inept men is later being shown in a kitchen (traditionally a feminine environment) where they are being threatened by mere kitchen appliances. This is again a metaphor that our incarnated male spirit is not accomplishing his role of protector.

The food inside the cupboard is telling as well:

Still from Sexx Laws.

This is a side note but interesting, notice that most of the food in the cupboard are animal byproducts: meat, cheese, mayo. The rest is mainly beans. Animal byproducts have a karmic weight to them, and beans have some problems too (The great philosopher Pythagoras avoid all contact with them). Furthermore, meat, beans and canned goods are the most acid forming food that one can eat. Acid is governed by Saturn. By eating these foods, one is not being a good protector for the ROSE.

Note also that canned goods are lined with BPA (a form of xenoestrogens) that is messing with human biology and sexual orientation. This interference with the normal functioning of our biology is another layer of meaning for the « sexx laws » that are being « defied ». Also true about the LGBTQ culture.

During the video, businessmen are seen fighting over a rope which symbolizes competition for material gain. And this is again a representation of the male spirit stuck in vain pursuits and not accomplishing his role of protector:

The « midnight vultures » are of course the Archons in the unseen

“I want to defy the logic of all sex laws
Let the handcuffs slip of your wrist
I’ll let you be my chaperone at the half way home”

This is the Demiurge speaking. He wants to defy the logic of the gender (male) we were assigned in Prime Creation. The « handcuffs » represents our tie, as protector, to our Twin Sister. « Half way home » means we are at a middle ground between heaven and hell. They can both be called home depending on our direction.

The little Red Riding Hood who was on his way to get eaten by the wolf is called in French: a Chaperon Rouge. This is why we are being shown this:

Band member wearing a red hood and underwater mask while he is saying: « At the halfway home » The mask is an allusion that the void outside of this world is like a deep blue sea or C (A-B-C)

The reader will notice also that there is a zebra dummy on the back of Beck’s stage performance:

The zebra dummy is a mockery of the relative incapacity of our male spirit at being what he truly is: the white horse (and eventually the unicorn), because a zebra is both white (good) and black (bad). See Katy Perry Hot and Cold analysis in her codex for more zebra symbolism.

The zebra is wearing pink pants, another mockery: it is usually a feminine color, and it represents that our male spirit has been denatured from his true purpose. The zebra is shown turning around on himself at the waistline, and that refers to Planet Saturn.

As a final remark, note the discreet inverted 5-pointed stars on the sleeve of one of the band members.