Codex Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen has got his entire musical production ciphered by the God of the world, in my view. And the less one can say, is that the latter is infinitely creative at saying the same thing over and over. Springsteen’s being called « The Boss » refers to the Demiurge as well, of which he is just a spokesperson.

For example, his 2007 album called Magic, contains titles like: Radio Nowhere, You’ll Be Coming Down, Long Walk Home and Devil’s Arcade, that should raise the reader’s suspicion at this point in our analysis.

The music video for the song Glory Days (among others), was supposed to present Springsteen as an all-American genuine blue-collar guy. But upon closer look, the reader will notice that everything is fake and artificial about him and the video.

Still from Glory Days where Springsteen meditate on an orange (or ange–>gold angel–>Twin Sister) remembering the old days of Prime Creation. The music video has other symbolic elements like the digging for oil (What is being done to us) and the baseball glove as an oversized left hand (sinister)

Brilliant Disguise:

Still from Brilliant Disguise music video

I’m going to analyze briefly the lyrics for the song Brilliant Disguise from Springsteen’s album Tunnel of Love (refers to the world), to give the reader a sample of the subtle coding in his work:

“So tell me what I see
when I look in your eyes?
is that you babe or just a
brilliant disguise?”

The song is about the incarnated male spirit who thinks the Materia is his true lover but has suspicions about it. The « brilliant disguise » has to do with the Demiurge, the Angel of Light. And the Materia is his disguise.

“Now look at me babe
Struggling to to do everything right
And then it all falls apart
When out goes the light”

Refers to the male spirit adjusting and CONforming to the world, trying to direct and control the elusive human life, only to see it all « fall apart » eventually.

“I’m just a lonely pilgrim
I walk this world in wealth”

The incarnated male spirit is a « lonely pilgrim » because he is far away from his true world (Prime Creation) and separated from his true love (Twin Sister). The « wealth » is a reference to a form of spiritual energy, akin to money, used for exchanges outside of Prime Creation.

“Now you play the loving woman
I’ll play the faithful man”

Refers to the fact that the relation between the incarnated spirit and the Matrix is a « play », not for true.

“We stood at the altar the gypsy
swore our future was right
[..] but maybe the gypsy lied”

Being a « gypsy » refers to the situation of the Demiurge outside of Prime Creation.

“Is that me babe? Or just a brilliant disguise?”

Here the incarnated male spirit wonders if his human identity is his true one (and it’s not)

“Tonight our bed is cold
I’m lost in the darkness of our love
God have mercy on the man
Who doubt’s what he’s sure of”

Alludes to the fact that the love of the Materia is truly spiritual darkness that one gets « lost » in.