Codex Phil Collins

Another one of the majors crypted artists in popular music, Phil Collins started his career as a drummer in the rock group Genesis with Peter Gabriel (see his codex), and went on to become as a singer, one of the most adulated pop iCONs of the 80’s.

His recorded music production is coded in its entirety by the God of the world (in my view), and I’m going to decipher a few examples of coding for you.

Capstone of the pyramid with his thumb. They were more subtle back then…

On the cover for a live album, if you look closely, you will see the face of the Demiurge, similar to a famous pose of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.


From the album No Jacket Required (see Foreword). Phil Collins most significantly coded music video. It is about him receiving different business pitches for the concept of his new music video, the one we are seeing. It is a metaphor about what the purpose of our existence should be as men: confronting evil in the world and becoming the unifier of opposites, or unicorn.

Phil’s black and white plaid shirt similar in meaning to a checkerboard, represents duality between good and evil, light and darkness, and a clue to us that important gnostic truths are coded in it.

The first presenter that shows up has bright red shoes, another clue because this usually refers to the God of this world:

Red shoes

He names leading men and movies where the hero stands alone. Phil doesn’t quite understand the concept. Cut to:

A sheriff standing up for his woman (Twin Sister). Phil plays one of the bad guys and a shoot-out follows. This scene shows what should be done by us: standing up to evil.

A second presenter comes with another concept, and we cut to a Mad Max world where evil reigns.

Then a duo of presenters dressed in black and white present a concept with Phil half in shadow:

Phil half in darkness.

The cello represents low spiritual vibrations
because evil isn’t confronted.

Then we see gym dancers representing superfluous and purposeless activity from the part of the incarnated male spirit:

Note on the wall the picture of a dark comic (Eddie Murphy) showing his approval with the 666 of the left hand.

Then a fat presenter introduces Phil to another concept. This is the main point of the video and the song. We are shown a miniature fort with the evil king inside. The fat man tells Phil the fort is not to scale (because it is really the world). He asks him if he’s going to eat the sandwich (assimilate the layered meaning of the video). Phil says no.

The evil fort that is the world.

The fat man tells Phil his role is simple: « You go right by the front gate then you see the evil king, you raise your crossbow ». Phil says, « it’s not really me though » (doesn’t want to accept his role as a man).

Then the fat presenter says « OK YOU’RE AT THE BEACH! » which alludes to living an existence of worldly pleasures and spiritual laziness.

Then we see the God of the world (evil king) portrayed by Phil Collins (look at the small horns on his suit), disguised as the equivalent of the unicorn (what we should be) with the phallic power of it in his hand mocking us for not accomplishing our role. He is at the beach with girls in line (symbolizing the distractions and sins of the world created for us by him). He points his stick repeatedly at the viewer to show that he is really mocking all of us for our spiritual incompetence

A mockery of what we should be: the unicorn.

Oh! no Billy!

The meaning of the verses is a little obscure, but the chorus isn’t:

“Billy, Billy don’t you
lose my number cause
you’re not anywhere
that i can find you”

The true narrator here is the Heart (Twin Sister). She says to « Billy » (little Baal, see Foreword) the male spirit that has been plugged into the Matrix, not to lose her number, or the link that he has with her. Also: she is number 1 and he is number 2.

We get confirmation of this with the next presenter that is an asian girl with a translator. An asian girl in the esoteric of popular music generally represents our Twin Sister (she should be our orient-ation):

She has a translator because she speaks another language, the language of the Heart. The next scene shows the duel of a samurai and a ninja.

The last presenter has a shirt with « Billy say don’t » written on it. He gives a sheet with King Kong climbing the Empire State Building on it to Phil, and another with numbers on it and a word: NIHIL, that means, nothing.

A fly does appear with Phil’s head representing the male spirit being untied from his Heart and a minor nuisance. Then cut to the final shot:

The Lord of the flies snaps the fly on his neck, looks at the viewer and asks: « so how does it end? »

True Colors:

Originally a Cindy Lauper song. The video has gnostic elements in it. The first shot shows children (representing humanity because we are all at the beginning of our spiritual development) and the God of the world personified by Phil Collins.

Phil as the God, with children (us humans)

We see a little black boy (color of the skin representing spiritual inclination) in an outfit representing CONformity. He drops a white jar containing something precious on the floor. Collins then put his hand on his shoulder.

Later in the video we see a young girl reading in a white book with no words (the book of life). A unicorn appears:

The unicorn is often seen with a virgin (Twin Sister) in esoteric portrayals.

In French the unicorn is called licorne. And, ”li” both means ”lire”: to read and also ”lier”: to bind together (the opposites in the center). It symbolizes the way upward individually and also collectively. This is why little girls dream of unicorns: this is what our Heart wishes us to be.

The God of the world is essentially portrayed in the video as a dispatcher (up or down). The lyrics also reinforces this:

“I see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
that’s why i love you
[…] your true colors are
beautiful like a rainbow”

Note that love is a force that attracts two bodies together, not necessarily agapè. The rainbow, referring to number 7 (7 deadly sins, 7 chakras, etc..) is a bridge to something else. The « hue » in HUman refers to that hue.

Easy Lover:

Still from Easy Lover.

The song is coded like other Collins songs. The « easy lover » in question, is the world or, the Materia. The word easy is a phonetic approximate of the word Isis when pronounced the French way (also ici–> here). The love with our Twin Sister is the hard (Heart) way.

“Easy lover
She’ll get a hold on you believe it
She’s like no other
Before you know it you’ll be on your knees.”

Alludes to the attraction of our incarnated male spirit for the Matrix, a world like no other. Being on one’s knees, refers to being powerless (loss of Twin Sister) on spiritual terms.

“She’s an easy lover
She’ll take your heart out but you won’t feel it
She’s like no other
And I’m just trying to make you see”

Describe the process of progressively losing the link with the Twin Sister in an exchange for the pleasures and sins of the world and also karma. The « I’m just trying to make you see » is dual linguo from the God of the world because he is trying to make us see, and at the same time trying to make us « C » (A= prime state, B= being Billi and then the deep blue C)

“She’s the kind of girl you dream of
Dream of keeping hold of
You’d better forget it
You’ll never get it
She will play around and leave you and deceive you
You better forget it
Or you’ll regret it”

Alludes to the fact that earthly pursuits are ephemeral. Also, to the deception that is the substitution of our eternal ROSE for the world.

“No you’ll never change her so leave it leave it
Get out quick cause seeing is believing
it’s the only way you’ll ever know”

« Seeing is believing » alludes to have more faith in the illusory nature of the world than in one’s Heart. Perhaps also means: C’ing is Bill leaving. To « know », also means to say NO to this.


Below is the cover art of one of Collins record: Hell-o, I Must Be Going

It represents the male spirit plugged into the Matrix (or Billi identified with the color he generates, the color blue for coldness) looking away being diverted from his Heart.

Hello, I Must Be Going contains the songs: I Don’t Care Anymore and Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away.

Here is the follow up to the album titled No JACKet Required (see Foreword):

It represents the Heart (identified with the color red), sweating and trying not to get through ”the hoop”. « Jack » is the male spirit, a cover or protector for the Twin Sister (see Foreword).

The album contains the famous song One More Night. A reference to the «night » in the esoteric of popular songs often refers to human life, because we are in the dark.
Another song on it, Inside Out, alludes to the situation of losing our spiritual energy outwardly to the Matrix. It also refers to the fact that the human being itself is an outside representation of the inner spiritual nature of the twin couple (see Foreword).

Finally, the song Take Me Home, is also very telling: « Oh Lord, cause I’ve been a prisoner all my life » refers to humanity’s present situation. « Take take me home cause I don’t remember » alludes to not remembering our true identity that is in our Heart, or the link we have with our Twin Sister. « Home », here, refers to hell.

I Can’t Dance:

Another song of Phil Collins, here with Genesis. The song meaning is about the ineptitude of the male spirit at synchronizing and communicating with his Twin Sister. The music video starts with Collins and his suitcase getting ready for a ride out of the desert. A beautiful girl dressed in red (Heart), inside a car, stops to give him a ride but a reptile takes his place in the car, and he’s left there. It is a metaphor for the whole piece to show where the ineptitude leads.

Mock Twin Sister.


Phil is shown looking at himself in the mirror repeatedly in the music video, expressing the idea of the male spirit being stuck in the ego bubble of CONscious mind:

The man in the mirror.

“I can’t dance
I can’t talk
The only thing about me
Is the way that i walk
I can’t dance I can’t sing
I’m just standing here selling everything”

The ordinary male conscious mind is described by these lyrics. To « dance » is to get in sync with (the ROSE). To « talk » means communicating with her. The only thing particular about the usual male conscious mind described in the song, is the way that it works: linearly. This is further demonstrated by this:

The linear male conscious mind

To be « standing here selling everything » refers to an exchange of spiritual energy for CONsumption in the world (see Foreword)

“Oh and checking everything
is in place you never know who’s
looking on, a perfect body
with a perfect face”

This refers to the Twin Sister that is a witness to our setbacks.

The last scene of the video shows the Demiurge dressed in black and having all the keys. He then goes on to demonstrate that he can dance.