Codex Yes

The British band has got two key gnostic songs for our study. The first one, Owner Of A Lonely Heart, has also an interesting music video.

The « owner of a lonely heart » is of course the incarnated male spirit, or Billi (little Baal), as he is often referred to in the esoteric of popular songs (see Foreword). The « lonely heart » is the Twin Sister.

The music video starts with a man walking in a crowd. He’s then being grabbed by two men and escorted. After some tribulations, he finds himself faced by the members of the group Yes themselves (representing dark forces) who have him jump off a rooftop (spiritual downfall). At the end of the video, the man finds himself back in the crowd like at the beginning, but he chooses to go in the opposite direction of the crowd.
The basic message of the music video is to not follow the masses in matters of spiritual orientation, and of being self-decisive.

“Move yourself
you always live your life
never thinking about the future
Prove yourself
You are the move you make
Take your chances win or lose her”

This is here a message about the importance of being active spiritually in the world. The « future » is what’s happening after a human life. « Win or lose her » refers to the ROSE.

“See yourself
You are the steps you take
You and you and that’s the only
way shake shake yourself
you’re every move you make”

Alludes to the fact that our spiritual orientation and « moves » in the world, are going to decide if the alchemical marriage is achieved or not.

“There’s no real reason to be lonely
Be yourself give your free will a
chance you’ve got to want to succeed”

The barrier (CON) between the primordial couple is really imaginary. First one has to have the reunion of the twins as a goal, if he ever wants to succeed at it.

“owner of a lonely heart
much better than a
owner of a broken heart.”

To be a « owner of a broken heart » is to have lost the Twin Sister and the soul. Not recommended.

“After my own decision
they confused me so
[..] in the end you got to go”

Alludes at being CONfused. In the end Billi will « go », he’s only there temporarily.

“Sooner or later each conclusion
will decide the lonely heart”

Note the word CONclusion.

Love Will Find A Way:

Another important song related to the previous. The message of this one is that love (agapè) will find a way out for the primordial couple if they activate that love by working in sync. The song is from the point of view of the Twin Sister:

“You wanna get close to me
the feeling is so clear
But I need some time to see
vision through my tear
You wanna get next to me
I need your intrusion
I don’t need to be
blinded by confusion”

It is her twin, or her male mind in other words that is blinded by CONfusion.

“Here is my heart
waiting for you
here is my soul
I eat at chez nous”

Again, this is the Twin Sister speaking (if she could). « I eat at chez-nous » is partly French and means I (h)eat at home. Maybe « chez-nous » refers to Prime Creation.

The next verse refers to a different intention of the male spirit towards the Twin Sister than in the previous one:

“So you wanna get over me
and that’s how you feel
Everything you wanna be
seems so unreal”

« Get over me », apart from the obvious meaning, also alludes that the male spirit wants to be in a position of superiority and control over the ROSE, and it is not supposed to be so. The Twin Sister sees the pursuits of the male spirit validating a fake identity in the world as « unreal ».

“i want to be all of you
and that’s the confusion
It’s so hard for me
to draw my conclusion”

The Twin Sister is the center and the true identity of the primordial couple. The CONfusion, is the male spirit not understanding that. The CONclusion, would be the unification of the primordial couple.

“Love will find a way
if you want it too
Love will find a way
For me and you”