Codex Talking Heads

With their short haircuts and their unusual musical style, Talking Heads were one of the trendsetting musical groups to operate the transition from the 70’s long hair rock bands to the 80’s pop rock music.

Their lyrics are of very high gnostic significance and should be studied carefully. For example, their first album titled 77, contains a song called No Compassion about the subject of being too much in one’s head and not enough in sync with the Heart (Twin Sister). It is mocking, as most of their songs are, but very telling. Another song called Who is it?, is about the material lover of the incarnated male spirit that really is a man spiritually; « Who » being the preferred name the God of the world gives himself in the esoteric of popular songs.

I’m now going to analyze, for the reader, some of their material more in depth:

The first song on their first record titled Uh Oh Love Has Come to Town is of prime gnostic significance:

“Wait wait for the moment to come
stand up stand up and take my hand
believe believe in mystery
Love is as simple as 1,2,3″

Notice the repetition of words that refers to duality. The word « come » (or comme, meaning ”same as” in French), is important here (see Foreword). It means a final unification of the male spirit with the void behind the world and a dissolution of the bond of the primordial couple. The « mystery » has to do with Mother Nature, and human life. « 1,2,3 » (or ABC) is a series of steps from prime state 1, to duality 2, to final dissolution 3.

“I’m a know-it-all I’m the smartest man
around.. That’s right, you learn real fast
through the smartest girl in town”

The « know it all » is not the singer David Byrne here, but the Demiurge himself. And the « smartest girl » that he produces, is the material (mater–>mother) world. We « learn » by having our incarnated masculine spirit learning different rules through the human experience, that are alien and detrimental to our Twin Sister and the bond we have with her.

“Jump back, sit back, get back, relax
it’s ok. I’ve called i won’t go to work
today i’d rather be with the one i love
i neglect my duties, I’ll be in trouble but”

Note the word « back », signifying not progressing forward (towards unification with the Twin Sister). The « work » has a lot to do with humbly following in the footsteps of Christ. The « one » that is « loved » is the Materia and her earthly pleasures. The « duties » neglected are mainly those linked with the Twin Sister (duties accomplished by working inwardly like the Buddha) but also those that have to do with helping our human brothers. The « trouble » is the progressive separation with the ROSE and lack of spiritual energy resources (money).

“Here come a riddle here come
a clue if you were really smart
you’d know what to do
when I say: Jet pilot gone out of
control, ship captain on the ground
Stockbroker made a bad investment
when love has come to town.”

The esoteric of popular songs is a « riddle » within riddles, and we need to get « smart » about it now. The time of spiritual idleness and inactivity for humanity is over. The « jet pilot » « out of control » represents our male spirit at the top, in the human head. The « captain » that should direct us, is of course the Heart or Twin Sister. A « stockbroker » is someone who trades a value for another value. This refers again to the love of the Materia that is a « bad investment » because it makes us lose our spiritual energy reserves in an exchange and progressively, the link with the ROSE as well. That way, the lie becomes our truth. The « love » that « has come to town », is obviously not agapè here.

“Where, where is my common sense?
How did i get in a jam like this?
Believe, i believe in mystery
love, love, love, love is as simple as 123″

« Where is my common sense », is indeed a good question we should ask ourselves both individually and as a collective for acting the way we do. Note the world « believe » that renders « be leave » and also « Bill leave » phonetically.

“Why am i going out of my head
whenever you’re around? The answer
is obvious, love has come to town”

Again, the male CONscious mind is located in the head. To go « out » of it means seeking exteriorly (ecstasy—>ex stasy) for something someone should seek interiorly.

Once In A Lifetime:

One of Talking Heads most famous and important songs. The music video is of prime gnostic significance, as i will demonstrate. But first the lyrics:

“And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself
In another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself ”Well how did i get here?”

The beginning of the lyrics refers to the incarnation and reincarnation of the male spirit or self (perhaps phon. approx. of silver in relation to gold=Heart) that can be anywhere in the world. The « large automobile » is the human vehicle (body) itself. The « beautiful house » and « beautiful wife » references, relates to living a life of imitation.

“Letting the days go by let the water
Hold me down
Letting the days go by water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money’s gone, once in a lifetime water flowing underground”

« Letting the days go by » refers to spiritual idleness. Water is an element alien to our inner sun (Heart). If you reverse the ”W” of water (blue) to a ”M” it renders mater, or the Materia. The underground earth is our ”interior terrae”, where the Heart is. Blue is the cold color representing the incapacitated state of our inner sun or Twin Sister because she is not working in sync with the male spirit at agapè. To be « hold » « down » is to be incapacitated at going up. « Money » represents the spiritual energy resources of the Twin Sister.

“And you may ask yourself:
How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house
And you may tell yourself this is not my beautiful wife”

« Work » alludes to the spiritual work that should be done by the male spirit and is not clearly understood by him. The rest of the lyrics alludes to the male spirit, starting to realize that he is being CONned.

“Same as it ever was, same as it ever was (X4)”

Delusion of the male spirit, thinking he is still in Prime Creation with the Twin Sister, while he is living an outward imitation.

“And you may ask yourself ”What is that beautiful house?”
And you may ask yourself ”where does that highway goes to?”
And you may ask yourself ”am i right? am i wrong?”
And you may tell yourself ”My God! What have I done?”

The « beautiful house » refers to the world. The « highway » leads to nowhere (read Talking Heads Road to Nowhere for related meaning) or to hell. To be right (righteous) is to not choose a life of imitation. « My God what have i done? » refers to the male spirit realizing that he sold his soul and value to the God in exchange for nothing really.

“Here a twister comes, here comes the twister”

« Twister » here has two meanings: first to be bent or distorted in shape (wicked). The other is to rotate around something being stationary, and this relates to planet Saturn, The Lord of The Rings. To « come » means a final unification, here with the void behind the veil of the world.

And now for the meaning of the music video that further develops the meaning of the song:

The Once in a Lifetime music video shows the incarnated male spirit being in a state of shock, restlessness and distortion because of the human experience (at some point he seems to receive invisible blows to his body):

Byrne in a costume representing the modern man with a bowtie (tie to the Materia). His left hand is up alluding to sinister dominating and to an inversion of what should be (Dextre of Christ).

The images of tribal cultures, doing the same gestures as Byrne, in the background alludes to the fact that not much has changed between those cultures and the modern man (human nature being the same). In fact, we have regressed spiritually, not progressed:

Tribe in the background.

Byrne is seen on his knees and making hand gestures alluding to progressive downward steps and descent:

Modern man on his knees.

The modern man is then seen walking with his knees bent (not straight up–>see Foreword):

Note his arms alternating in front of him alluding to CONfusion at direction for the modern man.

He is later shown making a hand gesture of cutting to pieces his right arm by his left hand, which is very important because it demonstrates that sinister predominates in the life of the modern man and is ruining his strength at righteousness and goodness. The right arm and hand represent what we truly are as men or male spirits (rightful action), the left arm being only an opposition of it, in the world of duality:

Ancient and modern: same problem in human nature.

We then see Byrne floating aimlessly in the waters of life

Note the blue color, the color that Billi generates.

Later in the video, only for a second or two, this is shown:

The modern man being in complete spiritual darkness.

He is sweating because he truly is descending to hell:

The modern man, sweating.

At the end of the video, Byrne appears as himself without the costume of the modern man:

David Byrne, fervently singing his lines and serving his God.

End of the video

Wild Wild Life:

This one describes the « wildlife » we are living in the re-creation-al park:

“I’m wearin’
Fur pajamas
I’m riding a Hot Potata’
It’s tickling my fancy
Speak up i can’t hear you”

The « fur » is a reference to our incarnated animality. « Pajamas » to the fact that we are asleep spiritually. He asks the Twin Sister to « speak up ». He « can’t hear (her) » because of the loud scrambling interference the Matrix is making.

“Here on this mountain top
Oh uh oh! I get some wild wild life”

The « mountain top » refers to the human head where the male spirit is having his CONscious mind experience. Note the «Oh Uh Oh!» during the song that alludes that something is going similar as in Uh Oh! Love Has Come To Town and also Katy Perry This Is How We Do.

“Here comes the doctor in charge
Oh uh Oh! She got some wild wild life”

A reference to the Materia that is the « doctor », the Doctor being also one of the many names of the Demiurge (see Foreword)

“Ain’t that the way you like it
Uh Ho! Living wild wild life?”

Here it is a question the God of the world is asking us.

“I wrestle with your conscience
you wrestle with your partner
Sitting on a window sill
But he spends his time behind
closed door”

The narrator is again the God. It is he who « wrestle » with our CONscience. The « partner » is the ROSE. The « window » is a reference to the protection case of the Twin Sister from where she has a view of what the male spirit is doing. The « closed door » refers to the fact the male spirit is too busy to interact with her.

“Check out mister business man
Oh uh oh!
He bought some wild wild life
On his way to the stock exchange
Oh uh oh!”

Another mockery of the incarnated male spirit who is exchanging his value (spiritual fat and Twin Sister) for wildlife.

“Peace of mind? It’s a piece of cake
Thought control. You get onboard
any time you like..”

Human life offers the male spirit an artificial « peace of mind ». The « piece of cake » part has the double meaning of The Twin sister being a piece of cake for the Archons while we are incarnated (see Tom Petty codex). « Though control » refers again to the human experience of the male spirit.

“Like sittin’ on pins and needles
Things fall apart it’s scientific”

Alludes that the human creature has in it a design, made to break up the primordial couple.

“Sleeping on the interstate
Oh! Uh! Oh!
Getting wild wild life”

Like the « pajamas », this refers to the fact we are asleep spiritually and not aware of the dangers in the unseen.

“Spending all my money and time
Doing wild wild (life)”

As you probably now know, « money » refers to a form of spiritual energy reserve of the Twin Sister, that is used for exchanges outside of Prime Creation. « Time » refers to the time that we have during life to achieve the alchemical wedding.

“We wanna go where we go
where we go.. Oh uh oh!”

Refers that we are willingly wanting to go to hell.

“You’ve grown so tall you’ve grown so fast..”

Refers to one’s shadow and to the related middle finger of the hand. Happens because of wrongful doing.


In relation to Wild Wild Life, I want to mention the cover art of Talking Heads last album titled Naked that pictures a monkey inside a frame holding a key. It is very interesting symbolically:

Naked cover art.

The frame perhaps represents the structure of the phenomenal world. The monkey (man key), or a dumbed down human, is the key to the money for the Archons.

But perhaps, it also symbolizes that man holds the key (Gnosis) that can open up the celestial vault of the world we are in so that we can go back to our primordial state.