Codex Pink Floyd

Another British musical group, and one of the most prestigious names in rock and roll. Their creative output shows some ciphering marks by the Archons, in my view.

We get a clue of that by the fact that the second song on their first album Astronomy Domine, is titled Lucifer Sam, two names that refers to the God of the world.

The coding in the lyrics of Pink Floyd, is often vague and enigmatic in comparison to other musical artists, most likely for stylistic reasons. But I will show that it is inspired by the same source, and using the same metaphorical language, as others.

The best example is found on the album Dark Side Of The Moon:

Cover art.

The song Us and Them has lyrics that are very telling:

“Black and blue
and who knows which is which
and who is who?’

« Black and blue » are two colors that are often associated together in the lyrics of popular music (see Madonna codex and Rolling Stones codex). « Blue »stands for the cold color that generates the incarnated male spirit, being distracted away from his Heart by the Matrix. « Black » refers to spiritual darkness, in relation to this. « Which » has the dual meaning of the phonetic ”witch”, and that refers to the Materia. « Who » is the preferred name of the God of the world in the esoteric of popular songs, his identity being in question.

“Up and down
And in the end it’s only round and round”

« Up and down » refers to the condition of the incarnated male spirit at being stuck in the middle ground that is the world, sometimes going up and sometimes down but with no consistency at direction. « Round and round » (found all over the place in the lyrics of popular music as I hope the reader now sees) refers at being stuck in vicious circles of repetition and at not going in a straight line, as one should. It is in link with Planet Saturn, or in French ça tourne; it turns.

“With, without
And who’ll deny it’s what the fighting
is all about?”

I think the meaning has to do with the Twin Sister here.

The last song on Dark Side Of The Moon, titled Eclipse has these meaningful lyrics at the end of the album:

“And everything under the sun
is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon
There is no dark side of the moon really
As a matter of fact, it’s all dark.”

The « sun » represents our ROSE (our inner sun), that should be above, in command. The « moon » (anagram of mono) represents her incarnated male spirit that has been put in the CONsciousness bubble at the top of the human head, this leading to his spiritual darkness.

I won’t go into depth into Pink Floyd’s album The Wall, but only will say that the « Wall » represents the world itself and that it is masonic terminology; the Great Architect being the God of the world. The totalitarian undertone of the piece has perhaps to do with the spiritual slavery system of the Archons, that we are under at the moment, and that we shall rise above in the near future.

Amused To Death:

This was a side project of Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters that is high in gnostic significance.

The Cover art shows a monkey (dumbed down human) watching television, with the eye of Big Brother (Demiurge) watching him.

We are indeed being « amused to death », in this modern world, by distraction from our Twin Sister mostly. Moreover, our male spirits are also allowing to enter inside our sacred being, a CONtent that is alien to our spiritual essence. Because of this fact, we are not being true guardians and protectors for our ROSE. This is happening with television, popular music, and entertainment in general.

The lyrics of Amused To Death are very enlightening and I suggest that the reader studies them carefully.

For one thing, the lyrics gives us a telling portrait of the inner duality of the God of the world, particularly in the songs What God Wants 1, 2 and 3:

“What God’s wants God gets
God help us all
[…]God wants peace
God wants war
God wants famine
God wants chain stores”

Like I’ve explained, the God is in duality and we humans have got to shift the balance of power towards the good.

“God wants french francs
Oui il veut des francs français”

The lyrics in What God Wants Part 2 refers that God wants our spiritual energy resources (money) and, understanding this, everything makes « perfect sense ». Note the French words, because it is the God’s favorite language (see Foreword).

“But the monkey in the corner
Well he’s slowly drifting out of range
Christ is freezing inside”

This is a reference to the problem caused by our incarnation where we get progressively further away and less tied (color blue) to our Twin Sister, that is here compared to Christ.

This, is also important at the end of Perfect Sense Part 2:

“Man is a tool inside the hands
Of the great God almighty
They gave him command of a nuclear
submarine and sent him back in search
of the Garden Of Eden”

Maybe this is the « yellow submarine » the Beatles were singing about. The « Garden of Eden » refers to Prime Creation, to which we got to find our way back to.

The song Watching TV, is perhaps the most evocative of the album, because it describes the death of the Twin Sister per cause of TV watching:

“She was a student
her father was an engineer
won’t you shed a tear for my
yellow rose.”

« She » is mentioned numerous times in the song as an asian girl, and as a ROSE; and both terms refer to our Twin Sister.

“She’s everybody’s sister
She’s a symbolic of our failure
She’s the one in fifty million
Who can help us to be free”

The meaning should now be self-evident.