Codex Depeche Mode

A dépêche, in French, is a letter concerning public affairs. Depeche Mode music video of most high gnostic significance is the one for the song Halo:

A « halo » is what is usually pictured above the head of a saint, to represent that he has achieved sainthood or the inner alchemical wedding (related to holos in Greek meaning entire or whole—>holy). The music video shows that, because it is not accomplished, the primordial couple are prisoners of the Demiurge.

Still from Halo showing the primordial spiritual couple, the caravan of the Demiurge and white clothes left to dry. The desert being the location of the music video and the caravan represents that the God of the world is a kind of Gypsy outside of Prime Creation.

The lyrics evoke the inner state of the ROSE, because of her entrapment in the material plane through her male spirit.

“You wear guilt
like shackles on your feet
Like a halo in reverse
There’s a pain
a famine in your heart
an aching to be free”

Inside the caravan, the Demiurge is meeting with the Twin Sister. Notice in the video that he deals only with her and not with the male spirit that seems a bit clueless. Notice the cage in between.

The famine in her heart is a famine for agapè. A « halo » resembles much to a ring, and we know that Saturn is the Lord of the Rings. We get the proof that Dave Gahan represents the Demiurge in the music video In this shot:

Saturn and his rings. Saturn resembles to an all-seeing eye in this shot if you notice.

Saturn is the strongest man in the Universe, because he is the negative aspect of the creator of this universe. The cage under his foot, is the cage the primordial couple is in.

We see them trying to synchronize together or working as a unit as they should to achieve their unification, or the halo in question. This is represented by them juggling:

Primordial couple juggling.

On this image, the Twin Sister is pictured passing a ball around her male twin, thus illustrating that she is the wise one trying to show him how to act.

Two signs representing the two parts (feminine and masculine) of the halo that need to be unified together for ascension.

On this image, two separated signs read « strong » and « man » and this symbolizes that it is the male spirit or man that has to become stronger spiritually to complete the halo.

Later, the male spirit is left holding the ball alone and there is a shift from daytime to nighttime.

At the end of the music video, the Twin Sister is seen saying no with her head at joining the Demiurge:

Saying no to abandoning the incarnated male spirit representing by keyboardist Martin Gore in the music video.

and the primordial couple goes back to rest underneath the caravan to protect themselves from the rain and waiting for another life cycle: