Codex Michael Jackson

The King of pop, has got his musical production coded by the Demiurge too, in my view. I am going to decrypt the most important gnostic elements of it.

You Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’:

The first song on Thriller, the most successful album of all time commercially, contains an important message for us all to understand.

The cover up story on this one is that it is supposedly about Jackson’s sisters. I will show why this is silliness because the song is ciphered. You Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ is the first song to mention « Billie Jean » (see Foreword), which is also a full track by that name on the same album.

“I said you wanna be
startin somethin’
You got to be startin’

Here the Archon in Chief, addresses each and everyone of us with the most important message relating to our salvation. We indeed gotta be startin’ somethin’, or workin’ at our ascension’. The key to this is in agapè (primordial and brotherly love) and in humbly following in the footsteps of Christ.

“It’s too high to get over
too low to get under
you’re stuck in the middle
and the pain is thunder”

It’s « too high » to get beyond to the paradise that was Prime Creation for us now, and « too low » to get to hell. So « we’re stuck in the middle » that is the material plane of Earth and the « pain is thunder ». Also note that « thunder » is a word play on ”the under” (like in undertaker), the pain of the Twin Sister, that drags us down spiritually.

“I took my baby to the doctor
with a fever but nothin he found”

If you’ve read the Foreword to this website, you now know that the « doctor » is one of the many names that the God of the world gives himself. His medicine (or med –>middle, and sin–> like a sinusoidal wave) is really the world itself. The « fever » relates to a sort of spiritual sickness.

“Someone’s always tryin’
to start my baby cryin’
Talkin’, squealin’, lyin’
sayin’ you just wanna be
startin’ somethin'”

Here, the reference is to the masculine spirit that is talking (with Billie Jean), squealing (slang for betraying—>the ROSE) and lying. The « baby », is the baby soul that is growing inside.

“You love to pretend that
you’re good
when you’re always up
to no good
You really can’t make him hate her
so your tongue became a razor”

Here the Demiurge is blaming the Twin Sister because she can’t stop the attraction that the male spirit has for the Matrix. Because of that, a separation process is at play (on both sides).

“Someone’s always tryin’
to keep my baby cryin’
treacherous, cunnin’, declinin’
You got my baby cryin'”

Again, refers to the bad behavior of the male spirit having consequences on the well-being and development of the baby soul. Notice particularly the word « declinin’ » which means to degrade oneself and pointing downward instead of upward.

“You’re a vegetable (X4)
Still they hate you
You’re just a buffet (X2)
They eat off of you (X2)”

This speaks again to the masculine spirit living a human life and being in a state of utter idleness and inactivity on a spiritual level. The cause of this, is that the link between the male spirit and the Twin Sister isn’t strong enough, so they do not generate a protection field of agapè, and their spiritual energy is slowly being drained by self-serving spirits in the unseen. If you listen closely to the recording, you will hear in the left speaker a feminine voice (Twin Sister) says « You’re a vegetable », and in the right speaker a masculine voice (Billi, see Foreword) saying « bitch ».

“Billie Jean is always talkin’
when nobody else is talkin’
Tellin’ lies and rubbing shoulders
so they called her mouth a motor”

« Billie Jean » refers to the feminine Matrix that generates Billi(e) (see Foreword).
[Jean is phonetically the Greek gyne [matrix] like in gynecologist. Billie Jean is also phonetically Blue Jean (gene) or what generates the color blue, the distraction of our male incarnated spirit from our Heart because of the diversion of the Materia. That is also the joke on us as to why blue jeans were made fashionable for us to wear.]

She is always « talkin’ » or interacting with the male spirit when the primordial couple is not « talkin’ » or interacting. Billie Jean is « tellin’ lies », among other things because the human experience is a duality experience. « Rubbing shoulders » has also here possibly another layer of meaning with the phonetic « robbing shoulders », the shoulders being what carries the weight of responsibility. The Archons « call her mouth a motor » because she procures them with spiritual energy.

“If you can’t feed your baby
then don’t have a baby
and don’t think maybe
if you can’t feed your baby”

Again the baby is the growing soul, it’s main food is called agapè. To « think maybe » has to do with the possibility of unification of the twin couple and transcend this world.

“Lift your head up high
And scream out to the world
I know i am someone and let the truth unfurl
no one can hurt you now
because you know what’s true
yes i believe in me
so you believe in you
help me sing it”

My exact goal with this website.

Billie Jean:

Michael Jackson during the premiere live performance of the song Billie Jean doing the ”Il Cornuto” hand gesture with his right hand. It was at this event that he performed his famous moonwalk for the first time. The moonwalk is a mockery of our incarnated male spirit that has been put into the moon (mono) and is going backward while having the impression of moving forward.

Billie Jean is another important gnostic Jackson song. Supposed to be about one of his fans but this is not really the case. For the true meaning of the name « Billie Jean » see my analysis above.

“She was more of a beauty queen
from a movie scene”

It is Mother Nature herself that is a « beauty queen ». « From a movie scene » because the world is really Maya, or a form of illusion.

“I said ”don’t mind but what do
you mean I am the one
Who will dance on the floor
in the round?”

Billie Jean, or the Matrix, makes the incarnated male spirit (Billie) believe he’s « the one », when number 1 truly is his spiritual Heart. « Floor » also has phonetically the meaning of flore or flora: the ROSE. To dance « in the round » with Billie Jean, means not going straight (cor rect ness) and being stuck in the repetition of cycles going nowhere. Note that Saturn phonetically renders ça tourne in French, or its turning (around).

“People always told me
”be careful what you do
don’t go around breaking
young girls’ hearts”

To be « careful » is to be full of care. The breaking of a « young girl’s heart » refers to what can happen to the Twin Sister because of the male spirit dancing too long with Billie Jean.

“And mother always told me
”be careful of who you love
and be careful of what you do
cause the lie becomes the truth”

The « lie » in question, is Billie Jean (Matrix) herself. And the danger is that « she becomes the truth » by substitution of our inner truth, the ROSE.

“Billie Jean is not my lover
she’s just a girl who claims
i am the one but the kid is not my son”

His true lover is the Twin Sister (Heart). The « kid » is the children of the Goat or God: it is the Matrix, or Billie Jean herself. « Son » is a word play with « sun », because the ROSE is his inner sun.

“You know what you did
She says he my son
Breaking my heart babe”

Here Billi is blaming Billie Jean for breaking his heart (Twin Sister and her shell). If you listen well to the recording, you will hear Jackson’s saying « she says she is my sun ».


Another important coded song linked to the God of the world. Here he invites each and every one of us, on a duel of good against evil with him similarly as in Don’t Lose My Number by Phil Collins (see codex).

Note the theme of hot air in the video, because he is the Prince of Air.

“Your butt is mine
Gonna tell you right
Just show your face
In broad day light
[..] Shamone, shamone”

« Your butt is mine » refers to the fact that we are his prisoners. « Shamone » really is sham on. And the sham is the Materia.

“Well, they say the sky is the limit
and to me that’s really true”

Do you really think it is about Michael Jackson? It is the Demiurge that is bound to this realm.

“You’re talk is cheap
You’re not a man

Here, he is accusing us of spiritual incompetence, of not being truly men.

We can change the world tomorrow
this could be a better place”

Again, do you still think it is about Michael Jackson? The God of the world is telling us that the world could be morphed into a place of ascension if we only incarnated our true role as men (white horses).

“You know I’m bad I’m bad
shamone, really really bad
And the whole world has to
answer right now Just to tell
you once again: Who’s bad”

It is not about Michael Jackson. It is the Demiurge speaking to us. He’s telling us we got to deeply change our ways otherwise this place is doomed. « Who(?) » is the predominant name the God gives himself in the esoteric of popular songs because his identity (duality) and allegiance (to Prime Creation) are in question (see Foreword).

They Don’t Really Care About Us:

This one too is not really (just) about Michael Joe Jackson. First clue we get of this, is the first shot of the video showing Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the location of the music video (precisely filmed in the inner city of Salvador).

Christ the Redeemer

In a similar way as in Bad, the God of the world is accusing us of spiritual idleness at doing good. The title: They Don’t Really Care About Us, refers to the fact that we (humanity), do not oppose enough what the dark forces in the unseen (« us ») are planning and activating in the world. Note the word « care » (phonetic approximate of French coeur or heart), that is used again here.

Jackson doing the ”Il Cornuto” hand gesture on his crotch. The peace (piscis) symbol refers to a balance in duality

Some of the lyrics are a bit enigmatic to me but here are some interesting points:

“Everybody dog food

If one reverse « dog » one gets « God food »

Don’t you black or white me
[…] Don’t you wrong or right me

Refers to the duality of the God

I look to heaven to fulfill it’s prophecy
Set me free”

Can’t the reader see here it can’t be about Michael Jackson?

“Some things in life
they just don’t wanna see
But if Martin Luther was living
He wouldn’t let this be”

Signifies that we are blinding ourselves from all the evil perpetrated in the world. « Martin Luther » refers to Martin Luther King, but also to Martin Luther who opposed the Roman Catholic Church.

Michael doing ”Il Cornuto” with both his hands

Notice the drums everywhere in the video, instruments that are often associated with the devil in folk mythology.

During the music video a fan is seen rushing to Michael and holding him in her arms after which he falls on the floor.

This perhaps alludes to the fact that agapè weakens the powers of the God.

Man In The Mirror:

Another key song although it is barely coded, and the meaning should be self-evident. My advice to the reader is to study the lyrics carefully. The « man in the mirror » is the one who is lost in the egotistical bubble of the CONscious mind, which is most of us.

“A summer’s disregard
A broken bottle top
And one man’s soul”

The « summer’s disregard » refers to living an easy life of spiritual laziness. The « broken bottle top » refers to the male spirit in the CONscious bubble of the head. What contains the bottle is the Heart and soul.

“Somebody’s broken heart
And a washed-out dream
they follow the pattern of the wind
you see”

The « broken heart » again refers to the Twin Sister; and the « washed out dream » to the final separation of the primordial couple because of spiritual idleness. The wind is invisible: his pattern has to do with the design of the Prince of Air.

Notice at the end of the song Jackson screaming « Who? » numerous times. Notice also the « na na na na na na na oh no no no » which alludes to the duality of the God who tells you what to do in the song and then tells you not to do it.


Let’s now take a look at a promo video for a Michael Jackson’s compilation called History. This is again not about Michael Jackson’s history, but more about the History of the world and its God (His story).

We see Michael Jackson arriving with his army. And nobody seems to ask themselves: why is Michael Jackson commanding an army?

The five-pointed star on his sleeve represents man and his actions (5 extremities of the body and 5 fingers of the hand, etc…)

On the wall, the left eye of Michael (all-seeing eye) is shown.

Another point of view shows that it is not a little joking army. Note the Arc-De-Triomphe in the background.

We see during the video, humanity idolizing the God and a huge statue (idol) made to his likeness being created:


Say Say Say:

A duo with Paul McCartney, from The Beatles (see codex). The music video is about two CON men going from town to town. If you listen well to the chorus, you will hear that they do not really sing « Say Say Say » but: « Who? Où? Ou! 6 6 6 »

Slave To The Rhythm:

The cover art for Jackson’s Slave To The Rhythm, shows the ring of Saturn that holds us prisoners with the mention « Xcape ». A very similar meaning to Katy Perry’s Chained To The Rhythm (see her codex) is intended, and that is not by accident.