Metallica Decoded

No exception to the rule for famous pop music artists, Metallica has got it’s musical production coded by the Demiurge, in my view.

The title of one of their later albums Hardwired to Self-Destruct refers to human nature itself (see Foreword)

I am going to study the lyrics of two of their songs, to prove to the reader that their songs are ciphered.

Sad But True:

This one is from the point of view of the Twin Sister (Heart) speaking (if she could) to the incarnated male spirit; even if it isn’t apparently so, by judging superficially from the loud rough voice of James Hetfield.

“Hey (hey)
I’m your life
I’m the one who takes you there”

The ROSE is our true life and center. She is the one that can take us up to heaven.

“I’m the one who cares”

She’s the Heart so she is the one able of true care

“I’m your only true friend now
They, They’ll betray
and I’m forever there”

The Twin Sister is our love of forever.

“I’m your dream make you real”

She is also our dream, to become real means to unify with her

“I’m your eyes when you must steal”

This refers, i think, to bad karma in general. An example of it is that, for feeding ourselves as humans, we must steal from another lifeform. This is alien to where we come from and hurts the Twin Sister.

“I’m your pain when you can’t feel”

In the human species, the male tends to be more detached from his « feelings » than the female is. It is the same for the primordial couple but on a whole other level (spiritual). And when the male spirit is not deeply tied and involved with the ROSE, she has no way of expressing those feelings which causes her pain instead of her true natural state of agapè.

“sad but true”

Our present situation

“I’m your dream, mind astray”

A reference here is made to the male « mind » gone « astray » which proves further the point I’m trying to make about the true meaning of the song.

“I’m your eyes while you’re away”

The Twin Sister indeed watch in disbelief everything that we do while we are incarnated on earth.

“I’m your pain while you repay”

This refers to karma again.

“You, you’re my mask
you’re my cover my shelter”

We male spirits are the Twin Sisters « masks », this is why we are the masculine aspect and also why we were given a personality at our incarnation (persona is Latin for mask, see Foreword). Our true function is mainly of a protector for the ROSE.

“You’re the one who’s blamed”

Our male spirits are held responsible for the karmic lack of care (and so of agapè) we are demonstrating and for seeking costly worldly pleasures.

“Do my dirty work scapegoat”

Here « scapegoat » has the other meaning of escape goat (God) I think. The male spirit is also the one who gets his hands dirty on the material plane.

“Do my deeds for your the one who’s shamed”

To do her deeds, one has to first be in touch with his Twin Sister. We are mainly « shamed » by having been given a human body. Something that is now generally a source of pride in the modern world.

“I’m your hate when you want love”

Alludes to the problem of the male spirit seeking « love » (not agapè) exteriorly in the Matrix rather than interiorly with the ROSE.

“Pay the price Pay
For nothing’s fair”

The escapism that provides human life comes at high cost of hardship and pain.

“I’m your life
I’m the one who took you there”

Refers to the fall from paradise of the primordial couple as told in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, where Eve eats the fruit from the tree of knowledge (CONnaissance in French) of good and evil.

“I’m your life
and I know longer cares”

The Twin Sister doesn’t care, because we don’t, by not being sufficiently in touch with her and living a life of carelessness and imitation that puts her in disgust when not in a complete spiritual coma.

“I’m your truth telling lies”

The inner ROSE is our truth and because we are her male twin and representative, we are making her tell lies by living a life of outside imitation

“I’m inside
open you eyes
I’m you”

In brief, the whole meaning of the song. The ROSE is indeed our true identity, inside.

Wherever I May Roam:

In contrast to Sad But True, this song is from the point of view of the deluded incarnated male spirit. It is truly not about some type of motor biker’s lifestyle, but about a negative spiritual process that is happening to most of us to varying degrees.

“…And the road becomes my bride
I have stripped of all but pride”

The « road » is supposed to be the way upward or working at our ascension by humbly following in the footsteps of Christ like Mani or the Cathars did. Instead of this, the « road » that is the Materia becomes a bride to the misled incarnated male spirit, instead of his true bride, the Twin Sister, or ROSE. The only thing he has left, as a spirit, is foolish pride.

“And with dust in throat i crave
Only knowledge will i save
To the game you stay a slave”

The « craving » is a craving for earthly pleasures and sins. The male spirit here doesn’t learn from his mistakes and experience like he is supposed. He’s a slave to the « game » of life.

“Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond
call me what you will.”

Refers to the state of the incarnated male spirit, truly in the void outside Prime Creation and with no real attach to his Twin Sister or anything true.

“But I’ll take my time anywhere
free to speak my mind anywhere
and I’ll redefine anywhere”

Note the repetition of the word « anywhere » describing that it doesn’t matter to the male spirit of the song that he is outside of Prime Creation. The word « mind » points to the fact that it is the male (CONscious) mind that is the subject of the song. To « redefine » means to change what has been defined in the first place, his tie with his Twin Sister and Prime Creation.

“Anywhere i roam
Where i lay my head is home”

To « lay » (or to lie=imitation) is to be in the horizontal position and not standing up (see Foreword). The « head » being the « home » is yet another clue we are talking about the male CONscious mind here.

“And the earth becomes my throne
I adapt to the unknown
Under wandering stars I’ve grown
By myself but not alone
I ask no one”

The male spirit is really described as a ”king nothing” (another Metallica song on the same theme) here. Our male spirit was designed to be infinitely adaptable, normally at the service of our true Queen, not the unknown. The word « myself » is again another clue that it is the self (male spirit) gone wrong that is being described in the song. Asking « no one » alludes that he doesn’t get his directives from the Twin Sister (Heart) anymore.

“… and my ties are severed clean
The less I have the more I gain
Off the beaten path I reign”

The « ties severed clean » are the ties of the male spirit with his Twin Sister and Prime Creation. He has the illusion of gaining (freedom) when in fact he is losing everything. The « beaten path », here, refers to Christ teachings and to messengers of light like Mani, who have « beaten » the upward « path » for us to follow.

“Carved upon my stone
My body lie but still i roam”

Alludes that the male spirit described in the song has become completely untied and errant after his death because of wrongful living.