Codex Diana Ross

She was very close to Michael Jackson (see his codex). Her numerous music production was coded by the Demiurge, in my view. I am going to decrypt some of her songs.

Upside down:

One of her greatest hits, Upside down (see Inside Out analysis in the Travelling Wilburys codex for a similar meaning) is about the human CONdition.

“Upside down
boy, you turn me inside out
and round and round”

« Upside down » mainly refers to the fact that what is supposed to be at the highest point, or in command, in the primordial couple, the ROSE or Twin Sister, is now down because of the human experience. The related meaning is to have been inverted.

To be turned « inside out » has to do with the male spirit seeking his inside outward because the human creature is an outside transposition of his inner workings. « Inside out » also means that the spiritual energy reserve of the twin couple is flowing out.

To go « round and round », a leitmotiv in popular songs as you might now have noticed, refers to planet Saturn, the Lord of the Rings. Going « round and round » (like in vicious circles), means not going straight and being lost in cycles of repetitions that leads nowhere.

“Instinctively you give to me
the love that i need
I cherish the moments with you”

« Instinctively » is a clue that the subject of the song is mainly human instincts. The « love » that is alluded here, is the love of the male spirit for the material world, not agapè.

“Respectfully I say to thee
I’m aware that you’re cheatin’

She’s talking « respectfully » to the God of the world. He is « cheating » because the human creature is a counterfeit and he’s taking away our spiritual resources.

“when no one make me feel like you do”

Alludes that the erzats of the world is more attractive to the male spirit than his ROSE.

Chain Reaction:

Cover from the album Eaten Alive that shows a tiger with strings of pearls (Twin Sisters).

I’m going to analyze the first part of the song which is interesting for our study.

“You took a mystery and made me want it”

The «mystery » is the mystery of the world and human existence itself.

“You took a pedestal and put me on it”

Refers to the false preeminence of the male spirit in the CONscious mind (located at the top, in the human head) in relation to the Twin Sister.

“You made me love you out of feeling nothing”

The « love » described, is the love for the Materia and therefore the Demiurge. « Feeling nothing » refers to agapè, that is insufficient in the twin couple.

“And i was there not dancing with anyone”

« Dancing » is to move in sync with. There should be a dance between the male spirit and the ROSE which creates more agapè.

“You took a little then you took me over”

The love of the Matrix is described as taking over the male spirit and therefore the twin couple.

“You set your mark on stealing my heart away”

Alludes to the process of losing our spiritual energy progressively and possibly our Twin Sister (Heart and soul) in an exchange for CONsumption in the world, and also by being untied with one’s spiritual Heart and not careful.

“I’m in the middle of a chain reaction
You give me all the after midnight action”

A « chain reaction » is a succession of events leading to something. It represents the reaction as well at being chained. The « chain reaction » started with our fall from Prime Creation. « Middle » also refers to the world itself. The « after midnight action » refers to the actions of the male spirit during the nighttime, the said « night » representing human life because we are in the dark spiritually.

“I’m on a journey for the inspiration
to anywhere and there ain’t no salvation.”

« Inspiration » refers to the air element, and the God is the Prince of Air. Salvation resides in the reunion of the primordial couple.

“I need you to get me nearer to you
so you can set me free”

To be « set free » here means losing one’s Heart and soul.

“You taste a little and you swallow slower”

Represents the progressive loss of spiritual energy to the Demiurge.

“Nature has a way of yielding treasure
pleasure made for you, oh”

Mother Nature (and human nature by extension is yielding treasure (spiritual treasure from Prime Creation) for the God of the world, at his pleasure.

The Boss:

This one is about the male spirit who used to think that his righteousness and allegiance to his Heart were full proof, before his fall and incarnation. « The Boss » is another name of the God of the world (see Bruce Springsteen codex).

“I was so right so right
Thought i could turn emotion
on and off I was so sure so sure
But love taught me
Who was the boss (X3)”

The type of « love »described has to do with the love of the Materia. « Who » is one of the many names the Demiurge gives himself.

I’m Watching You:

This one is about the feminine twin missing the male spirit now incarnated in the world.

“I’m watching you tonight
And i waited for so long
I’ve been living on your memory
in a world where we were one
and you told me you could make it
on your own.”

Should be self-explanatory if you have read the Foreword to the website.