Codex Robert Palmer

Palmer is another songwriter of gnostic importance. His music production company was called Remlap, maybe because he liked things in reverse.

Would you buy a used car from that man?

Addicted To Love:

Palmer’s biggest hit with Simply Irresistible. He was accused of sexism for the music videos of those two songs. I will show why it is beside the point. Addicted To Love is about the fatal attraction of the incarnated male spirit, for the Matrix and her worldly pleasures.

Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Here, the Demiurge, through his spokesperson Palmer, is warning us about the effect his Matrix is having on us. His band, formed by cold lifeless beauties (captured Twin Sisters) provides the power for the Matrix itself.

“The lights are on
But you’re not home
your mind is not your own”

« Home » was Prime Creation. Our mind is not our own because it has been hijacked.

“Your heart sweats your body shake
Another kiss is what it takes”

« Heart sweats » means that the Twin Sister is trying hard not to fall. (See cover of No Jacket Required in Phil Collins codex). A « kiss » is an act of unification, the mouth being the only opening of the head that is one.

“You like to think that you’re
immune to the stuff oh yeah
It’s closer to the truth to say
you can’t get enough
You know you’re gonna have to
face it you’re addicted to love”

The « stuff » in question is the Materia itself, the support of our existence on Earth. « Love » is a force that attract two bodies together: here the male spirit and the Matrix (and therefore the God of the world).

“Another kiss and you’ll be mine
A one track mind
Refers to the loss of one’s soul.
You can’t be saved
Oblivion is all you crave”

« Oblivion » is defined as a state of forgetfulness, of not being aware of what is going on. (see my Chained To The Rhythm analysis in Katy Perry’s codex)

Simply Irresistible:

A variation on the same theme. What is being irresistible is Mother Nature (Matrix) and her worldly pleasures.

How can it be permissible?
she compromise my principle
That kind of love is mythical
She’s anything but typical”

It is « permissible » because of the dual purpose of the Matrix. That love is « mythical » because it is not real love (agapè is). Mother nature is extraordinary and not « typical ».

“She’s a craze you’d endorse
she’s a powerful force”

« She’s a craze » because the experience of duality in the world makes us crazy. And Mother Nature (also by extension human nature) is obviously a powerful force

“You’re obliged to conform
when there’s no other course”

Note the word CONform or being formed (reshaped) by the CON. The only « course » that can get somebody out of her grasp, is by walking the narrow ascetic path and humbly following in the footsteps of Christ. This is the way upward.

“She’s a natural law
and she leaves me in awe”

A clue we’re talking about Mother Nature here and therefore human nature.

“she deserve’s the applause
I surrender because
she used to look good to me
now I find her simply irresistible”

Again, it is the ever-growing attraction of the male CONscious mind for the Matrix that is the subject of the song.

“simply irresistible
there’s no tellin’ where
the money went”

If you have read the Foreword to this website, you now know that « money » in the esoteric of popular songs, is a code word for a form of reserve of spiritual energy that is being taken away from us in exchange for our CONsumption in the world, and also karma.

“I’m breaking promises
she’s breaking every law”

The « promises » are the vows the male spirit made in Prime Creation mainly to be a protector and a servant for his Twin Sister. The laws that Mother Nature breaks, are also those of Prime Creation.

“Her methods are inscrutable”

We are not aware that we are being brought down on our knees spiritually in the unseen.

“The proof is irrefutable”

The case that the ersatz of the world is more attractive than the ROSE by cause of following sinister is being made.

“She’s all mine”

Alludes to the illusion of the male spirit of possessing and controling the elusive human life.

“She’s so completely kissable”

Again, like in Addicted To Love , the kiss refers to an act of unification from the male spirit with the Materia.