Codex Eurythmics

Another coded duo, in my view. Eurythmics has a song with the same exact name as one of Madonna (see her codex): Who’s That girl . « Who » is the preferred name the God of the world gives himself in the esoteric of popular songs, and the « girl » is the Matrix. This demonstrates once again that all these artists take their inspiration from the same source.

The Eurythmics duo can be seen, in the music video for the song Sweet Dreams, sitting in front of their Golden Records, ”meditating” for the inspiration of their God:

Also note in the video, the milk cows that represents the Twin Sister.

The cover art for their album Touch is also interesting:

The cover art shows the left hand (sinister) having the upper hand.

The mask that Annie Lennox sees through, alludes to the human experience for our male spirits.

There Must Be An Angel:

I will decrypt for you the music video for the song. It is of particular gnostic interest:

The music video is once again a mockery directed at the spiritual idleness and careless spending of spiritual energy (money) of our incarnated male spirit living in the world.

“No one on earth could feel like this
I’m thrown and overblown with bliss
There must be an angel playing with my heart”

The angels playing with our Hearts, are the Archons.

The music video shows a king (us, male spirits, from royal lineage in Prime Creation):

The king seems easily bored, lazy and narcissistic (ego).

A show is presented to the king:

Two actors are incarnating respectively a bird (going up and defying gravity) and the other, more importantly, a unicorn.

The unicorn represents the conjunction of opposites in the middle. The horn of the unicorn is also located in alignment with the third eye. The archetype of the unicorn is the goal we men (white horse) should strive at, in this life.

But the king is bored by the spectacle:

The bored king before falling asleep.

At the end of the show, the king goes on stage, and a gift box is opened:

The gift box is opened and white birds are flying out of it.

The white birds represents the Twin Sister, that is at risk of being lost because of the spiritual idleness of the king. The king then throws pieces of gold towards the screen:

The king carelessly spending his resources

The last shot of the video shows the king winking by closing his right eye (rightful spiritual vision):

The supposed sun king (mockery)

To overemphasize the point, the right eye of the king is isolated in the final shot of the video:

The king winking a second time at the viewer (because it is about him).

No More ”I Love You’s”:

A very important one. This music video is from Eurythmics Annie Lennox solo career. It is (again!) a mockery, from the perspective of our Twin Sister, that is close to dying and losing her language (of the Heart) because of the wrongful living plus lack of care and interaction from the incarnated male spirit, with her.

How they could have made someone like Annie Lennox playing our Heart is somehow beyond me, but maybe it fits the point of the piece: the Twin Sister has here been denatured.

The dark inside joke (joke on our inside) of the music video has to do with the fact that the world we are living in is truly deprived of the feminine spiritual element (or the ROSE see Foreword), human men and women all being males spirits, and so points to the fact that we are all gay spiritually:

The dying twin sister surrounded by supposedly gracious ballerinas that are in fact men. Note that the Twin Sister is dressed in purple, a color that represents royalty.

The music video repeatedly shows men dressing as women like here:

Man with wig

Man wearing a corset

Or here, a cross-dressed man:

This alludes that we, incarnated male spirits, are playing together the roles of the masculine and feminine elements, while our true feminine soulmate (our inner Christ) that is our true identity, is being left to herself:

The Twin Sister seated on an almost completely darkened moon. The moon refers to the left side of the human body that she should occupy, instead of sinister.

The darkened moon (mono) represents our male spirit , that is distracted away from our inner ROSE.

Younger Twin Sister listening to what is going on in our world

“I used to be lunatic from the gracious days
I used to be woebegone and so restless nights
My aching heart would bleed for you to see”

The « gracious days » refers to Prime Creation. Grace is identical in phonetic to the French word graisse, which means fat. The « aching heart » mention, certifies us that it is the ROSE speaking. She was hoping her twin brother would see that he was being CONned.

“Everybody was being really crazy
[..] the monsters are crazy”

This alludes that we, living a human life, are crazy from the point of view of the Twin Sister, and also monsters, because we have been made wicked by the ways of the world.

At the end of the music video, a man is looking at the stage where was the ROSE:

He then removes the mask by which he sees through (the human experience) and realize what he has done.