Codex Georges Harrisson

The famous ex-Beatle has got some very important gnostic gems coded in his songs (in my view), most notably on the album Cloud Nine.

Note the black ring on the middle finger

His main contribution to Gnosticism is found in the song and music video I Got My Mind Set On You, a retake of an obscure song:

“I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
But its gonna take money
A whole lot spending money
It’s gonna take plenty of money
To do it right child”

Nobody seems to ask themselves: what is he talking about? A woman? Why would it takes so much money to do it right? Why call her a child?

If you’ve read the Foreword to this website, you might now have a clue of what it is about. In fact, the Demiurge speaks directly at us in this one in the dual lingo fashion way of his.

To make it less suspicious, they had another version of the video made with these type of vending machines:

Alternate version of the music video I Got My Mind Set On You , showing a boy and a girl trying to get a ballerina toy (Twin Sister).

But the first shot of the main version of the music video, gives a hint of what it is about:

The red slippers, referring to the God of this world. And the yellow guitar associated with the Air element.

What the Demiurge is really telling each and every one of us is that he’s got his mind set (the same phonetic as Set, the Egyptian god, plus in French sept is number 7) on us for a dual purpose.

On one hand, he is saying that it’s going to take a lot of spiritual energy (money) and time to do « it » (the I on the cross or Twin Sister) right. In other words, it’s going to take patience and energy working at our ascension, or in other words, realizing the alchemical wedding.

On the other hand, he is saying that it’s going to take a lot of careless spending of that spiritual energy through CONsumption and also a form of karmic exchange for wrongful living, plus patience on his part, so that he can ”right(fully)” take away our essential Twin Sister, or pure potential for himself.

He is saying both. He calls us « child » because we are the beginning of our spiritual development.

“This time i know its real
The feelings that i feel
I know if i put my my my mind to it
I know that i can really do it”

When he is saying « my my my mind » he is truly saying « my mama mind », a reference to the mamaterial world.

The music video has some interesting elements in it:

The set of I Got My Mind Set On You

The hunting trophies on the walls, alludes to the fact that we are dealing with a hunter here. Also of notice are the crossing swords above the chimney, perhaps referring to the God’s duality, and the portrait snapping fingers with the left hand (sinister).

In the middle of the video, a double for Harrison executes a little playful choreography (note the gestures they mean something), alluding by it that the God of the world puts on a show for us.

When We Was Fab:

Another coded music video. Supposed to be about the Beatles, really is about our fall from Prime Creation. Note the three W in the title referring to the 666 in Hebraic gematria, and our present situation. The word « was » is used instead of ”were”, because it refers to the primordial spiritual couple (see Foreword) that was working fabulously like a gear or in symbiosis, in Prime Creation. « Was » is also used to refer to a state of unity in all Prime Creation.

“Woke up in a daze
Arrived like strangers in the night”

Alludes that the primordial couple is now being « strangers » in the new world. The « night » represents human life.

“Caresses fleeced you in the morning light”

Refers to Venus (Lucifer), the morning star that shines before dawn, and to the male spirit living the human life being fleeced.

“Casualties at dawn”

Refers to losing one’s heart. They compare it to a dawn or the opening of the shell (see Foreword)

“Long time ago when we was fab
you are my world you are my only love”

Alludes to the state of the male spirit in Prime Creation

“And when you’re in this world
The fuzz gonna come and claim you”

The « fuzz » refers to the nature of the world that is fuzzy or vibrational. The claim is a claim on our Heart and soul.

“But you mo the better wise when the buzz gonna take you away”

Here « mo » is employed in dual lingo like mowing the lawn, meaning the male spirit separating himself from his better wiser feminine half (Heart). The « buzz » refers to an oscillating vibratory state. It also refers to the Boss of this world.

“The microscopes that magnified
The tears”

The microscopes represents the male CONscious minds with a narrowing view, the tears are probably those of the Twin Sister.

“You really got a hold on me
Long time ago when we was fab”

Again, refers to the state of the male spirit in Prime Creation in reference to his Twin Sister.

The music video gives more precisions:

First shot shows the transition of the primordial couple from a state of unity in Prime Creation, to a state of separation in the seCONdary creation. It also refers to the state of mind of the God of the world from unity to duality.

From unity to duality

Harrison is shown with his back against a wall, a reference to what was the situation of the God of the seCONdary creation when he created the world (represented by the said wall). The wall is also masonic symbolism.

Notice at the beginning of the music video, that the God’s numerous hands are in conflict with each other, this pointing out to his inner duality. One of them writes « FAB » on the wall (fidelity and nostalgia for Prime Creation) and another hand has it cuffed to the fretboard of the guitar.

Inner conflict of the God.

This is also telling:

A couple passes by with the male (spirit) wearing a striped black and white shirt alluding to his state of duality, and a woman wearing red (Heart).

Another woman in red passes by later on and her purse has been emptied (loss of spiritual energy akin to money).

Another clue that Harrison represents the God of the material universe, is when this man passing in front of him starts to wave (vibratory nature of the material world):


The blocking wall.

Near the end of the video, a group is shown kind of plunging toward the God headfirst, representing their transitory passage in the world. We can see that the wall blocks access to more elaborate and beautiful architectural constructions than the wall.

The last shot shows the God, here represented as an Indian deity, disappearing.

All Those Years Ago:

Another crypted song. Supposed to be about John Lennon, i will show why it is in fact about the creator of the seCONdary creation we are in.

“I’m shouting all bout love
While they treated you like a dog
When you were the one who had made it so clear all those years ago”

I would like the reader to ask himself: how was Lennon ever treated like a dog by « they »? He was adulated his whole life. Note that « dog » is god backwards.

“Living with good and bad
I’ve always looked up to you
now we’re left cold and sad
By someone’s the devil’s best friend
Someone who offended all”

« Living with good and bad » refers to our state of duality in this seCONd life. « We are left cold and sad » because of the separation of the primordial twin couple. The « devil’s best friend » is not Mark Chapman, it is himself in his prime state, before he acquired duality. « Someone who offended all »: his main offense was the seCONdary creation we are in.

“We’re living in a bad dream
They’ve forgotten all about mankind
And you were the one they backed up to the wall
all those years ago
You were the one who imagined it all
All those years ago”

The « bad dream » is the seCONdary creation of this world. We’ve forgotten « about mankind », that it is a fallen (per)version of Prime Creation.

And what are the odds that the song is about someone who was « backed up to the wall » (Lennon?) and in the music video for When We Was Fab, we see just that? « Imagined » doesn’t refer to Lennon’s Imagine, but to something of a much broader scope (the material world).

“They’ve forgotten all about God
He’s the only reason we exist
Yet you were the one who they said was so weird all those years ago”

Here we get a clearer picture of who the song is really about: God.

The weirdness of the God refers to his long spectrum state for which he was cast out from Prime Creation.

“You had control of our smiles
and our tears all those years ago”

Must allude to the fact that the God of the world was a sort of tutor for us in Prime Creation.

Cloud Nine:

Harrison’s sunglasses on the cover of Cloud Nine, refers to the notion of reflexivity; to the fact that the album is a mirror image of our situation presented to us. His black and white shirt is also telling.

Apart from the ones I’ve already decrypted, two songs are of particular interest:

Devil’s Radio:

“It’s white and black like industrial waste
pollution of the highest degree
You wonder why I don’t hang out much
I wonder how you can’t see”

« Black and white » represents duality inherent to the world and the God. It is pollution for our spiritual twin couple. We are blind to that.

“He’s in the films songs
And all your magazines
It’s everywhere that you may go
[…] As it shapes you into something cold
like an eskimo igloo
The devil’s radio”

If the reader paid attention so far, the meaning is self-evident. Note that a radio functions with frequency waves (see Foreword).

This Is Love:

The song is about the fact that the word « love » has many and sometimes opposite meanings.

“Little things that will change you
forever may appear from way out of the blue
Making fools of everybody who don’t understand
this is love la-la-la-la-love”

The « blue » correspond to the cold color symbolizing to be untied from one’s inner sun (Twin Sister). It can change you forever because you can in that way lose your Heart and soul. The love that causes this, is the love for the world and earthly pleasures.

Everybody who don’t understand this are being made fools of them by the God of the world.

“Since our problems have been our own
creation they can also be overcome
when we use the power provided free for everyone
this is love la-la-la-la-love”

The « problems » alludes to our fall from Prime Creation. They can be overcome by the use of primordial love, or agapè. It is the love of the twin couple working in sync.


George Harrison’s final album shortly before his death. The cover shows 5 dummies with a television in the center. You can notice the inverted 5-pointed stars alluding to the downward direction we are heading because of the said « brainwash » and also obviously to satanism. The important meanings of the song’s lyrics themselves should be obvious for the reader at this point, I hope.